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September 9 Famous Birthdays

September 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 9, are likely to excel at meeting their goals and aspirations. This Virgo could be a little obsessive about having certain things done a particular way. It can get to the point where they make  big fuss about it. So maybe they should learn to relax their attitude a tad.


Stress is not good for the psyche or the body of famous Septemebr 9 celebrities. They have been known to be in love a few times… well, many times but this is only because they love romance. The mere thought of them fulfilling their wildest dreams excites them tremendously. It can be scary and perhaps this is why thry are alone sometimes when they think they should not be. Take things at a slower pace and they may find that things turn around for them. Once they achieve this bliss, they will be filled with a new found confidence and appreciation.


Otherwise at work, they are adored! The grooming standards of famous people born on September 9 are above average but with their organizational talents, they are busy scheduling ceremonies and events. As an alternative, they are an awesome communicator and would be advised to act on their gifts of expression.


Famous people born on September 9th likely are an expressive individual who is capable of organizing many things. They are multi-talented Virgo. They have love for their family but maybe they are not as close as they once were.

September 9 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 September Good Traits:

  • Leader
  • Persuasive
  • Thorough
  • Calm
  • Decisive
  • Disciplined
  • Focused
  • Naïve

9 September Bad Traits:

  • Grumpy
  • Subjective
  • Intolerant
  • Unforgiving
  • Stressed

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September 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fimple, 2000, YouTube Star
Abner Dalrymple, 1857, Baseball Player
Adam Ali, 1987, YouTube Star
Adam Sandler, 1966, Movie Actor
Adrian Lee, 1957, Guitarist
Afrojack, 1987, DJ
Ahmed Elmohamady, 1987, Soccer Player
Akshay Kumar, 1967, Movie Actor
Alan Kendall, 1944, Guitarist
Aleksandar Hemon, 1964, Novelist
Alex B, 1999, Pop Singer

Alex Palisson, 1987, Rugby Player
Alex Song, 1987, Soccer Player
Alexander Downer, 1951, Politician
Alf Landon, 1887, Politician
Alfonzo Dennard, 1989, Football Player
Alicia Samaan, 1987, Reality Star
Allan Weickert, 1981, MMA Fighter
Amaury Gutierrez, 1963, World Music Singer
Amy Manson, 1985, TV Actress
Ana Carolina, 1974, World Music Singer
Andrea Petkovic, 1987, Tennis Player

september 9 famous birthdaysAndrew Sendejo, 1987, Football Player
Angela Cartwright, 1952, Movie Actress
Anton Oliver, 1975, Rugby Player
Arthur Freed, 1894, Film Producer
Ashlee Keating, 1993, Pop Singer
Austin James, 1995, Rapper
Ava Phillippe, 1999, Family Member
Barbara Fiske Calhoun, 1919, Cartoonist
Ben Atkinson, 1993, Equestrian
Benjamin Kidd, 1858, Philosopher
Benyamin Bahadori, 1982, Pop Singer
Bernard Bailyn, 1922, Historian
BigMacNation, 1993, YouTube Star
Biju Menon, 1970, Movie Actor

Billy Hamilton, 1990, Baseball Player
BJ Armstrong, 1967, Basketball Player
Bob Stoops, 1960, Football Coach
Bobby Green, 1986, MMA Fighter
Brad Guzan, 1984, Soccer Player
Brandi Burnside, 1984, Reality Star
Brandi Price, 1980, YouTube Star
Brandon Ashur, 1985, YouTube Star
Brenda Epperson, 1965, TV Actress
Brett Pill, 1984, Baseball Player
Brittany Petros, 1974, Reality Star
Brittney Reese, 1986, Long Jumper

