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April 20 Famous Birthdays

April 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 20 feel things instead of using their think tank. This is not a good practice. The heart will sometimes lead you astray when it comes to making logical decisions.

Also, this is so contrary to who they are because they usually are the levelheaded one in the group. However, their group is small as they like to keep things within a private setting.


Famous people born on April 20th typically won’t go to concerts or where there are massive amounts of people. Some of their friends just don’t understand this about them. They think that they are perhaps just a little different from the crew.

On the other hand, they are faithful  and understanding in their relationships. They get down in the dumps sometimes, but they are able to come out of it soon.


Famous people who share their birthday on April 20th seem to enjoy the tranquility of outdoors. They have a tendency to be soft spoken. They are close to their friends and family. Normally, they keep their promises and are ambitious. This Aries needs to find balance between wholesome eating and fitness.


April 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20th April Good Traits:

  • Logical
  • Considerate
  • Calm
  • Soft
  • Curious
  • Objective
  • Active
  • Gentle

20th April Bad Traits:

  • Spacey
  • Spineless
  • Precarious
  • Glum
  • Depressed
  • Grumpy

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April 20th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Mavers, 1990, TV Actress
Ace Harper, 1984, Rock Singer
Adolf Hitler, 1889, Criminal
Adrian Fernandez, 1965, Race Car Driver
Adriano Moraes, 1970, Bull Rider
Akin Akman, 1987, Model
Alan Buckley, 1951, Soccer Coach
Alan Norman Bold, 1943, Poet
Alban Skenderaj, 1982, Pop Singer
Alela Diane, 1983, Folk Singer
Alex Black, 1989, TV Actor
Alexandre De Serpa Serpapinto, 1846, Explorer
Alexandru Grindvoll, 2000, YouTube Star
Ali Azmat, 1970, Rock Singer
Allan Houston, 1971, Basketball Player
Alyssa Naeher, 1988, Soccer Player
Andy Serkis, 1964, Movie Actor
Angelique Cooper, 1994, Movie Actress
Ann Ward, 1991, Model
Anthony Fasano, 1984, Football Player
Arin Paul, 1980, Director
Ashley Bongiovanni, 1989, Model
Ashley Slater, 1961, Trombone Player
Ashton Moio, 1992, Movie Actor
Atifete Jahjaga, 1975, World Leader
Aubrey De Grey, 1963, Scientist
Avishai Cohen, 1970, Bassist

Barry Carl, 1950, Voice Actor
Beaver Harris, 1936, Drummer
Ben Hutton, 1993, Hockey Player
Benjamin Butler, 1975, Painter
Benjamin James, 1996, Rapper
Betty Cuthbert, 1938, Runner
Bettylou Gerson, 1914, Voice Actor
Bill Pidto, 1965, Sportscaster
Billy Magnussen, 1985, Movie Actor
BJ Britt, 1982, TV Actor
Bjorn Skifs, 1947, Rock Singer
Bob Braun, 1929, TV Actor
Brad Evans, 1985, Soccer Player
Brandon Belt, 1988, Baseball Player
Branson Quirke, 1999, YouTube Star
Brent Seabrook, 1985, Hockey Player
BrenyBeast, 1993, YouTube Star
Bruce Cabot, 1904, Movie Actor
Bryce McQuaid, 1995, YouTube Star
Caresse Crosby, 1891, Entrepreneur
Carlos Valdes, 1989, TV Actor
Carly Rose Sonenclar, 1999, Pop Singer
Carmen Electra, 1972, TV Actress
Carys Zeta Douglas, 2003, Family Member
Chandrababu Naidu, 1950, Politician
Charles Debrille, 1825, Explorer
Charles Keeling, 1928, Scientist
Chester See, 1983, YouTube Star
Chris Dalo, 1994, Vine Star
Chris Jarvis, 1970, TV Show Host
Christina Andrea, 1987, Choreographer
Christopher Nielsen, 1963, Cartoonist
Chun Woo-Hee, 1987, Movie Actress
Clayne Crawford, 1978, Movie Actor
Clint Howard, 1959, Movie Actor
Colleen Williams, 1955, News Anchor
Conor Murray, 1989, Rugby Player
Craig Frost, 1948, Pianist
Crispin Glover, 1964, Movie Actor
Curt Hawkins, 1985, Wrestler
Daniel Chester French, 1850, Sculptor
Danny Granger, 1983, Basketball Player
Danny McNulty, 1972, TV Actor
Dave Bancroft, 1891, Baseball Player
David Brainerd, 1718, Religious Leader
David Chalmers, 1966, Philosopher
David Filo, 1966, Entrepreneur
David Leland, 1947, Director
David Matranga, 1979, Voice Actor
Desmond Clark, 1977, Football Player
Doina Ciobanu, 1994, Blogger
Dominique Duvernay, 1989, Movie Actress
Don Mattingly, 1961, Baseball Player
Donald Pettit, 1955, Astronaut
Doneil Henry, 1993, Soccer Player
Donovan Weatherspoon, 1990, Vine Star
Duncan Trussell, 1974, Comedian
Edie Sedgwick, 1943, Model
Edna Parker, 1893,
Elena Verdugo, 1926, Movie Actress
Elsie Fairweather Wayne, 1932, Politician
Elyjuh Rene, 1996, R&B Singer

