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10 Best Ways To Reduce Cholesterol

Best Ways To Reduce Cholesterol

We all love one or two of these hamburgers, don’t we? But unfortunately nowadays we are being reminded more and more that the good old days of having fatty junk food and carbonated drinks too are limited in their number.

Scientists warn us that we have become a world of obese, high-cholesterol adults and that is not good! But what about once you have done the damage and you want to reverse all that cholesterol intake? Well, there is hope and there are lots of ways you can can reduce that cholesterol, especially the “bad cholesterol”.

Here in this article we look at the top 10 most effective ways to reduce cholesterol in your diet:

hamburger1. When you next go shopping look at the food labels on everything, and yes I mean everything! Deliberately choose items that are no fat or low in fat. This will mean you are making the first right choice in your daily diet.

Remember you cannot always control the fat (cholesterol) you eat when you are out at a restaurant or buy take away. Starting with your own grocery shopping will be a definite way to make a start in your new lower cholesterol lifestyle.

2. Cut down on a high meat diet, replacing meat meals with fish and seafood. The added benefit here is that the oils in these foods actually protect your heart from heart disease, lower cholesterol and also assist in fighting other things like diabetes.

3. Start drinking more water to flush your body more, making your kidney and liver more efficient. These are involved with the processing of the


4. Start eating more cholesterol-reducing fruits. These include apples, grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits (lemons, limes and oranges). This is because they have a high level of pectin which reduces bad cholesterol or LDL’s (Low Density Lipids). Lipids are of course another word for fats.

5. Introduce low or skim milk to your diet replacing full cream and other dairy products.

6. Start eating and drinking soy products. Soy milk is a great way to introduce soy and you can get flavoured milk which makes it easier if you don’t like the taste at first.

In addition you can add soy sauce to your dishes for flavor and for the cholesterol-reducing effect.

fish and chips

7. Next time you go for fish and chips or anything battered, ask for crumbed or even just grilled. This is so much more healthy for you since the cholesterol is much lower than it is in batter which surrounds fish in a typical fish and chips meal

8. Buy yourself a slow juicer, which is a very popular household kitchen item right now. Then get some recipes online for cholesterol lowering juice blends. One classic and easy one to make is carrots, oranges and apple.

9. Cholesterol liquid concentrate. Buy the cholesterol liquid you can get in health food stores. This is scientifically proven to reduce your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Cholesterol liquid, coming directly from plant extracts, has many other health benefits such as soothing irritable bowel syndrome, detoxifier and a blood cleanser/purifier.

green juiceThis may be why green juices containing several green vegetables such as kale and wheat grass are the new elixir of the 2000’s. Another benefit in using these to reduce Cholesterol is that they also assist in maintaining sugar levels. Some early stage scientific studies even indicate that it may be able to eliminate type 2 diabetes!

It is worth noting that while the chlorophyl is taken with water normally it has a bit of an after taste. You can instead add it to slightly flavoured water. However you want to ingest the chlorophyll as naturally as possible so avoid mixing it with sodas or even juice, tempted as you may be!

Sure the taste is a bit gross but just tell yourself the good it is doing you!! Better still have it in a green juice with or without the additional chlorophyll liquid.

typical green juice ingredients

10. Last but not least and perhaps easiest to introduce, do 30 minutes of walking or jogging per day. This will reduce your cholesterol more than anything and you will get fit at the same time, lose weight and reduce your chance of getting diabetes type 2. What a great way to cut down on those LDL’s and get your body in shipshape order!

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