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10 Popular Winter Foods

10 Popular Winter Foods

Winter is a time where you want to be indoors and out of the frigid cold weather. It is a time of snuggling under blankets and staying in. It can also cause many illnesses to occur especially the common cold and flu.

Winter tests just how strong your immune system is with its bringer of sickness. Winter can cause you to spend a lot of time eating due to the inability to go out and stay physically active. You can gain a lot of weight in the winter. But there are very nutritious foods that you can eat especially these 10 popular winter foods.

#1. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a very popular food to eat during the winter. It is not only hot and helps to keep you warm and your body temperature normal but it also helps to fight off the cold and cough.

Chicken is a healthy home remedy that contains amino acids that help to prevent mucus from rapidly producing as well as thinning it out in the throat and nasal passages. Carrots contain vitamin A which helps to fight off bacteria and infections that try to attack the body due to an illness. It also helps to give your immune system a boost.


#2. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are full of vitamin C which helps to prevent the common cold and flu-like symptoms from occurring. It also helps to give your immune system a boost so that it can help to fight off infections of the body. It also contains magnesium which helps to prevent muscle spasms and contractions due to nerves not receiving proper nutrition.

#3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains vitamin C that helps to keep you healthy and strong during the cold winter months. It also helps to protect your body from any illness that may try to present itself.

Grapefruits also contain lycopene which helps to prevent many diseases such as prostate cancer from occurring. It also can be used as a dietary produce due to the low calories it contains.

#4. Cabbage

Cabbage contains various vitamins including A, C and K which helps to make sure that you stay healthy and strong. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent irritation and swelling of the skin due to an injury or infection. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease by providing essential nutrients to your heart.


#5. Chestnuts

Chestnuts are quite low in calories which help to prevent you from gaining any weight during the winter months. It also contains phytonutrients that help to keep the immune system functioning at its maximum potential. It is also high in protein which helps to produce stronger muscles and gives the body energy to be physical active. It also contains folate which helps to produce more red blood cells so that anemia or iron deficiency does not occur.

#6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are high in vitamins B6, C and D. It helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases that can cause a heart attack. It also helps to fight off illnesses that can occur during the winter while also aiding in digestion to prevent constipation or diarrhea. It also helps to produce more red and white blood cells in the body.

#7. Collard Greens

Collard greens do not contain cholesterol and also has barely any calories which make it a welcome food to add to your diet. It also contains sulforaphane which helps to prevent several cancers including prostate, colon and breast cancer. It also contains vitamin K which helps to improve your memory and information retention.

#8. Oranges

Oranges are an essential fruit for the winter months due to the lack of sunlight that you receive. It contains vitamin C which helps to keep the immune system strong as well as provides nutrients to the skin so that it does not become susceptible to infection. It also contains potassium which helps to regulate blood throughout the body while lowering your blood pressure.


#9. Dates

Dates are great at giving you energy to get stuff done especially when feeling sluggish during the day. It also contains vitamin A which helps to keep the skin looking healthy and free from blemishes and dark spots. It also contains potassium that help regulate blood throughout the body as well as your heart rate.

#10. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are very low in calories and saturated fats. It also contains vitamin C to give your immune system an extra kick. It also helps to aid with digestion so that constipation does not occur. It also helps to make sure that you have a regular bowel movement daily.

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