Emma Freedman, 1989, Radio Host
Enoch Dumbutshena, 1920, Politician
Eric Pickles, 1952, Politician
Erik Segerstedt, 1983, Pop Singer
Erna Brodber, 1940, Novelist
Esteban Garcia, 1984, Soccer Player
Evan Smith, 1966, Journalist
Faakhir Mehmood, 1973, Pop Singer
Fady Maalouf, 1979, Pop Singer
Felix Baumgartner, 1969, Daredevil
Felix Mallard, 1998, Soap Opera Actor
Florian Bellanger, 1968, Chef
Gabriel Casaccia Bibolini, 1907, Novelist
Gabry Ponte, 1973, DJ
Gajendra Verma, 1990, Pop Singer
Garett Bischoff, 1984, Wrestler
George Takei, 1937, TV Actor
Gigi Lazzarato, 1992, YouTube Star
Gigi Liscio, 1987, Reality Star
Grace Coddington, 1941, Model
Gregory Itzin, 1948, TV Actor
Gregory Quintana, 2007, Pop Singer
Hadley Walts, 2000, Reality Star
Hamada Helal, 1980, World Music Singer
Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, 1962, Comedian
Harold Lloyd, 1893, Movie Actor
Harris Wittels, 1984, Comedian
Harry Agganis, 1929, Baseball Player
Harry Wittels, 1984, Comedian
Hayden Scott, 1984, Drummer
Heejun Han, 1989, Pop Singer
Henri Renaud, 1925, Pianist
Herschel Burke Gilbert, 1918, Composer

