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April 19 Famous Birthdays

April 19 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 19 should wear shades of orange and scarlet. These colors look good on them as they stand for good health and courage respectively.

Speaking of health, famous April 19th born people should exercise more to lessen the effects of anxiety and stress. This could be their main concern outside of eating habits which could stand improvement. Eating balanced meals increase stamina and provide many qualities so that they will feel and look better.


In other words, famous people born on April 19 may not be as grumpy as before if they eat right. They will be able to make better decisions. In love, they try to stay optimistic. But somehow, they end up in a green-eyed position that doesn’t go over very well with their partner.

One of the keys to a lasting relationship is trust. This is also true in business. They have the ability to go far as they do read the fine print and look at both sides before making a commitment or decision.


Famous people born on APRIL 19th may have mystical qualities. They are instinctive and extremely persuasive. This Arian is a devoted friend and wants a relationship that is fun, spiritual and affectionate. They are lucky people however, as they like the simpler things in life.


April 19th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19th April Good Traits:

  • Mystical
  • Productive
  • Exploring
  • Instinctive
  • Convincing
  • Thoughtful
  • Tolerant
  • Affectionate

19th April Bad Traits:

  • Resentful
  • Egotistical
  • Irresponsible
  • Overemotional
  • Severe

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April 19th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Smith, 1976, Football Player
Addie Lucia Ballou, 1837, Poet
Afrika Bambaataa, 1957, DJ
Al Ferguson, 1888, Movie Actor
Al Unser Jr., 1962, Race Car Driver
Alan Price, 1942, Pianist
Alexis Arguello, 1952, Boxer
Alexis Korner, 1928, Guitarist
Alexis Thorpe, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Alice Salomon, 1872, Civil Rights Leader
Amber Buhl, 1985, Reality Star
Amber Lawrence, 1978, Country Singer
Andrea Mead-Lawrence, 1932, Skier
Andy Dinh, 1992, Entrepreneur
Arizona Zervas, 1995, Rapper
Arlene Zelina, 1990, YouTube Star
Arshad Warsi, 1968, Movie Actor
Ashley Everett, 1989, Dancer
Ashley Judd, 1968, Movie Actress
Ashley Rivera, 1992, YouTube Star
Ashlynn Arias, 1992, YouTube Star
Barry Brown, 1951, Movie Actor
Belinda Owusu, 1989, TV Actress
Benjamin Vaughan, 1751, Politician
Benny Tipene, 1990, Pop Singer
Bill Raftery, 1943, Sportscaster
Bimby Yap, 2007, Movie Actor
Bob Rock, 1954, Music Producer
Brandon Fobbs, 1981, TV Actor
Brian Kelly, 1960, Composer
Briana Renee, 1983, Reality Star
Bruna Unzueta, 1993, YouTube Star

