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9 Top Foods For A Healthy Heart

Why Do We Need A Healthy Heart?

We all know that it is so important to keep our heart healthy both by what we do (exercise and enough sleep) and more importantly our diet, but let’s be more specific. What foods are best for that pumping organ that sends blood around your body, the heart?

In general we hear that a diet low in salt, fat and bad cholesterol is good for our health. But it is useful to know more specific information on how we can retail or attain a healthy heart.

healthy heart

Here are some tips on some foods that will help that ticker last through the twilight years!

#1. Blueberries

Yes the same berries that are good for night eyesight or improving those that have poor night sight. These are of course high in anti-oxidants and good for stress and your heart.

#2. Broccoli

Full of vitamin B and folic acid. This vegetable is good for the heart, for stress and anxiety and even said to be good for depression (which has a link to heart disease).


#3. Dark Chocolate

Just eating a few pieces of dark chocolate a day reduces the bad cholesterol and hence the risk of heart attacks.

#4. Salmon & Other Fish

These fish are rich in Vitamin B6 and B12, they also contain high levels of Omega 3 oils, all good for the heart. The latter is good for fighting depression too which again is linked to heart disease.


#5. Sweet Potatoes

Apparently the highly potent antioxidants found in sweet potatoes are great for protecting the heart.

sweet potato

#6.  Walnuts

Just a handful a day is all that is required to help keep that heart healthy! They too contain the healthy oil, Omega 3.


#7. Whole Grains

You should not even be thinking of white bread! This includes millet, barley and especially a grain called quinoa. They are very good for you, especially since they increase serotonin levels making you happier (less depressed), therefore good for the heart.

#8. Lean Beef

It is a stress buster which is good for the heart. It is high in Zinc, Iron and B Vitamins all of which make us feel less anxious and calmer and are therefore good for the heart.

lean beef

#9. Beans

These contain lots of Iron, Calcium, lots of B vitamins and are considered an intestine scrubber. They go through and clean out any cholesterol which of course is bad for the heart when it builds up.


There are other sources of food beneficial to the heart including eating lots of fruit and vegetables in general. Also eating a lot of green-leafed vegetables is important.

The thing to bear in mind is that there are all sorts of ways to ingest the above foods nowadays. You can juice foods, you can sprinkle them on salads, you can mix them in with your favourite dish. Alternatively you can carry a bag to work. Instead of snacking on a chocolate bar you snack on a mix of the above foods.

It goes without saying whilst eating is important for you heart’s health, nothing is more important than regular exercise, whether that be a simply walk, a swim, a jog, as long as it is done a few days a week for 20-40 mins at least.

If you don’t manage one day don’t knock yourself out with frustration. Okay, so you missed a day. Big deal! Lots of people are never exercising. At least you are trying to put that first foot forward.

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