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6 Ways To Have White Teeth

How To Get The Perfect Teeth

Since the early days of Hollywood the perfect glistening white Colgate smile has been the ideal dental look! There is just something about someone giving you a nice smile of white pearls, the sunlight hitting you as it rebounds off their manicured teeth!

So you might ask how do I get perfect white teeth like that without mortgaging my house or selling my entire CD collection? Well I always like to look at both natural and cosmetic options. So in this article I am going to consider a mix of both. Let’s get those tobacco stained, brown or is it grey teeth transformed into a set of teeth even Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber would be proud of!

Okay, so these two celebrities may not be your favourite stars but I bet you would love their set of gnashers!:-) So let’s see what options you have without withdrawing your entire live savings.

tips to get white teeth

Tips To Get White Teeth

#1. Strawberry Mush Method

Get a punnet of strawberries. Mash the berries into a paste. Using your finger or toothbrush apply gently to your teeth. Leave the paste on for up to 5 minutes. Then wash off the paste and seeds by rinsing your mouth and teeth with water.

Following this brush your teeth with Fluoride toothpaste. Repeat the whole process over a few days, every single time you brush your teeth (at least twice a day). Your teeth will have whitened.

#2. Cosmetic Dentist Whitening

Here you visit a dentist for a couple of dental day time appointments. Basically a special whitening formula is applied to your teeth. Then a UV light stream is shone onto the teeth. This process is repeated for another or a couple more visits.

Cosmetic Dentist Whitening For White Teeth

#3. Porcelain Veneers

This is one of the most popular ways to whiten using cosmetic dentistry. The porcelain is prepared in a special kiln at high temperatures. The porcelain veneers have the capacity to have some natural coloring that blends in readily with your natural teeth, but with the white colour of new teeth.

This method is expensive and is admittedly the method that most of the Hollywood stars opt for. If image is important in your life or your career then it is worth investing in your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers For White Teeth

#4.  Munch on Raw Carrots

Yes, would you believe that carrots are great natural teeth cleaners. They remove plaque from your teeth, that results in that dull discoloration of teeth. The same effect can be achieved with celery or apple too.

carrots are great natural teeth cleaners.

#5. Baking Soda

It had to be on the list didn’t it! Simply mix a pinch of salt and baking salt and apply with a tooth brush. Leave the mixture on the teeth for up to 3 minutes and then rinse with water. Do this regularly and you will soon get a much whiter smile:-)

#6. Lemon

The acidic properties of lemon make this the ideal natural teeth whitener. Isn’t nature amazing? Basically, mix up some salt along with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture liberally and vigorously over your teeth and gums. As for other applications, leave the paste on for a few minutes. Then rinse with water. The result, significantly whiter teeth!

The acidic properties of lemon make this the ideal natural teeth whitener.

So there you have it a mix of cosmetic and natural remedies to get that Hollywood star pearly white smile you always wanted!

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  1. If you purchase whitening kits, you can choose one with the LED lights instead of UV. Ultra Violet lights are no doubt risky for your enamel. I haven’t tried any of the two, but I already underwent whitening treatment under the supervision of my cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.

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