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September 29 Famous Birthdays

September 29 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 29 are against cruel and inhuman treatment to others and to animals. They are just a caring, trusting and thoughtful Libra. They seem to have a high regard for life in general. Their ability to attract individuals can leave them a bit dry sometimes. Typically, they don’t have to do much exercising but if they start a routine, they will see it through. Starting and stopping can do more harm than good.


Some people can suck the life right out of famous celebrities born on September 29. But for the most part, the people who enter their domain are well meaning. They need to stay true to themselves and sticking to their goals are first and foremost in their mind.


Famous people born on September 29 do not thrive on negativity. If they had thought about parenting, they’d make a good one. However they may find it difficult to let go. It’s possible that they could be a little overbearing when it comes to the safety of the little ones.


Famous people born on September 29th could be a human magnet, as people just want to be in their company. Some are even a tad bit jealous. Their birthday characteristics show that they are radiant and confident. At times, this Libra can unpredictable and misunderstood.

September 29 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

29 September Good Traits:

  • Instinctive
  • Magnetic
  • Confident
  • Loving
  • Dependable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Trustworthy
  • Appealing
  • Loyal

29 September Bad Traits:

  • Edgy
  • Disapproving
  • Jealous
  • Unpredictable
  • Skeptical
  • Overprotective

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September 29 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdullah Nasser Al Thani, 1969, Entrepreneur
Adem Ljajic, 1991, Soccer Player
Adore Delano, 1989, Reality Star
Alan McGee, 1960, Entrepreneur
Aleks Syntek, 1969, World Music Singer
Alex Skolnick, 1968, Guitarist
Alexis Cruz, 1974, TV Actor
Alfie Boe, 1973, Opera Singer
Alicia Valdez, 1983, Radio Host
Amanda Champagne, 1983, TV Actress
Amy Nixon, 1977, Curler
Amy Williams, 1982, Skeleton Racer
Andrea Rosen, 1974, Comedian
Andrew Dice Clay, 1957, Comedian
Andriy Shevchenko, 1976, Soccer Player
Andy Ryan, 1994, Soccer Player
Anita Ekberg, 1931, Movie Actress

Ann Casey, 1938, Wrestler
Anne Nagel, 1915, Movie Actress
Antoine Coysevox, 1640, Sculptor
Arthur Gary Bishop, 1952, Criminal
Auguste van Pels, 1900,
Austin Seferian-Jenkins, 1992, Football Player
Barbara Mertz, 1927, Novelist
Bianca Walkden, 1991, MMA Fighter
Bijou Kisombe Mundaba, 1976, Soccer Player
Bill Nelson, 1942, Politician
Bob Carlisle, 1956, Rock Singer
Bob Reynolds, 1977, Saxophonist
Brad Caleb Kane, 1973, Pop Singer
Brett Anderson, 1967, Rock Singer
Brian Ash, 1974, Screenwriter
Bryant Gumbel, 1948, News Anchor
Bum Phillips, 1923, Football Coach
Calvin Johnson, 1985, Football Player
september 29 famous birthdaysCandice LeRae, 1985, Wrestler
Caravaggio, 1571, Painter
Cardale Jones, 1992, Football Player
Carl Giles, 1916, Cartoonist
Carol Blazejowski, 1956, Basketball Player
Carson Fanikos, 1996, YouTube Star
Catherine McAuley, 1778, Religious Leader
Charlie Martinez, 1994, Pop Singer
China Anderson, 1999, Movie Actress
Christian McLaughlin, 1967, Screenwriter
Chuck Cooper, 1926, Basketball Player
Ciara McCormack, 1979, Soccer Player
Cindy Morgan, 1954, Movie Actress
Clara Mamet, 1994, TV Actress
Dale Dickey, 1961, TV Actress
Daley, 1989, R&B Singer
Dallas Green, 1980, Metal Singer
Dan Cox, 1982, Reality Star
Dani Pedrosa, 1985, Race Car Driver

Darington Hobson, 1987, Basketball Player
Darren Byfield, 1976, Soccer Player
Dave Andreychuk, 1963, Hockey Player
David Del Rio, 1987, TV Actor
David Kikoski, 1961, Pianist
David Kjellstrom, 1990, Music Producer
Debbie Gravitte, 1954, Stage Actress
Dennis Busenitz, 1981, Skateboarder
Devante Swing, 1969, Music Producer
Diamond Tankard, 2003, Reality Star
Diana Vreeland, 1903, Journalist
Donna Leon, 1942, Novelist
Donovan Scott, 1946, Movie Actor
Doug Brochu, 1990, TV Actor
Drake Hogestyn, 1953, TV Actor
Dylan Evans, 1966, Non-Fiction Author
Elizabeth Gaskell, 1810, Novelist
Elliot James, 1989, Drummer
Emily Lloyd, 1970, Movie Actress

