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Bring Meaning To Your Life: 8 Feng Shui Ideas

8 Feng Shui Ideas That Can Bring Meaning To Your Life

Could you imagine if wind and water were flowing through your house? Gushing through the front door, flowing down hallways and stairs. Water fills every square inch of your home. Wind blowing papers into the air and kicking pictures off of the walls. I imagine it would be a nightmare. There are 8 ideas to keep Chi flowing and bring greater meaning to your life. Let’s see how you can bring meaning to your life with Feng Shui.


However, the right kind of wind and water can be great for any dwelling where you spend considerable time. Feng Shui loosely translates to “Wind Water” in English, and it’s the kind of wind and water you should welcome into your home.

How Can You Apply Feng Shui to Bring Meaning To Your Life?

Feng Shui can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. Understanding what Feng Shui is at its core simplifies incorporating it into your life.


Feng Shui is about energy or Chi. Using the right objects, floorplan, layout, and colors helps Chi flow effortlessly through your house, office, and garden as if it were a refreshing and pleasant wind and water.

How To Bring Meaning To Your Life With Good Feng Shui?

#1. Bring In The Natural

Nature is your friend. Feng Shui Chi thrives in the presence of nature. Incorporate plants into all your dwellings. Add low-maintenance plants like Bamboo, Peace Lilies, and Snake Plants to your home. Add smaller plant life like Jade Plants, English Ivy, and Aloe Vera for your office or desk.


#2. Evil Electronics

If nature is your friend, electronics are your enemy. TV screens and computer monitors have sharp edges and corners, which are typically black. They are essentially giant holes through which Chi will disappear forever.

When traveling, drape a white towel over the TV screen before you sleep. This will block negative energy from entering your body, usually through your feet, helping you sleep at night and keep you feeling refreshed in the morning. Remove electronics from your bedroom. But if you must have them, put them in a desk or cabinet with doors so you can hide them while you sleep.


#3. Direct flow

Imagine standing inside your house with your back against the front door. Now look straight ahead. Do you see another entry? If so, you need to make some changes.

The front door is believed to be where Chi enters your home. As the Chi enters the front door and there is nothing to channel the flow, it will simply escape through the back door. A simple fix is to place a Fretwork Screen or plant it somewhere between the front and back door. This will direct the Chi to other rooms in your house and keep the good Chi flowing.

#4. Jam session

We’ve all experienced how music can influence our mood and our energy. This is also true when it comes to Feng Shui. Make it a habit to play calming, instrumental music a minimum of 4 times a month for an hour. Calming music will enhance your mood, improve your Chi, and bring meaning to your everyday life.

#5. Elementary

Are you stuck on what colors to use while re-decorating a room in your house? Note the 5 Elements of Feng Shui to make your life much more comfortable.

Wood – Green and Brown
Fire – Red, Dark Yellow, Orange
Earth – Light Yellow, Sandy, Brown
Metal – White, Gray
Water – Blue, Black

Incorporating these elements into your home or office can be pretty complex, but many resources like this help you navigate the process. There are dos and don’ts when placing specific colors together in the same room, so refer to online Bagua Maps or DIY Feng Shui guides to maximize your Chi.

#6. Kick the Clutter

Clutter will kill the Chi of any room or office, no matter how many elements you’ve entirely incorporated. Many of us spend the bulk of our day sitting at a desk. It’s worth your while to get the Chi right. When your desk is clean and tidy, you can focus on the essential tasks on your to-do list. Use the last 5 minutes of every day to tidy your desk so it’s ready for you the following morning.

#7. Kids feel too

Kids are susceptible to the energy in a home. Their bedroom should be a sanctuary where they can relax and get the necessary sleep. Simply changing the arrangement of the furniture in their bedroom can help tremendously.

Again, imagine wind and water flowing in through their bedroom door. Position their bed so they can easily see the door the Chi is entering. If possible, pull their bed away from the wall so positive energy can flow around their bed and support them throughout the night. Who knows, they might like going to bed at night.

 #8. Mirrors

 Mirrors can immediately enhance any room or living space, but there can be negative consequences too. When placing a mirror on a wall, ensure it reflects an image with cheerful Chi. If you can see clutter, electronics, or anything else detracting from Chi’s flow, reposition the mirror, or eliminate the clutter.

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