Bruce Doolan, 1947, Cricket Player
Bruce Kaplan, 1964, Screenwriter
Bruce Palmer, 1946, Guitarist
Buck McKeon, 1938, Politician
Cameron Carter, 2009, Family Member
Camila Nakagawa, 1988, Reality Star
Camilla Marie Beeput, 1984, Stage Actress
Cardinal Richelieu, 1585, Religious Leader
Carlos Ortiz, 1936, Boxer
Carol Cheng, 1957, TV Show Host
Caroline Fleming, 1975, Reality Star
Cesare Pavese, 1908, Poet
Chace Ambrose, 1976, TV Actor
Chae Jung-an, 1977, TV Actress
Chaim Topol, 1935, Movie Actor
Charles Esten, 1965, Comedian
Charles Keck, 1875, Sculptor
Charles Reynolds, 1932, Magician
Charles Vandervaart, 2000, TV Actor
Charlie Stewart, 1993, TV Actor
Chen Wen Hsi, 1906, Painter
Chip Esten, 1965, TV Actor
Chloe Boucher, 1992, YouTube Star
Chris Caffery, 1967, Guitarist
Chris Coons, 1963, Politician
Clayton Snyder, 1987, TV Actor
Clemens Brentano, 1778, Poet
Cliff Robertson, 1923, Movie Actor
Colonel Sanders, 1890, Entrepreneur
Constance Marie, 1965, TV Actress
Coral Simanovich, 1991, Instagram Star
Cristina Ferreira, 1977, TV Show Host
Damian McGinty, 1992, Pop Singer
Dan Majerle, 1965, Basketball Player
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, 1923, Doctor
Daniel Pipes, 1949, Historian
Danielle Inzano, 2013, Model
David A. Stewart, 1952, Music Producer
David Bennent, 1966, Movie Actor
David Rayfiel, 1923, Screenwriter
Dee Breezy, 1998, Vine Star
Denise Quinones, 1980, Model
Dennis Ritchie, 1941, Scientist
Desmond Morgan, 1992, Football Player
Devil Anse Hatfield, 1839, Criminal
Devin Shepherd, 1987, Reality Star
Diane Mizota, 1973, TV Show Host
Dick Lebeau, 1937, Football Coach
Dimello Anthony, 1993, R&B Singer
Divine Brown, 1974, R&B Singer
Drake Christopher Henning, 1993, Guitarist
E-Panda, 1976, Drummer
Edward Hibbert, 1955, Movie Actor
Elvin Jones, 1927, Drummer
Emily Russell, 1843, Royalty
Emma De Caunes, 1976, Movie Actress
Emmett Davis, 1959, Basketball Coach
Eric Stonestreet, 1971, TV Actor
Farrah Gray, 1984, Entrepreneur
Francesco Carrozzini, 1982, Photographer
Frank Chance, 1876, Baseball Player
Frank Kurtz, 1911, Diver
Frank Lucas, 1930, Criminal
Frankie Frisch, 1898, Baseball Player
Gene Rodkey, 1970, Screenwriter
Georg Hackl, 1966, Luger
George William Houghton, 1905, Cartoonist
Gilbert Perez, 1959, Director
Gina Gogean, 1977, Gymnast
Gizelle Bryant, 1970, Reality Star
Glen Plake, 1964, Skier
Gokhan Keser, 1987, TV Actor
Goran Visnjic, 1972, TV Actor
Greg Coleman, 1954, Football Player
Gwendolyn Celine, 1998, Vine Star
Hal Cruttenden, 1969, Comedian
Haley Reinhart, 1990, Pop Singer
Harry Snyder, 1913, Entrepreneur
Henry Nash, 1869, Teacher
Henry Thomas, 1971, Movie Actor
Howard Charles, 1983, TV Actor
Hugh Grant, 1960, Movie Actor
Hunter Hayes, 1991, Country Singer
Inka Williams, 1999, Model
Ivan Rein, 1905, Painter
Jack Goodman, 1973, Politician
JackEL, 1996, DJ
Jacques Marin, 1919, Movie Actor
James Hildreth, 1984, Cricket Player
James Hilton, 1900, Novelist
James Johnston, 1655, Politician
Jane Greer, 1924, Movie Actress
