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September 24 Famous Birthdays

September 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 24 are a little different from the rest of the Librans. Having this birth date, they are born on the cusp and so they may have some of both zodiac sign’s qualities. Mostly, they hang out with friends that can bring something positive to their world.


A famous Libra born today on September 24 can be a bit indifferent at times and even calculative. In the business world, this could be a tool that could have both adverse effects and positive effects particularly when it comes to defeating the enemy.


Needless to say, famous September 24 celebrities are creative. When things are normal, they can be a breath of fresh air. Typically, they are looked upon to be the peacemaker for the family. Keeping ties to their family and loved ones is important to them. It goes without saying that they care a lot about their friends and family. When they find themselves in love, they go beyond the call of duty and expectations.


Famous people born on September 24th are emotional Librans who are domineering. This birthday is a cusp between Libra and Virgo. They could be a complicated combination. However, what’s consistent is that they may have trouble making decisions.

September 24 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 September Good Traits:

  • Romantic
  • Cheerful
  • Rational
  • Orderly
  • Motivated
  • Youthful
  • Meticulous
  • Energetic
  • Particular

24 September Bad Traits:

  • Controlling
  • Weepy
  • Cold
  • Manipulative
  • Complicated
  • Cagey
  • Insecure

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September 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aida Cuevas, 1963, World Music Singer
Alan Colmes, 1950, TV Show Host
Alba Ferrer, 1987, Instagram Star
Alessia Merz, 1974, TV Actress
Alex Howard, 1986, Guitarist
Alexis DeJoria, 1977, Race Car Driver
Alice McCall, 1977, Fashion Designer
Alina Baraz, 1993, Pop Singer
Allan Bestwick, 1961, Sportscaster
Allison McAtee, 1983, Movie Actress
Ally McCoist, 1962, Soccer Player
Amy-joyce Hastings, 1980, Movie Actress
Andrew Jacobson, 1985, Soccer Player
Andrew Slack, 1955, Rugby Player
Angelic Castillo, 1990, Reality Star
Angelo Muscat, 1930, Movie Actor
Anna Calvi, 1980, Pop Singer

Anthony Dixon, 1987, Football Player
Anthony Newley, 1931, Stage Actor
Antoine-Louis Barye, 1796, Sculptor
April Hunter, 1974, Wrestler
Arati Saha, 1940, Swimmer
Ashley Dougan, 1993, YouTube Star
Audra Lindley, 1918, TV Actress
Ayatollah Khomeini, 1902, World Leader
Ayaz Ahmed, 1986, TV Actor
Ben Harris, 1983, Rugby Player
Ben Platt, 1993, Movie Actor
BenDeLaCreme, 1982, Reality Star
Bhikaiji Cama, 1861, Politician
Biggs87x, 1987, YouTube Star
Bill Connors, 1949, Guitarist
Birgit Oigemeel, 1988, Pop Singer
Blind Lemon Jefferson, 1893, Blues Singer
Bobby Marshman, 1936, Race Car Driver
Brad Bird, 1957, Director
Brailee Butler, 2004, YouTube Star
Brendon Clark, 1980, Bull Rider
Brian Stann, 1980, MMA Fighter
Bridget Jones Nelson, 1964, Screenwriter
september 24 famous birthdaysBrigit Oigemeel, 1988, Pop Singer
Brit Morgan, 1987, Movie Actress
Byrne Piven, 1929, Stage Actor
Camilo Mori, 1896, Painter
Carl Sigman, 1909, Songwriter
Casey Johnson, 1979, Model
Cesar Pedroso, 1946, Pianist
Chad Beguelin, 1969, Playwright
Chandler Frantz, 1998, TV Actor
Chane Behanan, 1992, Basketball Player
Charles Simeon, 1759, Religious Leader
Chi Chi DeVayne, 1985, Reality Star
Chris Holder, 1987, Race Car Driver
Christian Lealiifano, 1987, Rugby Player
Christine Hsu, 1991, Blogger
Christopher Nowinski, 1978, Wrestler
Clare Foley, 2001, TV Actress
Coleen Garcia, 1992, TV Actress
Collette Dinnigan, 1965, Fashion Designer
Cornell Macneil, 1922, Opera Singer

Coyote Shivers, 1965, Movie Actor
Craig Burley, 1971, Soccer Player
Cyprian Norwid, 1821, Poet
Daisy Clementine, 1995, Guitarist
Dan Olofsson, 1950, Entrepreneur
Daniel Strauch, 1996, YouTube Star
Daria Berenato, 1994, MMA Fighter
David Anspaugh, 1946, Director
David Mannix, 1985, Soccer Player
Davis Payne, 1970, Hockey Player
Daymon Patterson, 1977, YouTube Star
Dayton Allen, 1919, Voice Actor
Denis D’Amour, 1959, Guitarist
Devin Clark, 1993, Model
Dixie Walker, 1910, Baseball Player
Don Porter, 1912, TV Actor
Doug Armstrong, 1964, Business Executive
Drew Gooden, 1981, Basketball Player
Dru Onyx, 1974, Wrestler
Dylana Suarez, 1987, Blogger

