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7 Spices That Prevent Cancer

7 Spices That Prevent Cancer

Cancer today is one of the biggest causes of death throughout the world. Despite massive breakthroughs in scientific research we are still searching for the ultimate cure.

In the meantime many people are turning to natural health, alternative therapies and home remedies as a way to reduce the possibility of Cancer occurring. This includes using traditional spices to prevent Cancer in the first place.

In the same way that aromatherapy has been used for many centuries, so have spices and herbs been used to cure ailments, treat them and as a preventative. Benefits of spices as far as Cancer is concerned, come from their anti-microbial, antioxidant and their respective action in relation to the genetics of a tumour’s formation.


Spices have been a valued in commodity in the world for many centuries. As early as 2A.D. there was a flourishing spice trade along the route between East and West, known as the “Silk Road”.

Today spices are still imported and with the growth of the alternative health industry globally, many domestic and cottage industry-style spice manufacturers have also been established.

The specific spices that are known to be useful as preventative’s of cancer disease are discussed:-

##1. Cumin


This spice inhibits and stops the enzyme that invades healthy cells, which then forms cancer. It is interesting to note that in India where Cumin is consumed at quite a high rate, cancer rates are lower (As an aside Cumin is also good for diabetics in sugar level balance).

It is also especially good for preventing men’s prostrate cancer due to its having a highly powerful antioxidant called Thymoquinone. This agent actually stops the spreading of prostrate cancer cells. Cumin is easily incorporated in the diet by adding to rice, sprinkling onto dishes or adding to bread. In India it is also chewed after a meal.

##2. Saffron


Essentially the Saffron spice contains an element called Croecetin. This is a cancer-fighting agent. It decreases the onset of  cancer but it also can reduce the size of an existing cancer tumor by 50%! Saffron can be easily added to rice or sprinkled onto a meal.

##3. Fennel


This contains a highly anti-oxidative compound called Anethole, this restricts the invasion of cancer cells. Fennel can be added to a tomato soup easily or it can be roasted and then have Parmesan cheese added.

##4. Cinnamon


Merely half a teaspoon of this spice a day will keep cancer away. It is high in the source of iron and calcium. These in turn block the formation of new vessels in the body and stop cancer cell tumor growth.

Cinnamon can be easily introduced to the diet by having Cinnamon tea, Cinnamon on toast with brown sugar and a little butter.

5. Oregano


It has a very powerful anti-cancer compound Quercetin, this restricts growth of any malignant cancer cells in the body.

Furthermore it acts as a natural drug again cancer diseases. It can of course be ingested by sprinkling on a pizza, on a pasta dish, rice, even on top of a home made soup.

6. Cayenne Peppers or Chilli Peppers

cayenne pepper

Caution should be taken when eating these since over-ingestion can lead to extreme discomfort! However when eaten in moderation, these Peppers ward off cancer cells by destroying them. They also reduce the size of lukemia tumours considerably. Possibly best ingested by adding small amounts to other strongly flavoured dishes or to  reduce the strong hot pepper flavour.

If you really don’t like this option use Ginger instead which is also an anti-cancer spice. It is also medicinal for a wide range of other health benefits including lowering cholesterol, overall well being properties, anti-inflammatory properties, high anti-oxidant properties, and nauseous reduction agent including morning sickness.


Recent research has shown that Ginger prevent colorectal cancer owing to it’s main component Gingolis, which inhibits the growth of this type of cancer cells. In addition Ginger has been found to induce programmed cell death, similar to the mechanism induced by Turmeric, the super spice of all the spices when it comes to cancer prevention.

7. Turmeric


This is the super spice when it comes to preventing Cancer. It is the Curcumin it contains, the super agent Curcumin, known to slow down a wide range of cancers including brain tumour, pancreatic cancer, prostrate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer and leukemia and more besides. What the Curcumin does is simply quite amazing, it promotes the “self-suicide” of the Cancer cells only, leaving the healthy cells intact.

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Additional spices and ingredients that prevent and fight Cancer include basil, garlic,,cloves, anise, caraway, mustard, mint leaves, fresh lemon, virgin olive, vinegar, rosemary and avocado.

From looking into just a few of the commonly known spices in some detail it is clear that cooking spices have benefits far greater than simply adding flavour to our foods. In many instances these same natural food enhancers provide us with our source of life, good health and longevity!

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