Janet Fielding, 1953, TV Actress
Jani Liimatainen, 1980, Guitarist
Janice Lee, 1986, YouTube Star
Jeffrey Combs, 1954, TV Actor
Jeloz, 1999, World Music Singer
Jenna Renee Webb, 1987, Model
Jerry Nadeau, 1970, Race Car Driver
Jessica Tamm, 1992, YouTube Star
Jesus Vázquez, 1965, TV Show Host
Jimmy Snyder, 1918, Sportscaster
JM de Guzman, 1988, TV Actor
Jo De La Rosa, 1979, Reality Star
Jo Woodcock, 1988, TV Actress
Joe Theismann, 1949, Football Player
Joey Martin Feek, 1975, Country Singer
Joey Newman, 1976, Composer
John Anthony Curry, 1949, Figure Skater
John Blackwell, 1973, Drummer
John Grey Gorton, 1911, Politician
John Kricfalusi, 1955, Cartoonist
John Kuhn, 1982, Football Player
John McFee, 1950, Guitarist
John Novak, 1955, Voice Actor
John Passmore, 1914, Philosopher
John Szeles, 1958, Magician
Jon Drummond, 1968, Runner
Jose Aldo, 1986, MMA Fighter
Joseph E. Levine, 1905, Film Producer
Joshua Herdman, 1987, Movie Actor
JR Smith, 1985, Basketball Player
Juan Baptista, 1976, TV Actor
Julia Dang, 1996, YouTube Star
Julia Sawalha, 1968, TV Actress
Julie Gonzalo, 1981, TV Actress
Jung Il-Woo, 1987, TV Actor
Katy Goodman, 1984, Pop Singer
Katy Steele, 1983, Rock Singer
Kazuhisa Ishii, 1973, Baseball Player
Keith Yandle, 1986, Hockey Player
Kelsey Chow, 1991, TV Actress
Kennedy Davenport, 1982, Reality Star
Kenneth Lieberthal, 1943, Politician
Kevin Drew, 1976, Rock Singer
Kevin Hatcher, 1966, Hockey Player
Kimberly Willis Holt, 1960, Children’s Author
King Samson, 1988, Rapper
Kristine Hermosa, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
KvnPlays, 1999, YouTube Star
Kyle Harris, 1990, YouTube Star
Larry Underwood, 1966, TV Actor
Lauren Daigle, 1991, Pop Singer
Lee Morin, 1952, Astronaut
Lex Lee, 1989, YouTube Star
Lila Downs, 1968, Pop Singer
Linda Gregg, 1942, Poet
Lior Eliyahu, 1985, Basketball Player
Loren Lott, 1992, Pop Singer
Louise Thompson Patterson, 1901, Civil Rights Leader
Luc Mbah a Moute, 1986, Basketball Player
Lucia Moniz, 1976, Pop Singer
Luka Modrić, 1985, Soccer Player
Lyle Thompson, 1999, Lacrosse Player
Manuela Arbeláez, 1988, Model
Marcos Curiel, 1974, Guitarist
Margaret Tyzack, 1931, TV Actress
Maria Arce, 1979, Movie Actress
Marriner Stoddard Eccles, 1890, Politician
Marti Rubels, 1986, Guitarist
Martin Johnson, 1985, Pop Singer
Mary Hunter Austin, 1868, Novelist
Matt Hill, 1997, Vine Star
Matthew Slater, 1985, Football Player
Mattias Ohlund, 1976, Hockey Player
Maurice Thompson, 1844, Novelist
Maxx Chewning, 1989, YouTube Star
MC Shan, 1965, Rapper
Mckey Sullivan, 1988, Model
Michael Buble, 1975, Jazz Singer
Michaela Haas, 1970, Journalist
Michelle Johnson, 1965, Movie Actress
Michelle Renaud, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Michelle Williams, 1980, Movie Actress
Mike Ashley, 1964, Entrepreneur
Mike Costanzo, 1983, Baseball Player
Mike Hampton, 1972, Baseball Player
Miklos Izso, 1831, Sculptor
Milan Stankovic, 1987, Pop Singer
Mildred Bliss, 1879,
Minahil Mahmood, 1996, Instagram Star
