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Wicker Dream Meaning

Significance Of A Wicker Dream – Interpretation And Symbolism

What Does a Wicker Dream Mean in Your Waking Life?

Wicker is a pliant twig woven and plaited to make baskets and furniture. According to the wicker dream analysis, dreaming of wicker signifies working hard and making necessary sacrifices to achieve your goals. Let nothing hold you back from becoming the best. Also, be creative and innovative with your abilities and skills.


Negatively, dreaming of wicker is a sign that you are obsessed with your physical appearance and always want to impress people instead of being yourself. It will add nothing to your life to want to be like other people but neglect the person you are. Therefore, you need to do better and accept yourself.

Based on the wicker dream dictionary, dreaming of wicker furniture signifies doing great in your business. Your creativity will enable you to enjoy great profits and expand your business. You have no problems executing plans because you know how best to approach them. Your ideas will take you places you never thought you would reach.


Dreaming of wicker signifies having a great support system in your life. It is also a sign that you should be of service to the less fortunate in society. Use your blessings to make the world a better place. Always be there for the people who need your help, and they will be of help to you when your turn comes.

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