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Angel Number 9938 Meaning: Being Available

Angel Number 9938: Pursuing God’s Purpose

You have been in a dilemma of whether to do God’s will or not. Angel number 9938 is appearing to you that it is time for you to heed to your calling. It means you have to commit yourself to whatever God asks you to. You should know that you are lucky because God chose you. He saw that you are always available for him.


However, do not feel that your life vision will be in a shudder. The moment you start doing his work, your territories will be in a comprehensive measure, and blessings will all be yours. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore.


Why are you seeing 9938 Angel Number everywhere?

9938 symbolism urges you not to mind what the world will say. Remember, the majority will be there to mock you because of your faithfulness. Whatsoever purpose your life and actions and ask God for wisdom. Remember, you cannot solely make your decisions; you need interventions of the universe.


On the other hand, you should keep praying. Consistent dialogue with the totality will help you not to be anxious about anything. It is, in this case, that you should glad because you are on the verge of getting all the desires you have wished to achieve.


Facts about Angel Number 9938

9938, meaning in the numbers 9, 3, 8, and 99, all discuss divine help. For instance, 9 urges you to give more attention to your soul than worldly comfort. It is, therefore, incredible for you to know that material holds are minimal and will never be enough.

Secondly, number 3 is an indication that you are an influencer. Therefore, use your influencing power to drag them to universe awareness.

Thirdly, 8 relates to managing your skills well to have your own time to reflect on the doings of the universe.

Finally, number 99 insists that you should not judge others based on their looks. You should love them all.

The relevance of 938 in Angel Number 9938

The angels send you this numerology to motivate you that you will receive divine help. You have to succeed in your plans.

Therefore, with the divine guidance on your side, how can you fail to reach? Remember, you have come this far and have achieved some goals. Your angels are encouraging you to continue with passion.

Moreover, you have to be all-rounded by taking care of spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally so that you can easily overcome them.

9938 angel number

993 When it comes to Loss

The angels send you this numerology to alert you that the divine gift you have will be allocated to someone else if you do not use it. You should, therefore, be available for it. Your work will end in premium joy.

What does 9938 Mean Spiritually?

9938 spiritually urges you not to conform to the things of the world. It means you should remember your creator always by abiding by his rules. Identically, the angels are confident that you will win many souls. Therefore, you should have faith in this journey.


In conclusion, the spiritual journey is not for the weary, but it is rewarding. Therefore, you should dedicate your whole self and immerse yourself to being good always. Similarly, talk to your closest friends who have the same calling. Allow them to prepare you.

However, learn to go close to God forever. Remember, the step you are yet to take is challenging, and many are waiting for your downfall. Thus you should cloth yourself with a free mind and spirit and keep keeping focus.

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