Bryan Spears, 1977, Family Member
Candace Parker, 1986, Basketball Player
Carissa Adee, 2003, YouTube Star
Catalina Sandino Moreno, 1981, Movie Actress
Catherine Lloyd Burns, 1961, TV Actress
Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, 1959, Reality Star
Christel Dee, 1992, YouTube Star
Christian Joy, 1973, Fashion Designer
Christina LeBlanc, 1990, Reality Star
ClearlyChloe, 2002, YouTube Star
Coleman Scott, 1986, Wrestler
Colin James, 1964, Guitarist
Constance Talmadge, 1898, Movie Actress
Courtland Mead, 1987, Voice Actor
Dameyune Craig, 1974, Football Player
Daniel DiLiberti, 1992, Vine Star
Dar Williams, 1967, Folk Singer
Darren Whackhead Simpson, 1978, Radio Host
Darryl Sutter, 1958, Hockey Coach
David Rosenberg, 1997, Musical.ly Star
Deva Mahenra, 1990, TV Actor
Dick Sargent, 1930, TV Actor
Doniya Malik, 1992, Family Member
Dorian Yates, 1962, Bodybuilder
Dudley Moore, 1935, Movie Actor
Dylan Ratigan, 1972, TV Show Host
Elena Coats, 1997, Rock Singer
Elinor Donahue, 1937, TV Actress
Eliot Ness, 1903, Law Enforcement Officer
Ellie Mecham, 1991, YouTube Star
Emily Jade, 2001, YouTube Star
Emma Lucy Braun, 1889, Scientist
Eric Stanley, 1991, Violinist
Erich Hartmann, 1922, Pilot
Etheridge Knight, 1931, Poet
Eve Graham, 1943, Pop Singer
Felix Blumenfeld, 1863, Composer
Fernando Botero, 1932, Painter
Flavio Medina, 1978, TV Actor
Frank Elstner, 1942, TV Show Host
Frank Fontaine, 1920, Comedian
Gabriel Heinze, 1978, Soccer Player
Gad Elmaleh, 1971, Movie Actor
George Alencherry, 1945, Religious Leader
George Gregan, 1973, Rugby Player
Getulio Vargas, 1882, Politician
Gillian Jones, 1947, Movie Actress
Glenn T. Seaborg, 1912, Scientist
Harris Barton, 1964, Football Player
Harry R Lewis, 1947, Teacher
Haruna Kojima, 1988, Pop Singer
Hayden Christensen, 1981, Movie Actor
Heather Kuzmich, 1986, Model
Hector Herrera, 1990, Soccer Player
Himchan, 1990, Rapper
Hugh O’Brian, 1925, TV Actor
Ilya Volkov, 2002, Pop Singer
Im Soo-hyang, 1990, TV Actress

Ini Edo, 1982, Movie Actress
iTanKid, 1998, YouTube Star
Jack Canfield, 1944, Novelist
Jack Duncan, 1993, Soccer Player
Jack Pardee, 1936, Football Coach
Jack Roush, 1942, Entrepreneur
Jackie Bradley Jr., 1990, Baseball Player
Jake Herz, 1998, Rapper
James Allan Mollison, 1905, Pilot
James Franco, 1978, Movie Actor
James Heckman, 1944, Scientist
Jamie Wise, 1994, Model
Janae Bradford, 1989, Reality Star
Jarkko Immonen, 1982, Hockey Player
Jason Cameron, 1969, TV Show Host
Jason Gillespie, 1975, Cricket Player
Jason Moss, 1969, Guitarist
Jayne Mansfield, 1933, Movie Actress
Jennifer Bini Taylor, 1972, TV Actress
Jerry Seuseu, 1974, Rugby Player
Jesse James, 1969, Reality Star
Jiroemon Kimura, 1897,
Joanna Gaines, 1978, Reality Star
Joe Hart, 1987, Soccer Player
Joe Mauer, 1983, Baseball Player
John Flickinger, 1987, YouTube Star
John Langdon, 1946, Painter
Jonathan Tunick, 1938, Composer
Jordan Blais, 1990, Vine Star

