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Taurus Man Sexual Traits

Taurus Man In Love

The Taurus man is a very loving, romantic, sensual and calm man who likes being in love. If you end up dating a man from this zodiac sign and you suddenly feel like you need some space, never suggest things like open relationships or breaks. He does not believe in such solutions.

So if you cannot handle a relationship with him, you best leave with no intention of trying to win him back. Taurus men prefer a stable and consistent relationship and will do whatever they can to keep it that way and make it work. He does not jump from one relationship to another. Once he settles for one partner his plan will be to stick to her until his last day on earth whatever be the love compatible between them.

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Taurus Man In Relationships

The Taurus male is not very good at expressing himself with words whether in bed or in other aspects of a relationship, no matter how close you are to him or how well he knows you. He is the type of guy who prefers to use actions to express himself.

As much as the Taurus man enjoys the pleasures that come with dating, he is very cautious and will take his time before he gets to into a relationship with anyone. When it comes to relationships he will expect his partner to be completely devoted.

If she complies with that, he too will be equally committed and give his all to make sure that their relationship is a success. As much as he is a calm and quiet man, at times he can get very jealous and could show a completely different side the moment he feels it is time to protect what he believes belongs to him.

Taurus Man Sexuality Traits

When it comes to bedroom matters the Taurus man is gentle with his partner. He considers sex to be an art and does not hurry it when in bed because he wants to enjoy it to perfection. He pays close attention to his lover’s needs and makes every point of satisfying her.

The Taurus guy has mastered the art of seduction and one of his favorite ways of doing it is by inviting a woman for a high end romantic dinner and creating the proper environment to go with the mood. However, he can be a bit shy sometimes especially around very beautiful women.

It is not hard to satisfy the Taurus man. He does not have extraordinary demands and neither does he expect them from you. He is quite normal in bed. When it comes to experimenting new things in bed he might not really be up for it.

However, due to the fact he wants you to be completely satisfied he might just give it a try. Generally though, he prefers to stick to the norm including foreplay.

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  1. I am a Scorpio woman and find Taurus men insatiable. There is something about a Taurus man that turns blood red hot. I can usually tell when a man is a Taurus when I meet him because of the sudden and strong attraction I feel and 9 out of 10 times I am not wrong that he is a Taurus.

  2. So true. I am a Virgo lady and I feel this way around a Taurus man. I am blessed to be with one Right now. He makes me love unhibitedly. He makes being in love sooooo beautiful

  3. Go to be honest with you, I am a Taurus male and it seems to me these traits are right on the money.

  4. this is true, I have dated a Taurus man, he had a girl firiend and she was pregnant at that time. I dont think Taurus is honest.

  5. I am with a Taurus and when I met him he was casually dating 3 of us without telling us, so he was jumping from one person to another and I know other Taurus men who have done that too so that is sort of BS saying they don’t jump around. I ended up with him and now, he is being beyond careful before we decide to move forward and live together. Too careful for me, it is frustrating.

    • I am a Taurus man and I agree with most of this except being sexualy normal, I have experimented with my partners everything that I can think of between a man and woman. But I am very stubborn and easy to become jealous and overcontrollimg, things I learned from my past and I have learned how to control them.

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