Holland Smith, 1882, War Hero
Islah Abdur-Rahman, 1991, YouTube Star
Jack Witherspoon, 2000, Chef
Jacqueline Govaert, 1982, Rock Singer
Jadyn Douglas, 1985, Pop Singer
James Chance, 1953, Saxophonist
James Fisher, 1972, TV Actor
James Gammon, 1940, Movie Actor
James Phelan, 1861, Politician
James Wong, 1959, Screenwriter
Jasmin Wagner, 1980, Pop Singer
Jason Avant, 1983, Football Player
Jason Behrendorff, 1990, Cricket Player
JD Roth, 1968, Game Show Host
Jeremy Collins, 1978, Reality Star
Jesse Case, 1986, Comedian
Jesse Kinch, 1994, Pop Singer
Jesse L. Reno, 1823, War Hero
Jessica Lange, 1949, Movie Actress
Jim Harrington, 1948, Radio Host
Joan Miro, 1893, Painter
Joanne King, 1983, TV Actress
Joe Bonner, 1948, Pianist
Joe Pug, 1984, Folk Singer
Joe Wong, 1970, Comedian
Joey Lawrence, 1976, TV Actor
John Carney, 1964, Football Player
John Gardiner, 1943, Conductor
John Patrick Amedori, 1987, TV Actor
John Paul Stevens, 1920, Supreme Court Justice
Johnny Kim, 1995, Twitch Star
Johnny Tillotson, 1939, Country Singer
Jonathan Levit, 1971, Magician
Jonathan Osteen, 1995, Family Member
Jordan Malone, 1984, Speed Skater
Jose Lezcano, 1985, Horse Jockey
Josef Stiegler, 1937, Skier
Josh Wink, 1970, DJ
Josiah Brooks, 1989, YouTube Star
Joy Womack, 1994, Dancer
Julia Morris, 1968, Comedian
Julie Powell, 1973, Blogger
Justin Harrison, 1974, Rugby Player
Karen Hauer, 1982, Dancer
Kat Gunn, 1988, Twitch Star
Ken Scott, 1947, Music Producer
Kestutis Kemzura, 1970, Basketball Player
Kevvy Mental, 1983, Metal Singer
Killer Mike, 1975, Rapper
Lara Jill Miller, 1967, TV Actress
Leslie Phillips, 1924, Movie Actor
Liang Sicheng, 1901, Architect
Lily Melrose, 1992, YouTube Star
Lionel Hampton, 1908, Drummer
Lisa Davis, 1936, Movie Actress
LiYAH, 1992, Pop Singer
Louise Jameson, 1951, TV Actress
Lovell Stanton, 1994, YouTube Star
Lu Han, 1990, Pop Singer
Luke Kuechly, 1991, Football Player
Luther Vandross, 1951, R&B Singer
Macarena Miguel, 1995, TV Actress
Mads Moslund, 2000, Instagram Star
Mamta Kulkarni, 1972, Movie Actress
Mara Maionchi, 1941, Music Producer
Marcel Wengler, 1946, Composer
Maria Garcia, 1980, Bodybuilder
Marissa King, 1991, Gymnast
Marland Yarde, 1992, Rugby Player
Martin Siri, 1979, Cricket Player
Matt Austin, 1978, TV Actor
Matt Jaffe, 1995, Pop Singer
Matthew Wilkas, 1977, Stage Actor
Max Rowley, 1937, Radio Host
Michael Brandon, 1945, TV Actor
Michael Jennings, 1988, Rugby Player
Miguel Acosta, 1978, Boxer
Mike Portnoy, 1967, Drummer
Mini Barbie, 2003, YouTube Star
Miranda Kerr, 1983, Model
Moe Rock, 1990, World Music Singer
Mother Angelica, 1923, Religious Leader
Mukul Sangma, 1965, Politician
Myles Munroe, 1954, Religious Leader
Nabil Ghilas, 1990, Soccer Player
Napoleon III, 1808, World Leader
Nate Marquardt, 1979, MMA Fighter
Nelson Evora, 1984, Triple Jumper
Nicholas Lyndhurst, 1961, TV Actor
Nick Bonino, 1988, Hockey Player
Niclas Gillis, 1990, Movie Actor
Nina Davuluri, 1989, Model
Nina Foch, 1924, Movie Actress
Norman Norell, 1900, Fashion Designer
Pat Roberts, 1936, Politician
Patricia Janus, 1932, Poet
Paula White, 1966, Religious Author
Pazookie, 1998, Instagram Star
Peter Chelsom, 1956, Director
Peter McMahon, 1989, Soccer Player
Peter S. Beagle, 1939, Novelist
Peter Snow, 1938, Game Show Host
Pietro Sibille, 1977, Movie Actor
Popi Tsapanidou, 1967, News Anchor
Quinn Weng, 1979, Metal Singer
Rachel Fenton, 1996, YouTube Star
Rachel Whiteread, 1963, Sculptor
Raymond van Barneveld, 1967, Darts Player
Reese Mishler, 1991, Movie Actor
Ricardo Maduro, 1946, World Leader
Robert Byrne, 1928, Chess Player
Rodrigo Hilbert, 1980, TV Actor
RoEnLaRed, 1988, YouTube Star
Rosa Lobato, 1932, TV Actress
Ruth Connell, 1979, TV Actress
Ryan O’Neal, 1941, TV Actor
Samuel Tabor, 1994, YouTube Star
Saskia Hampele, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Sean Fletcher, 1974, News Anchor
Sebastian Faulks, 1953, Novelist
Shay Given, 1976, Soccer Player
Shayne Gostisbehere, 1993, Hockey Player
Shelbie Z, 1992, Country Singer
Shemar Moore, 1970, TV Actor
Slavoljub Eduard Penkala, 1871, Engineer
Sophia Amoruso, 1984, Entrepreneur
Stanley Marcus, 1905, Business Executive
Stefan Frei, 1986, Soccer Player
Stephen Marley, 1972, Reggae Singer
Steve Erickson, 1950, Novelist
Steve Spurrier, 1945, Football Coach
Susan Cookson, 1965, TV Actress
Svante Paabo, 1955, Scientist
Syra Yousuf, 1988, TV Actress
Tatiana Thumbtzen, 1960, Dancer
Taymaster, 1995, Game Designer
Thein Sein, 1945, Politician
ThioJoe, 1992, YouTube Star
Tina Wells, 1980, Entrepreneur
Tito Puente, 1923, Composer
Todd Hollandsworth, 1973, Baseball Player
Tom Bristow, 1997, YouTube Star
Trae Harris, 1988, TV Actress
Trey Radel, 1976, Politician
Tyson Griffin, 1984, MMA Fighter
Veronica Cartwright, 1949, TV Actress
Wade Hayes, 1969, Country Singer
Walter Ostanek, 1935, Accordionist
William Bartram, 1739, Scientist
William DeVry, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Wim Hof, 1959, Daredevil
Xavier Ong, 1994, Blogger
Yelena Valbe, 1968, Skier
Yuji Okumoto, 1959, Movie Actor
Yvette Polanka, 2000, YouTube Star
Zeljko Joksimovic, 1972, World Music Singer


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