Jose Cruz, Jr., 1974, Baseball Player
Jussi Jaaskelainen, 1975, Soccer Player
Jussi Jaaskelainen, 1975, Soccer Player
Justin Francis Rigali, 1935, Religious Leader
Karim Zenoud, 1985, Rapper
Kate Hudson, 1979, Movie Actress
Kelly Holmes, 1970, Runner
Kelly Olynyk, 1991, Basketball Player
Kendra Jade Rossi, 1977, Reality Star
Kim Chiu, 1990, TV Actress
Kristen O’Connor, 1989, Reality Star
Lani Guinier, 1950, Civil Rights Leader
Lee Da-hae, 1984, TV Actress
Leigh Magar, 1970, Fashion Designer
London Freeman, 1996, Movie Actress
Loren Beech, 2002, Musical.ly Star
Luciana McGee, 1975, YouTube Star
Lucretia Garfield, 1832, Political Wife
Luis Miguel, 1970, World Music Singer
Madan Krishna Shrestha, 1950, Comedian
Maegan Chant, 1997, Gymnast
Manjul, 1971, Cartoonist
Maria Sharapova, 1987, Tennis Player
Marijonas Mikutavicius, 1971, Rock Singer
Mario Edwards Jr., 1994, Football Player
Marissa Callahan, 1991, YouTube Star
Mark Volman, 1947, Guitarist
Marko Arnautovic, 1989, Soccer Player
Martin Havlat, 1981, Hockey Player
Marysue Price, 1949, Screenwriter
Mason Andrews, 1919, Doctor
Matt Brennan, 1996, YouTube Star
Matt Miszczak, 1992, Instagram Star
Matthew Fawcus, 1991, Instagram Star
Matthew Wells, 1979, Rower
Max Von Schillings, 1868, Composer
Maxine, 1986, Wrestler
Maxine Ashley, 1993, Pop Singer
Mayko Nguyen, 1980, TV Actress
Meyer Bosman, 1985, Rugby Player
Mia Serafino, 1989, TV Actress
Michael Bacall, 1973, Screenwriter
Michael Madigan, 1942, Politician
Michel Roux, 1941, Chef
Mike Evans, 1955, Basketball Player
Mohammad Ali, 1931, Movie Actor
Morgan Demeola, 1997, Movie Actress
Mukesh Ambani, 1957, Entrepreneur
Murray Perahia, 1947, Pianist
Nadia Turner, 2004, Dancer
Naldo Benny, 1979, World Music Singer
Natalie Dessay, 1965, Opera Singer
Nesrin Danan, 1995, Photographer
Nick Groff, 1980, Reality Star
Nicole Raczynski, 1979, Wrestler
Nicoletta Braschi, 1960, Movie Actress
Ole Evinrude, 1877, Entrepreneur
Oriana Sabatini, 1996, TV Actress
Otto Kilcher, 1952, Reality Star
Ox Baker, 1934, Wrestler
Paloma Picasso, 1949, Fashion Designer
Paul Caddis, 1988, Soccer Player
Perry Groves, 1965, Soccer Player
Peter Chung, 1961, Director
Randy Carlyle, 1956, Hockey Coach
Rivaldo, 1972, Soccer Player
Robin Holzken, 1997, Model
Robyn Regehr, 1980, Hockey Player
Rocky Bernard, 1979, Football Player
Roger Sherman, 1721, Politician
Rolf Lovland, 1955, Composer
Ruby Wax, 1953, Comedian
Russ Smith, 1991, Basketball Player
Ruud Jolie, 1976, Guitarist
Sam Woolf, 1996, Pop Singer
Samuel Bensoussan, 1999, Blogger
Sarah Price, 1979, Swimmer
Scott McCord, 1971, Voice Actor
Sebastian de Souza, 1993, TV Actor
ShadowBeatz, 1990, YouTube Star
Sharon Pollock, 1936, Playwright
Signe Hansen, 1995, Instagram Star
Simi, 1988, World Music Singer
Skate the Great, 1972, Rapper
Steven Antin, 1958, Screenwriter
Stevie B, 1958, Pop Singer
Stuart Dallas, 1991, Soccer Player
Stuart McLean, 1948, Radio Host
Sue Barker, 1956, Sportscaster
Suge Knight, 1965, Entrepreneur
SuperRebel, 1997, YouTube Star
Susan Polgar, 1969, Chess Player
Taylor Vo, 1999, YouTube Star
Teo Olivares, 1990, TV Actor
Thom Browne, 1965, Fashion Designer
Tim Curry, 1946, Movie Actor
Tom Banks, 1949, Scientist
Tom Wood, 1963, Movie Actor
Tony Plana, 1952, TV Actor
Troy Polamalu, 1981, Football Player
Valon Behrami, 1985, Soccer Player
Veronica Verho, 1996, YouTube Star
WayTooManyLlamas, 1989, YouTube Star
William Alexander Morgan, 1928,
William Klein, 1928, Photographer
Zach Duke, 1983, Baseball Player
Zack Conroy, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Zhou Mi, 1986, Pop Singer


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