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7 Good Things About Red Wine

Why Should You Have Red Wine?

Red wine is something we all enjoy with a nice meal, after a long day at work or celebrating with the family. However many people do not realise how many health benefits red wine has over white wine and beer.

In this article we will discuss a few of its major health benefits to help you live a more healthy life!

red wine

 #1. Healthy Heart

Red wine contains a chemical called Resveratrol. This compound is found in the vines of grapes used to make wine. It is key to keeping the vine immune from disease, from free radicals, from anything in the environment that might attack the cells of the plant.

In effect the Resveratrol mops up any free radicals that pose a threat in any way to the plants cells. In the same it is believed that drinking red wine containing Resveratrol, a strong antioxidant protects the human heart.

Red wine further reduces the incidence of heart disease by LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. For some reason the variety of red wine that had the most pronounced effect was Cabernet Sauvignon.

red wine for heart

#2. Brain Health

Resveratrol levels protect the brain in the event of a stroke. It does this by raises specific enzyme levels that protect the brain’s health long-term.

In a similar manner studies on animals has shown the slowing of plaque formation in Alzheimer occurrence with the presence of Resveratrol. Whether this is transferable to humans has yet to be determined scientifically but there is every indication that is the case.

red wine for brain

#3. Blood Sugar Levels

Red wine is now known to help stabilize blood sugar levels. The way this works is when taken with a meal, red wine slows the passage of glucose into the small intestine. This way the troublesome sugar spike for diabetics is avoided.

Due to red wines containing ten times the level of polyphenols than white wine and it is these compounds that appear to slow the uptake of glucose in the blood stream, especially for diabetes 2 people.

red wine with food

#4. Mental Well-Being

A Spanish Predimed Report on the Mediterranean diet found that people who had who drank 2-7 glasses of red wine a week were less prone to depression than those that drank none. It appears that the positive effects of drinking red wine and the health of the heart may well be linked to the health of the mind.

It is generally accepted in the medical profession that having depression can cause heart disease. Now scientists in Australia at the Heart Institute are conducting trials to see whether it works the other way round. That is whether heart patients are prone to depression post disease onset.


#5. Blood Clotting Reduction

Drinking a glass of red wine each day prevents the incidence of clots. Clots of course may lead to more serious concerns such as strokes and heart attacks.

#6. Relaxation

After a long day at work or with a fine meal, there is nothing like a healthy glass of red wine or two. From all the benefits listed above you can relax in knowing that just 1-2 glasses is doing you good.

In fact many studies focusing on the European way of life and diet have honed in on the fact that the diets have red wine consumption in common.

red wine for relaxation

#7. Anti-Cancer Agent

Due to its high polyphenol concentration, specifically Resveratrol levels, red wine may reduce cancer. Early scientific studies show Resveratrol halting tumour formations. Also in cell cultures they show Resveratrol inhibits the growth of not one but many types of cancer growth.

Perhaps as well as protecting overall body health, including the heart and mind, red wine is capable of preventing or slowing cancer growth. At this stage more studies are needed but due to red wines high anti-oxidation effects it is highly plausible that red wine is a one stop protector from all disease.

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So all being said and done, next time you go raise that glass of red to your mouth, thank it for its goodness it brings to your body and say cheers to longevity!

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