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Tantric Numerology

Tantric Numerology

Tantric numerology is a tool that can be used to see both the good and bad about an individual. The purpose of Tantric numerology is to see the purpose of an individual life. This is done through the interpretation of the 10 bodies and their degree of harmony with each other.


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Tantric numerology which is also known as Akara numerology is rooted in ancient Tantric yoga practices. One of the goals is to help you discover some of your attributes and to re-evaluate your position in life. Tantric Numerology causes you to become aware of the 10 bodies of the human psyche. You also gain an awareness of how these 10 bodies balance the effects of human activities and behaviors.


Within the framework of Tantric numerology we each have 10 bodies of which the physical body is the fifth. The 10 bodies are:

    • The Soul Body which is the core of one’s awareness this is the unchanging element of us
    • The Negative Mental Body which is the part of the mind that makes us aware of danger


    • The Positive Mental Body this is the area that find solutions to our concerns
    • The Neutral Body which has the skills of testing and evaluating information
    • The Physical Body the tool through which we function on earth
    • The Arc Body which is usually depicted as a halo and it is an antenna of the consciousness

  • The Aura this is the eighth chakra and is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living creature
  • The Pranic Body this represents the ability to communicate with others and the world around us
  • The Subtle Body this is the element that carries the soul at the time of death
  • The Radiant Body this is the light that embodies skills such as race power and leadership.

When we bring all these together we will find a balance that will allow us to obtain peace. Where the different elements of the 10 bodies are not operating in harmony you will find imbalance. A happy life is obtained only when balance is achieved.

For all of us the greater our ability to understand the world around us and ourselves the better we will function. Tantric numerology can be helpful in a counseling situation because it provides insight to personality strengths and weaknesses, and the areas where work may be needed. Anything that helps us to emphasize our strengths can be considered beneficial.

The Tantric Numerology Calculator uses the following numbers:

Karma number:      The eternal relationship with the world
Gift number:            This shows you the strength you were born with
Soul member:          This represents linked to the soul in times of stress
Destiny number:     This number represents what you are meant to be
Path number:           This represents your life’s purpose

Very simply put Tantric numerology is designed to help discover your purpose in life.

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