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Age-Gap Couples: Common Challenges

Common Problems: Age Gap Couples

History says the relationship between older men and younger women or age gap couples is a common phenomenon, which is not always by choice but often due to compulsion. A couple of decades ago, instances of the relationship between younger men and older women were few and far between.

When such instances happen, often, the women concerned are looked down upon disdainfully and are commonly criticized as ‘cradle robbers.’


On the other hand, when a younger woman willingly gets involved romantically with an older man, she is frequently branded as a ‘gold-digger.

However, despite all these over-the-top judgments, relationships between age-gap couples have flourished over the years. They are thriving relentlessly, countering the common challenges they are confronting and successfully removing the hardships arising out of it. It may be interesting to point out the real common challenges; these couples are experiencing due to their age difference.


1. The Judgmental Society

It has often been seen that age-gap couples do not have a problem among themselves. The people around them may include their immediate family, parents, friends, and society at large, who are rather unduly concerned and judgmental about the couple’s well-being.

Their questions, fanciful thoughts, and the jokes emanating from their mouths, often dirty and wildly imaginative, can hurt the couples hard. It is imperative to develop a thick skin to ignore the banters created by the people around the couple and thus protect the relationship.


2. Negative Perception

Some habitual and common norms guide our society. We are habituated to certify a relationship between couples with an age gap of 5-10 years as quite a normal affair. On the contrary, when this age gap is increased to a certain extent, say between 15-20 years, we categorize the relationship as abnormal.


This is a common perception, and the negativity associated with such perception also plays upon in the minds of the concerned age-gap couples.

To have a successful relationship between age-gap couples, one needs to overcome such perceptions and believe in their capacity to build the bridge between them and remove any hurdles arising from the age gap.

3. Future Planning

This is the hardest part of any age-gap couple. The problems arising out of their age difference cannot be ignored anymore, and the reality of the complexities involved in planning for the future is hard to tackle. To have a child or not is a perplexing question every age-gap couple has to ponder over seriously.

There may be existing children from their previous relationships, and also, one among the couple may feel too old to have a child. All these problems have to be sorted out with utmost care and in a mutually beneficial way.

One has to be careful enough not to hurt the weaker sentiments of his counterpart and vice versa. Elaborate discussion between the couples enlisting all the pros and cons of their decision would, in all likelihood, be the key to emerge as the winner in such situations.

4. The Generational Difference

These days’ generational changes are far quicker than the previous millennium. All around, fast-paced lifestyle development is the major reason for such quick generational changes. An age gap of 15-20 years between couples may be considered a distance between the planet Earth and Jupiter these days.

A significant amount of effort has to be spent on bridging such generation gaps among age-gap couples. A dedicated relationship can only solve the deadlock of the generational gap.


Both the partners may have a serious choice of difference in their activities and hobbies and may not like their counterpart’s choice at all. However, the differences can be sorted out, and mutual interest activities and hobbies can be found, with both partners agreeing to adjust for their mutual benefit.

5. Physical Compatibility

Age-gap couples need to be physically fit to sustain a healthy romantic and sexual relationship between them. Proper health care with a disciplined approach towards life is the key to surge ahead in such a relationship.

Optimum exercise, proper dietary control, and habit can make the life of an age-gap couple all the more passionate and happy. Growing old is a natural phenomenon. We cannot stop growing old.

However, we can control the physical downslide associated with growing old by resorting to a healthy lifestyle and enjoy our life to the fullest.

Age-gap couples have more adversities to overcome in their relationship, but these adversities can easily be tackled with compromise and proper communication. All such age-gap couples must remember that age is just one aspect of their relationship, and they should not let it define their entire relationship.

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