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7 Signs You Are Over Exercising

Exercise – Too Less Or Too Much?

Exercise is one of those things that once you get going it is hard to stop. After all we hear so much about doing exercise that no wonder some of us go overboard. The problem is that many people do not know when they are doing too much exercise.

This article offers a few pointers to indicate whether you might be over exercising. Bear in mind too that scientists are now talking about a gene that predisposes people to not wanting to exercise much. Perhaps there is also a gene that makes people want to exercise more? Whatever the case here are a few signs you just might be doing a little too much exercise.

Signs You Are Over Training

#1. Tired all the time

Now we know that a workout is supposed to make you feel more energized, younger, more fit. So if you are feeling run down and tired between work outs you are doing either too much exercise or you might simply not be getting the nutrients to match the level of exercise.

#2. Withdrawal symptoms

That’s right! You can suffer withdrawal symptoms when you are addicted to exercise and over exercising. This is an indication you need to cut back a bit on the exercise.

You can suffer withdrawal symptoms when you are addicted to exercise and over exercising

#3. Menstruation interruption in females

Over exercising in women can result in a change in their natural period cycle. This is due to cortisol, the stress chemical that increases during exercise or training.

#4. Irritability and moodiness

Ironically although moderate exercise regularly raises mood levels, the opposite occurs when the body’s immune system is run down due to over exercise.

Over Exercise causes Irritability and moodiness

#5. Constantly sore or aching between exercise

You are simply doing too much exercise! Your fitness levels are below normal.

Constantly sore or aching between exercise

#6. Sick continually

If you are constantly getting colds, flus or other illnesses while exercises, you are doing too much. Time to cut back a little. Remember the key to healthy exercise is moderation and regular but not obsessively. Allow yourself one day off a week when you don’t do much exercise, especially if you do feel under the weather or a bit weak.

#7. No enjoyment

If you find that you are now doing so much exercise you no longer look forward to it, enjoy it or have that afterglow after exercise, you need to start again. Start from 2-3 days a week of any exercise, even a walk and go from there. Studies are indicating people are kept healthier more from exercise in general than 1-2 hour strenuous workouts in the gym.

If you find that you are now doing so much exercise you no longer look forward to it

Besides not everyone has the physique, the genetics or the inclination to spend hours a day in an artificially conditioned (unhealthy) environment! There are plenty of other exercises that you may find less addictive than gym and that you actually enjoy more like swimming or walking or jogging.

It is also a really good idea to more than one exercise for varieties so you don’t get bored and again so that you don’t become addicted to that one type of exercise.

you ill actually enjoy swimming or walking or jogging.

The thing to remind yourself is I am meant to be enjoying this. Am I enjoying this? If the exercise you do is such a chore it feels like work it is either too much exercise for you personally or the wrong type of exercise. Either way take baby steps and find out what works for you.

After all the more you enjoy the exercise, the more you don’t feel you HAVE TO DO IT EVERY DAY, the longer you will keep up the exercise and gain maximum lifelong benefits!

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