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angel number 104

Angel Number 104 Meaning – Symbol Of Happiness And Peace

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 104

It is funny how 104 is showing up on you all the time. You get receipts that read 104. You get credit checks which read 104. A cashbook that you get on your mail reads 104. At lunchtime, you go for lunch and the time is 1.04pm. This is the spirit angels trying to have a conversation with you. Let me help you understand the message of angel number 104.


If 104 is your angel number symbol, it means hard work. The angels are telling you to press on. Turn every stone and bend over backward to succeed. Your strain today will be your gain tomorrow. It is time to reboot and go full force in your business. You may not see it now, but you will thank the angels later.

The symbol of prosperity is evident in angel number 104 meaning. Just follow the guidelines given by the angels, and you will be successful. If you listen to your angel numbers, you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

angel number 104

The Secret Influence of 104 Number

The moment has come for you to elevate your life. You cannot do this on your own hence the reason why angels are by your side all the time. Based on the meaning of 104 angel number, this is the time for you to look for happiness and peace in your life. Enlightenment will also come your way if you only believe and trust in the Divine realm. You exude courage and confidence; hence, you should use them to make all your dreams come true.

Angel number 104 is urging you to forge ahead with all the confidence in this world and not to take no for any answer that affects your life. You will only achieve greatness if you stay true to your purpose. Have faith and trust that your heart’s desires will come true eventually, even if it takes the longest time to manifest. Live with intention and always maintain a positive attitude.


Discipline is one of the virtues that you should not leave behind. Be disciplined when on the path towards achieving your goals. Let nothing or anyone persuade you otherwise. Leave behind all that may drag you down and carry that which will enable you to reach the next level of your life. Development will happen in your life if you only allow it. Angels will shower you with blessings the moment you make your goals and objectives achievable.

Number 104 in Love

Based on 104 meaning, you are a loyal and dedicated partner or spouse when it comes to your love life. You prefer long term relationships to relationships that only last for a matter of convenience. People who possess this number value stability and balance in their lives. Your guardian angel, through this number, is urging you to maintain a close relationship with your partner or spouse. The closeness you share will go a long way in enabling both of you to achieve your dreams.


You love staying in your comfort zone, but time has come for this to change. Engage your partner or spouse in other things that will make him, or her feel like they are not in a monotonous relationship. This also applies to married couples with families. This is the time to plan a vacation so that you can spend time with your children and each other. You value love so much that you want to share it with someone who shares the same values and qualities that you possess.

What You Didn’t Know About 104

Firstly, the 104 symbolism reveals that this angel number is unique in its appearance. It comes to you at the time when you need a little push to realize your dreams and objectives. This is a number that signifies happiness, joy, and peace of mind. This is the time to make decisions that will affect your life forever. It is, therefore prudent that you make the right decisions and not the wrong ones. To make sound decisions, you need to consult with the Divine realm through prayer. God will give you a sign and answer when the time is right. Do not do things for the sake of doing them because they might backfire on you.


Secondly, to some extent, this number signifies humanitarianism. You are a compassionate and generous being. You love helping the less fortunate in society not expecting anything in return. Angels are showing you that there are people out there who need your help urgently. The more you give, the more blessings will come your way. Help where necessary, and God will surely reward you. This is a number of hope and encouragement, as well. When you reach deadlocks, consult the angels, and a path will open up for you.

Lastly, you cannot succeed in this life if you do not make sacrifices. At times making sacrifices might hurt, but it is the right thing to. Nothing good comes easy; you have to work and toil for the same. Even God rewards only those that work hard. Hard work pays, and with hard work, you are sure to excel beyond measure.  Negative thoughts should not take residence in your mind because they will start toiling with your emotions. Keep them as far away as possible as you focus on everything that is positive in your life.

Angel Number 104 Meaning

Angel number 104 symbolism is made up of single digits 1, 0 and 4. This information may seem obvious but continue reading. 1 number that signifies progress and evolution. This means new times and new things are yet to come. The number 0 is the amplifier; it is a symbol of God and His existence. It is seen as an object with no end. A journey with no destination. The number 4 is a sign of passion. It is a revelation of effort from a personal standpoint. The sign of self-discipline.

The angel number 104 is a symbol of development. The angels are saying that you need to let yourself grow. You need to stop the childish tendencies. You need to begin having rational behavior. Do not get angry over petty issues. Learn how to resolve issues without throwing tantrums. Progress is your priority at this point in your life.

Angel number 104 is a number of wisdom. The universe is telling you to make wise decisions on every endeavor. Do not rush into conclusions about subjects that seem complex. It is time to unleash your knowledge to the world. Help the people in your community by being the voice of reason. Let prior knowledge guide you in every business venture.

Facts about 104

In Mathematics, 104 is an integer that comes after 103 and before 105. Its expression in words is one hundred and four.

In Science, 104 is the atomic number of Rutherfordium. It is also the number of degrees Fahrenheit corresponding to 40 Celsius. 104 is the standard number of keys on a Standard Windows Keyboard. It is also the number of Corinthian columns in the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

104 Angel Number Symbolism

104 angel number is a special number to many people. It gives hope to us that there is a better tomorrow full of happiness and joy even after dark days. Angels use this number to get to people who are on the verge of giving up in life. Giving up is never an option; it is up to you to work hard and make the best out of your life. Angels will guide and support, and they will also pick you when you fall. Focus on God, and your higher purpose and nothing on this earth will ever break your spirit.

Angel Number 104

Seeing 104 Number

Every single day that you see 104 in your life is a day full of blessings. Embrace the blessings from above and do not shy away from doing that which is right. Be compassionate to the people around you and give out love to all people, even if some of them do not deserve the same. Your life will only be better if you are willing to forgive people in your past who have wronged you and focus on your well being. Let all negative thoughts pass and focus on positive thoughts. The positive attitude you embrace will go a long way in making you succeed in your endeavors.

104 Numerology

In numerology, 1o4 is a blend of the vibrations and energies of the number 1, 0, and 4. The number 1 appearing in this number signifies new beginnings, change, initiative, leadership, and ambition. This is the time to take a leadership task at your workplace and do well at it because you have great leadership skills.

Number 4 signifies practicality, reliability, hard work, stability, and determination. The presence of 4 in 104 angel number urges you to do practical things that will enable you to forge ahead in your career.

Number 0 is a spiritual number. It reveals the connection that you have with God. It also signifies the beginning of great things and the end of things that have been troubling you for the longest time possible. 104 spiritually is, therefore, a significant number with great significance in your life.

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