Miriam Fried, 1946, Violinist
Miss Monkey, 2006, Vine Star
Mitchell Davis, 1989, YouTube Star
Natalia Streignard, 1970, Movie Actress
Natasha Kaplinsky, 1972, TV Show Host
Nathan Lee Graham, 1968, TV Actor
Neil Hamilton, 1899, TV Actor
Nicholas Green, 1987,
Nicole Aniston, 1987,
Nicole Dollanganger, 1992, Pop Singer
Niki Ashton, 1982, Politician
Nikki Campbell, 1980, Golfer
Nikki DeLoach, 1979, TV Actress
Olivia Ooms, 2002, Pop Singer
Ollie Wade, 1994, Pop Singer
Orion Carloto, 1996, YouTube Star
Oscar, 1991, Soccer Player
Otis Redding, 1941, Blues Singer
Pablo Popovitch, 1979, MMA Fighter
Pamela Desbarres, 1948, Non-Fiction Author
Paul Goodman, 1911, Philosopher
Paul Koehler, 1983, Drummer
Paul Rahman, 1984, Sports Shooter
Phyllis A. Whitney, 1903, Novelist
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, 1957, Pianist
Rachel Hunter, 1969, Model
Rafael Garcia, 1997, Vine Star
Ransom, 1980, Rapper
Rayah Gugliotta, 1993, YouTube Star
Rebecca Silvera, 1986, Reality Star
Richard Devlin, 1952, Politician
Riley Cooper, 1987, Football Player
Robert Alexy, 1945, Philosopher
Roberto Donadoni, 1963, Soccer Player
Ronni Hawk, 2000, TV Actress
Roots Manuva, 1972, Rapper
Rosalie Rendu, 1786, Religious Leader
Ross Young, 1983, Australian Rules Footballer
Ryohei Kato, 1993, Gymnast
Sacha Kljestan, 1985, Soccer Player
Samm Rochelle, 1995, YouTube Star
Sarwat Gilani, 1982, TV Actress
Sean Malto, 1989, Skateboarder
Sebastian Spence, 1969, TV Actor
Seo Ji-seok, 1981, TV Actor
Shane Battier, 1978, Basketball Player
Shane Crawford, 1974, Australian Rules Footballer
Shannon Matthews, 1998,
Shaun Johnson, 1990, Rugby Player
Shawn Ray, 1965, Bodybuilder
Shriya Sharma, 1997, TV Actress
Sol LeWitt, 1928, Conceptual Artist
Sonia Lee, 1986, YouTube Star
Sonia Sanchez, 1934, Poet
Soulja Slim, 1977, Rapper
Stanislav Stratiev, 1941, Playwright
Stevan Ognenovski, 1948, Scientist
Stuart Price, 1977, Film Producer
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, 1949, Politician
Syed Abid Ali, 1941, Cricket Player
Sylvia Miles, 1932, Movie Actress
Tani Hayato, 1946, TV Actor
Taylor Bagley, 1987, Model
Taylor Weeks, 1994, Instagram Star
Terrell Gausha, 1987, Boxer
TheeFrenzy, 1993, Twitch Star
Thomas Hutchinson, 1711, Politician
Timomatic, 1987, Pop Singer
Todd Coffey, 1980, Baseball Player
Todd Zeile, 1965, Baseball Player
Tom Wopat, 1951, TV Actor
Tommy Guerrero, 1966, Skateboarder
Trevor Ncube, 1962, Journalist
Tsuru Aoki, 1892, Movie Actress
Veronika Vitenberg, 1988, Gymnast
Vilhelm Lauritzen, 1894, Architect
Wali Shah, 1994, Rapper
Walter Bricht, 1904, Composer
Walter Davis, 1954, Basketball Player
Will Middlebrooks, 1988, Baseball Player
William Bligh, 1754,
William D. Murray, 1908, Football Player
Wright Thompson, 1976, Journalist
Yung Berg, 1986, Rapper
Yusuf Al-qaradawi, 1926, Religious Leader
Zach Rance, 1990, Reality Star
Zachary Rice, 2004, TV Actor
Zeki Fryers, 1992, Soccer Player
Zoe Kazan, 1983, Movie Actress


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