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8 Carbohydrates That Help You Lose Weight

8 Carbohydrates That Help You Lose Weight

Nowadays there are so many diet programs for you to choose and see it if it will provide that miracle cure for weight loss. Trying to lose weight can seem impossible and not unattainable no matter how hard you try and can lead you to become discouraged.

But did you know that there are carbohydrates can help you lose weight? The foods that you feel may be causing you to gain weight may in fact be doing the opposite. Here are 8 carbohydrates that help you lose weight.


#1. Beans

Beans contain phytochemicals and isoflavones which help to prevent heart disease and many other ailments. It provides essential nutrients that help to boost the immune system. It also helps to lower your cholesterol and prevent any illness that may come from high cholesterol.

It is great at helping you lose weight by the high amounts of fiber that it contains. It helps to keep you full for longer and eliminates the need to be constantly snacking on foods throughout the day.

It also has low saturated fats which help to create a smaller waistline. For best results, eat 1 cup of beans with meals. Do this daily until you see that you have lost a significant amount of weight.

#2. Potatoes

Potatoes contain flavanoids and phytochemicals which help to keep your blood pressure low and regulate blood flow throughout the body. It also helps to provide nutrients to the heart which keeps it healthy and working at its full potential.

It also contains vitamin A and vitamin B6 which helps to provide energy to the body. Potatoes help with weight loss due to the amount of fiber it contains. The fiber in potatoes is half soluble and insoluble so that it helps to produce regular bowel movements and keeps you full for longer.


It helps to stop hunger pangs and food cravings. For best results, chop up 1 potato and add to meal. Eat daily for better chance at weight loss.

#3. Quinoa

Quinoa contains high amounts of protein which helps to produce leaner muscles and energy especially when working out. It also contains a great amount of iron which helps to create red blood cells as well as regulates blood circulation throughout the body.

It also contains fiber that slowly breaks down food so that a meal can digest over time in the body. It keeps you full while providing nutrients to the body. For best results, eat a bowl of quinoa daily with a low fat chicken breast daily to help lose weight.

#4. Pasta

Pasta contains starch and fiber which helps you to lose weight. Starch produces energy which can keep you active throughout your day as well as containing essential vitamins such as vitamin B and C.

Pasta is slow to digest can actually keep you full for hours so that you are not eating constantly during the day. For best results, eat your favorite pasta noodles 3 times a week to help with weight loss.

#5. Brown Rice

Brown rice is another food that aids weight loss. It contains selenium which helps to prevent heart disease by providing nutrients to the heart and keeping it healthy. Brown Rice also helps to lower your cholesterol levels and regulate bowel movements so that constipation does not occur.

It is rich in fiber and helps you burn calories by absorbing nutrients in the digestive tract. For best results, try to incorporate brown rice instead of white rice when having meals.

#6. Strawberries

Strawberries contain vitamin C which helps to give your immune system a boost so that it can fight off diseases and viruses. It also contains potassium to give you energy to exercise and be active daily.


#7. Beets

Beets are high in a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, and C. It also contains folic acid and magnesium to help with muscle contractions throughout the body.

It also helps to produce a normal bowel movement and makes sure that this regularly occurs. It also contains fiber that helps to stop food cravings. For best results, add beets to meals.


#8. Granola

Granola contains many nutrients that help to make for healthier eating. It provides energy and a feeling of wanting to be physically active therefore preventing sluggish mindsets.

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It is a great source for weight loss with its ability to keep you full for longer periods of time. For best results, have a granola bar twice daily.

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