Enrico Fermi, 1901, Scientist
Enzo Martinez, 1990, Soccer Player
Eric Ross, 1993, Vine Star
Erika Eleniak, 1969, TV Actress
Franny Beecher, 1921, Guitarist
Fred Ligaard, 1990, YouTube Star
Fred West, 1941, Criminal
Gabor Csupo, 1952, Cartoonist
Gary Wales, 1995, TV Actor
Gavin Kelly, 1968, Soccer Player
Gene Autry, 1907, Movie Actor
George Esquivel, 1956, Fashion Designer
George W Jenkins, 1907, Entrepreneur
Gerphil Flores, 1990, Opera Singer
Gianna Sage, 2005, Dancer
Greer Garson, 1904, Movie Actress
Gwen Ifill, 1955, News Anchor
Halsey, 1994, Pop Singer
Hana Mae Lee, 1988, Movie Actress
Hannah Fox, 1969, Boxer
Harold Hotelling, 1895, Scientist
Harry Bannister, 1889, Stage Actor
Heath Bell, 1977, Baseball Player
Henri Goetz, 1909, Painter
Henrik Lund, 1875, Poet
Hersey Hawkins, 1966, Basketball Player
Horatio Nelson, 1758, War Hero
Hunter Thomsen, 1990, Guitarist
Ian Crawford, 1988, Guitarist
Ian McShane, 1942, Movie Actor
Igor Janev, 1964, Teacher
Isabel Parra, 1939, Folk Singer
Isha Sharvani, 1984, Dancer
J Kenner, 1965, Novelist
J.C. Sum, 1964, Magician
Jackeline Olivier, 1977, Movie Actress
James Frawley, 1936, Director
James Halsell, 1956, Astronaut
James Lance, 1975, Movie Actor
Jazmin Caratini, 1980, TV Actress
JDabrowsky, 1996, YouTube Star
Jean-Luc Ponty, 1942, Violinist
Jeff Attinella, 1988, Soccer Player
Jenny Morris, 1956, R&B Singer
Jerry Lee Lewis, 1935, Rock Singer
Jesse Ridgway, 1992, YouTube Star
Jill Whelan, 1966, TV Actress
Jim Baxter, 1939, Soccer Player
Jimmy Launay, 1992, Model
Jimmy Patton, 1933, Football Player
JJ Clarke, 1994, Pop Singer
Joe Donnelly, 1955, Politician
John C. Ostlund, 1927, Politician
John Harle, 1956, Saxophonist
John McLaren, 1951, Baseball Manager
John Paxson, 1960, Basketball Player
Jojo Simmons, 1989, Reality Star
Jon Brower Minnoch, 1941,
Jordan Norwood, 1986, Football Player
Jordan Schroeder, 1990, Hockey Player
Jorgito Vargas Jr., 1977, TV Actor
Jorgito Vargas Jr., 1977, TV Actor
Joseph M. McDade, 1931, Politician
Joseph Thompson, 1797,
Josh Farro, 1987, Guitarist
Julia Gillard, 1961, Politician
Julio Deutsch, 1859, Architect
Justin Nozuka, 1988, Folk Singer
Kanako Enomoto, 1980, TV Actress
Karen Jonz, 1985, Skateboarder
Karen Young, 1958, Movie Actress
Kelly Robbins, 1969, Golfer
Kelvin Davis, 1976, Soccer Player
Ken Norton Jr., 1966, Football Player
Ken Weatherwax, 1955, TV Actor
Kevin Durant, 1988, Basketball Player
Kira Zvorykina, 1919, Chess Player
Krista Guarino, 2004, YouTube Star
Kunal Singh, 1977, Movie Actor
Kurt Nilsen, 1978, Country Singer
Kushboo, 1970, Movie Actress
Kyle Riabko, 1987, Stage Actor
Larry Linville, 1939, TV Actor
Laszlo Biro, 1899, Entrepreneur
Lauren Pope, 1983, Reality Star
Lech Walesa, 1943, World Leader
Lee Hong-Bin, 1993, Rapper
Les Claypool, 1963, Rock Singer
Liam Emmerson, 1994, YouTube Star
Liane Hansen, 1951, Radio Host
Lila Moss, 2002, Family Member
Lisa Foiles, 1986, TV Actress
Lisa Gormley, 1984, TV Actress
Lizabeth Scott, 1922, Movie Actress
Lo Bosworth, 1986, Reality Star
Luara Hayrapetyan, 1997, Pop Singer
Lucy Sutcliffe, 1992, YouTube Star
Ludwig von Mises, 1881, Economist
Luis Carlos Galan, 1943, Politician
Luke Goss, 1968, Movie Actor
Mackenzie Crook, 1971, Movie Actor
Madeline Kahn, 1942, Movie Actress
Manuel Herrera Yague, 1981, Soccer Player
Mariela Griffor, 1961, Poet
Mark Farner, 1948, Guitarist
Mark Nicholas, 1957, Cricket Player