Eavan Boland, 1944, Poet
Eddie George, 1973, Football Player
Edwin McArthur, 1907, Pianist
Elizabeth Bogush, 1977, TV Actress
Eloise Mumford, 1986, Movie Actress
Emilio Castillo, 1950, Saxophonist
Emmerson Boyce, 1979, Soccer Player
Eric Adjetey Anang, 1985, Sculptor
Erik Stocklin, 1989, TV Actor
Erin Chambers, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Esther Baxter, 1984, Model
Eva Chen, 1979, Instagram Star
F Scott Fitzgerald, 1896, Novelist
Fabio Aurelio, 1979, Soccer Player
Finty Williams, 1972, TV Actress
Frank Nouble, 1991, Soccer Player
Franklin Clarence Mars, 1883, Entrepreneur
GameplayWorldXL, 1998, YouTube Star
Garrett Sutton, 1990, YouTube Star
Georges Claude, 1870, Entrepreneur
Gerald Warner Brace, 1901, Novelist
Gerardo Barrios, 1813, Politician
Gerry Marsden, 1942, Rock Singer
Gilles Lipovetsky, 1944, Philosopher
Gio2saucy, 1999, YouNow Star
Giullian Yao Gioiello, 1992, TV Actor
Gordon Clapp, 1948, TV Actor
Grey Damon, 1987, TV Actor
Gustavo Stockler, 1988, YouTube Star
Guy Hovis, 1941, Gospel Singer
Hallam Amos, 1994, Rugby Player
Harold Standish, 1919, Poet
Harriet Walter, 1950, Movie Actress
Harry Behn, 1898, Screenwriter
Helen Brockman, 1902, Fashion Designer
Helen Lederer, 1954, Comedian
Herb Jeffries, 1913, Jazz Singer
Horace Walpole, 1717, Historian
Howard Florey, 1898, Scientist
Hunter Strickland, 1988, Baseball Player
Ian Bohen, 1976, TV Actor
Ian Serraillier, 1912, Children’s Author
Indi Cowie, 1994, Soccer Player
Ivory Latta, 1984, Basketball Player
Jack Dee, 1961, Comedian
Jack Sock, 1992, Tennis Player
Jackie Guerrido, 1972, News Anchor
Jackie Sandler, 1974, Movie Actress
Jade Picon, 2001, Family Member
Jaden Edwards, 2011, Family Member
Jaleesa Moses, 1990, YouTube Star
Jamie Burke, 1971, Baseball Player
Jamie O’hara, 1986, Soccer Player
Jan Carew, 1920, Novelist
Janet Weiss, 1965, Drummer
Jasmine Crawford, 1993, Instagram Star
Jean Danker, 1978, Radio Host
Jenny Platt, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Jesse Hughes, 1972, Guitarist
Jessica Lucas, 1985, TV Actress
Jessica Woodley, 1994, Reality Star
Jet Del Castillo, 1983, YouTube Star
Jim Henson, 1936, Puppeteer
Jim McKay, 1921, Sportscaster
Jin Jong-oh, 1979, Sports Shooter
Joanne Greenberg, 1932, Autobiographer
Joe Dodd, 1946, Darts Player
Joe Greene, 1946, Football Player
Joe Washington, 1953, Football Player
John Arne Riise, 1980, Soccer Player
John Cleland, 1709, Novelist
John Logan, 1961, Screenwriter
John Mackey, 1941, Football Player
John Marshall, 1755, Lawyer
John McDonald, 1974, Baseball Player
John Young, 1930, Astronaut
Jonelle Filigno, 1990, Soccer Player
Joseph Montoya, 1915, Politician
Justin Bruening, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Kady Z, 1990, Pop Singer
Kandy Ho, 1987, Reality Star
Kara Ross, 1965, Entrepreneur
Karl Alzner, 1988, Hockey Player
Karl Martin Hogsnes, 1987, YouTube Star
Karl Rapp, 1882, Entrepreneur
Kathryn Zaremba, 1983, TV Actress
Kelly Jo Minter, 1966, TV Actress
Kevin Ceccon, 1993, Race Car Driver
Kevin Millar, 1971, Baseball Player
Kevin Sorbo, 1958, TV Actor
Kim English, 1988, Basketball Player
Kimberley Nixon, 1985, TV Actress
Kiwane Garris, 1974, Basketball Player
Kreayshawn, 1989, Rapper
Kristine FamilyFunPack, 1980, YouTube Star
