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Trickster Dream Meaning

Dream Meaning of a Trickster – Interpretation and Symbolism

A Trickster in Your Dream and Its Meaning in Your Waking Life

Seeing a trickster in your dream is a sign that you should stop making a joke of your life and take responsibility for your actions. You need to be honest and accept that there are some things way beyond you that you need to deal with. Do not ignore things through humor. Humor might get you through, but it will not solve your problems.


Dreaming of a trickster means that you should be willing to jump into the unknown. Take risks in life but ensure that they are calculated, so you do not incur losses. You will find yourself in circumstances where you need to make choices. Ensure that you go for what is good for you.

What Does a Trickster in Your Dreams Signify?

Based on the trickster dream symbolism, dreaming of a trickster making you laugh at yourself is a sign that you should learn to be humble. Pride will be the end of you if you are not careful. No matter the success you achieve, remember to remain grounded. Be humble in the way you interact and act with people.

A trickster laughing at you in your dream signifies the need to open yourself to a world of possibilities. People will tell you you are not good enough, but you should not listen to them. Do your best and believe in your abilities.


Dreams of a trickster are a sign that you can create havoc and chaos in your life through your actions, choices, and decisions. You should safeguard your life. Change your ways, and in all you do, be honest with yourself. It is better to live a life you will be proud of rather than one filled with regrets.

Do not let the trickster in your subconscious get a hold of you because you will end up ruining great things.

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