Mark Siegel, 1989, Songwriter
Marquise C. Brown, 1989, TV Actress
Mary Zilba, 1963, Reality Star
Marysol Castro, 1976, News Anchor
Mateusz Ponitka, 1993, Basketball Player
Mathieu Valbuena, 1984, Soccer Player
Matt Giteau, 1982, Rugby Player
Matt Goss, 1968, Pop Singer
Matt Hullum, 1974, Entrepreneur
Matthew Crabb, 1983, Sculptor
Max Sandlin, 1952, Politician
Maximilian Ioan, 1999, YouTube Star
Megan Alatini, 1976, Pop Singer
Michael Almereyda, 1960, Screenwriter
Michael Carberry, 1980, Cricket Player
Michael Talbot, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
Michel de Kemmeter, 1964, Entrepreneur
Michelangelo Antonioni, 1912, Director
Michele Bachelet, 1951, Politician
Michelle Bachelet, 1951, Politician
Michelle Payne, 1985, Horse Jockey
Miguel de Cervantes, 1547, Novelist
Miguel De Unamuno, 1864, Poet
Miles Morris, 1992, Drummer
Millina Kacmar, 1995, Reality Star
Minoru Niizuma, 1930, Sculptor
Mohammad Khatami, 1943, World Leader
Mohammed Dahlan, 1961, Politician
Mohini Bhardwaj, 1978, Gymnast
MrCrayfish, 1996, YouTube Star
Natalie Vertiz, 1991, Model
Natasha Gregson Wagner, 1970, Movie Actress
Nathan West, 1978, Movie Actor
Nellie Gonzalez, 1999, Blogger
Nicholas Briggs, 1961, Voice Actor
Nicolas Winding Refn, 1970, Director
Nikhil Kapur, 1997, Comedian
Ninel Conde, 1976, TV Actress
Noemi Ban, 1922, Non-Fiction Author
Oliver Golding, 1993, Tennis Player
Pat Lam, 1968, Rugby Player
Patric Verrone, 1959, Screenwriter
Patricia Hodge, 1946, TV Actress
Patrick Agyemang, 1980, Soccer Player
Patrick Burns, 1968, Reality Star
Paul MacCready, 1925, Entrepreneur
Payton Rae, 1995, Country Singer
Per Mertesacker, 1984, Soccer Player
Philip Rosedale, 1968, Entrepreneur
Pierson Oglesby, 1998, YouTube Star
Pompey, 106, Politician
Qwanell Mosley, 1988, R&B Singer
Ray Buchanan, 1971, Football Player
Reggie Bannister, 1945, Screenwriter
Rich Reese, 1941, Baseball Player
Richard Dunn, 1936, TV Actor
Rob Deer, 1960, Baseball Player
Robert Benton, 1932, Director
Robert Clive, 1725, Politician
Robert Webb, 1972, Comedian
Roger Bart, 1962, TV Actor
Russell Peters, 1970, Comedian
Samora Machel, 1933, Politician
Sebastian Coe, 1956, Politician
Selamawi Asgedom, 1976, Autobiographer
Shane Smeltz, 1981, Soccer Player
Silvio Berlusconi, 1936, Politician
Silvio Piola, 1913, Soccer Player
Simon Brodkin, 1977, Comedian
Skandor Akbar, 1934, Wrestler
Souleymane Doukara, 1991, Soccer Player
Stacy Carter, 1970, Wrestler
Stanley Berenstain, 1923, Children’s Author
Stanley Kramer, 1913, Director
Stephanie Miller, 1961, DJ
Stephen Twitch Boss, 1982, Dancer
Steve Busby, 1949, Baseball Player
Steve Forrest, 1925, TV Actor
Steve Klein, 1979, Guitarist
Steve Tesich, 1942, Screenwriter
Stuart M. Kaminsky, 1934, Novelist
Suzanne Shaw, 1981, TV Actress
Taime Downe, 1964, Rock Singer
Teejay Marquez, 1993, TV Actor
Tiffany Kudrikow, 1994, YouTube Star
Tilahun Gessesse, 1940, Opera Singer
Togi Makabe, 1972, Wrestler
Torch, 1971, Rapper
Trevor Howard, 1913, Movie Actor
Trofim Lysenko, 1898, Scientist
Walter Inglis Anderson, 1903, Painter
Waraire Boswell, 1975, Fashion Designer
Yevhen Konoplyanka, 1989, Soccer Player
Yoshihiro Tajiri, 1970, Wrestler
Zac Robinson, 1986, Football Player
Zachary Cornatzer, 1992, Twitch Star
Zachary Levi, 1980, TV Actor
Zibby Allen, 1980, TV Actress


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