Kyle Sullivan, 1988, TV Actor
Lane Brody, 1955, Country Singer
Lauren Steele, 1994, Family Member
Leah Dizon, 1986, Pop Singer
Leslie Burrell, 1968, Family Member
Linda McCartney, 1941, Rock Singer
Lou Dobbs, 1945, TV Show Host
Luke David Steele, 1984, Soccer Player
Luke Karmali, 1989, TV Show Host
Maci Pope, 2001, Star
Magdalena Zalejska, 1993, Model
Malaya Watson, 1997, Pop Singer
Marc Guggenheim, 1970, TV Producer
Maria Selena Nurcahya, 1990, Model
Marieh Delfino, 1977, TV Actress
Mark Hanna, 1837, Politician
Marty Kudelka, 1974, Choreographer
Matthew Connolly, 1987, Soccer Player
Matthew Lowe, 1993, Family Member
Megan Ward, 1969, TV Actress
Mel Taylor, 1933, Drummer
Melanie Latooy, 1998, YouTube Star
Michael Nanchoff, 1988, Soccer Player
Mickey Deans, 1934, Pianist
Mike Berry, 1942, TV Actor
Mohinder Amarnath, 1950, Cricket Player
Moises Sierra, 1988, Baseball Player
Morgan Hamm, 1982, Gymnast
Mr. Moon, 1984, Twitch Star
Muskaan Dutta, 1990, Blogger
Narelle Kheng, 1993, Bassist
Neil McNeil, 1990, YouTube Star
Nia Vardalos, 1962, Movie Actress
Nikos Sergianopoulos, 1952, TV Actor
Nsumbu Mazuwa, 1982, Soccer Player
Omid Hajili, 1983, Trumpet Player
Oriol Romeu, 1991, Soccer Player
Otto Gunsche, 1917,
Owen Farrell, 1991, Rugby Player
Owen Saunders, 1903, Scientist
Paige Miles, 1985, Pop Singer
Patrick Kearney, 1939, Criminal
Paul Hamm, 1982, Gymnast
Paul Ray Smith, 1969, War Hero
Phil Hartman, 1948, TV Actor
Pia Wurtzbach, 1989, Model
Pierre Angelo, 1972, TV Actor
Pita Ahki, 1992, Rugby Player
Rafael Palmeiro, 1964, Baseball Player
Randall Duk Kim, 1943, Movie Actor
Randy Evans, 1958, Lawyer
Randy Foye, 1983, Basketball Player
Rene Lavand, 1928, Magician
Richard Bong, 1920, Pilot
Robb Bank$, 1994, Rapper
Robert Irvine, 1964, Chef
Robert Lewis Taylor, 1912, Novelist
Rocky Mauriello, 1996, Vine Star
Rodene Ronquillo, 1981, Family Member
Ron Vuggotta, 1996, YouTube Star
Rosamund Kwan, 1962, Movie Actress
Ross Mathews, 1979, TV Actor
Ruba Zai, 1993, YouTube Star
Ryan Edge, 1988, Instagram Star
Ryan Paevey, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Sara McMann, 1980, MMA Fighter
Sarah Knauss, 1880,
Sean Long, 1976, Rugby Player
Sean McCann, 1935, TV Actor
Senzo Meyiwa, 1987, Soccer Player
Shawn Crahan, 1969, Drummer
Sheila MacRae, 1921, Movie Actress
Shirly Brener, 1978, Movie Actress
Sierra Furtado, 1993, YouTube Star
Siwan Morris, 1976, TV Actress
Sonia Gil, 1981, YouTube Star
Stefan Molyneux, 1966, Philosopher
Stephanie McMahon, 1976, Wrestler
Steve Whitmire, 1959, Puppeteer
Stuart Wilde, 1946, Self-Help Author
Tanit Phoenix, 1984, Model
Tawfiq Canaan, 1882, Scientist
Theodore Fats Navarro, 1923, Trumpet Player
Theresa Merritt, 1922, Movie Actress
Thomas Kirk, 1977,
Tim Worley, 1966, Football Player
Timmy Jernigan, 1999, Football Player
Tina Jones, 1978, Reality Star
Tommy Armour, 1894, Golfer
Tommy Armour, 1894, Golfer
Travis Ishikawa, 1983, Baseball Player
Tyler Benko, 1994, Guitarist
Victoria Pendleton, 1980, Cyclist
Vontaze Burfict, 1990, Football Player
Voula Zouboulaki, 1924, Movie Actress
William W Norton, 1925, Screenwriter
Wilson Rawls, 1913, Children’s Author
Young Jinsu, 1992, Rapper
Zailetsplay, 1990, YouTube Star
Zuko Dzumhur, 1920, Cartoonist


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