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Are Abs Made In The Kitchen Or In The Gym?

The Abs Debate

The debate on whether abs are made in the kitchen (or the home in general) or the gym is debatable!

Many women who do more of the household chores than their male other half will probably adamantly say “Yes”!

are abs made in the kitchen or the gym

House Work Vs Gym

After all, the climbing stairs when vacuuming, the reaching to do the dusting, trying to get into those difficult corners in the bathroom, scrubbing on their hands and knees.

Mind you their men folk but argue that getting underneath the sink to fix the pipes requires some stamina. Also changing a tyre on the car, admittedly a rarer occasion these days….that takes stamina and patience!

Meanwhile work on a building site or doing any manual labor and any man will argue that abs get built there not in the kitchen, nor the gym!

So it seems everyone would have a different opinion. Even the office workers would put forward a case that they do workouts, reaching for the photocopying paper stashed in the storeroom, changing the toner, shaking it up and down!

Many women who do more of the household chores

But as for the gym, well abs might get made but lets see in this article if they are made in the same way as everyday work!

Sure this man looks very busy and intent on exercise…but he could easily just be looking for something he has dropped which has rolled under the kitchen bench, as his female partner might be doing back at home. Of course as she keeps looking she is kind of doing press ups!

Okay, so the joke is over, let’s now investigate a bit more scientifically whether abs can be formed outside a gym, in a kitchen or in the home.

 abs can be formed outside a gym

Abs Made In Kitchen Or Gym?

When it comes to the kitchen, it is not about the physical exertion you are doing, it is how you watch what you eat and drink! In other words eat healthily and you won’t need to slave away in the gym quite as much.

As long as you do some exercise most days, watching your diet will keep you lean with abs! So what types of food are we talking here? Well for starters it means more fruit and vegetables, fresh juices that you make are great.

fruit and vegetables, fresh juices that you make are great.

Also ditch the manufactured yoghurts with added sugar. Instead buy plain or natural yoghurt, often termed Greek yoghurt. This is a major way of keeping your body in shape. If you want to add a bit of flavour add some honey or even some dark treacle, both are natural sweeteners. Treacle also contains molasses which is very good for you.

Get rid of as much processed food in your diet as possible, especially white bread and white sugar. When it comes to rice go for the brown or saffron rice.

Switch from a meat-based diet (so typical of the Western world!) and start eating more fish and seafood. The interesting thing when you do is that you will feel “lighter” and healthier. You may also find you are in a brighter mood since Omega 3 oils help fight even moderate depression. As for fish in general it makes you brainier!

Get rid of as much processed food in your diet as possible

Finally, as if we have not mentioned it enough, drink more water. Water effectively replenishes all our cells, keeping them efficient. This means that waste is eliminated regularly and provides the means for you to lose or retain your weight instead of gaining it.

Overall the water helps you stay in shape and your skin will be positively glowing! Take it from me, as someone who has radically been watching liquid, especially water intake in the past 2 years, I have lost weight and gained a sense of youthfulness not to mention the abs coming back, whereas before there was flab around my stomach, even when I went to the gym!

drink more water.

Even men will admit that you are what you eat. If you want that six pack abs then eating donuts, pizza and drinking a lot of soda and alcohol is not going to get you that!

Instead look to eat more whole, natural foods. They do not have to be organic since some studies are coming out that indicate organic is no better than simply unprocessed foods. However the idea is to really THINK more about your diet both in the supermarket before you even get back to your kitchen, and then again in your kitchen.

It is after all in your kitchen that you decide how much you eat of each food. It really is all about balance of the type of foods. Some people get so put off getting fit or losing weight due to calorie counting. I have never done the calorie counting but I do watch the proportion of types of food.

 THINK more about your diet in the supermarket

That is fruit, vegetables, sugar, salt, protein, fish/seafood and wholegrain foods. It means instead I have spent less time counting petty calories and more time researching foods that are good for me, that perhaps the food experts have not latched onto as the latest fad!

So it does appear (seriously, now) that what you eat is a bigger determinant of how lean you are and whether you have any abs.

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Perhaps next time you spend an hour a day in the gym, you instead go back to your kitchen and see what is in it!

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