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Scorpio Woman Sexual Traits

Scorpio Woman In Love

The Scorpio woman is considered to be the most mysterious and sexiest out of all the other zodiac signs. She is a very emotional and passionate character. As a result of her mysterious nature, most of the times she will conceal her innermost feelings.

However, when she discovers who her future partner will be she will love him, and she will do so fiercely and loyally. She will always support him in all aspects of his life and defend him as well.

The Scorpio female is an extremely attractive being and will more often than not, have men chasing her all the time. However, she is not a fan of flirting and prefers to remain devoted to the man she dates.scorpio woman

Scorpio Woman In Relationships

As much as the Scorpio lady may want to be the leading partner in a relationship, she would still prefer a man who can protect her and stand up for her whenever the need arises. However, this man must still give her a chance to take the wheel every now and then.

Astrologically, she is not the type who will complicate her partner’s life. She can be very caring and loving. However, never provoke or cross her path, otherwise you will be in for the most painful sting of your life.

Scorpio Woman Sexuality Traits

When it comes to bedroom matters, the Scorpio woman has always and always will be termed as the sex goddess. She has an extremely strong sex drive combined with expert techniques.

She is the type of woman with a charm that could put a room full of people under a spell just by looking at them with a slightly sly look. She enjoys receiving pleasure just as much as she gives it.

If you intend to reach this level of love compatibility with a Scorpio woman be very well prepared physically. You must have the strength to keep up with this wild fire.

Scorpio women perceive sex to be a tool of communication. They believe that every aspect about a person will be brought out truthfully through sex; this includes all other values of their relationship that have not been brought verbally.

During sex, the Scorpio woman takes note of every single touch, sound, taste, smell, moan, even hesitation. She is very observant as these are the things that will help her gather information about aspects of her bond with you that cannot be said out loud.

With such an overwhelming libido, there are many young Scorpio women out there who are still finding it hard to deal with their sexuality. Most of them cannot comprehend these intense feelings they experience.

That is why you might find that most of them will tend to seek information about sex at a very early age and even explore certain aspects of it before their age mates do.

With that in mind if you have your eye fixed on a Scorpio woman, be prepared for a very wild, intense and unforgettable sexual experience with her; that is if you manage to win her heart and she chooses you to be her partner.

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  1. Right on the mark with me!!!

  2. then maybe you need to go find another Scorpio because not all scorpion will refuse you because it’s not in their nature you need to go read about scorpio women we are very highly sexually motivated and there isn’t Nothing Like Us when it comes to that sincerely Scorpio

  3. So very accurate this is of myself. How did it know my intutitive gifts? Yes I am a P.I. all this and more so accurare

  4. my girl friend is scorpion she is too hot but never allow me to touch her she does not like sex talk kissing her hand is too big task some time by force if i kiss her hand she get upset she say she love someone else but same time she does not want to leave me.

    I want to have sex with her I feel she also want but she always refuse
    I am in great confusion whether to continue this relationship or not we fight a lot but again we keep dating

    • That so much describes me. Once we get used to being with a guy, it’s difficult to be without him even if not in love with that person. She will not have sex with you if she doesn’t feel you are hot enough for her but no matter what, you are the most important person in her life. If you keep wanting sex from her after she refuses, she may feel disrespected and hence the fights. As a Scorpion girl, I want to tell this..I feel Superior to most girls in the world so it’s tough to be friends with them. Always more comfortable with a gang of guys, but..the moment a guy broaches sex, it flips me completely! Wtf is wrong with him, can’t you just be close buddies with a hot female without bringing sex in between? If you can’t, then you’re not strong enough to be a man.. Weak men will most certainly be un-friended. I can never excuse or forgive weakness in men.

      • Soneya – I too am a Scorpion woman. Everything you have said hits the bulls eye. We are loyal and dedicated individuals regardless of sexual intimacy. I always say women are too emotional and men can’t handle just being friends without wanting sex. It’s frustrating and exhausting which is why I have not one girlfriend.
        Sam – It is true that if you push your Scorpion woman to have sex when she does not want to, she will get furious and you two will fight. She needs to be in control. She needs to want you. The best thing I can advise is: stop asking or mentioning sex. Ignore it (sex) not her. Work on yourself. Make yourself more intriguing. Find out what she likes and maybe try that as a hobby. Scorpio women can be turned on intellectually also, so this hobby could be in that form. Once your woman sees you are not “sexually wanting” her, she will want you. We want what we cant have. The best of luck to you.

      • I agree with you as a scorpion girl

      • Scorpio will never have an intimate relationship unless if she is deeply in love. Also Scorpio are extremely loyal and passionate. Love & Sex is very important to Scorpio, She can be your true best friend for ever if you asked nothing els from her, extremely loyal and protective of her friends and loved ones but her heart belong to only one man.

      • Your obviously a young scorpio. I Always have the same issue, To the point I now no longer have any male friends. Men can not deny the feeling of wanting us!! It’s in their nature. It’s not their fault. lol it’s kinda like a pat on the back situation. It’s ok.

    • I am a scorpio woman and it sounds to me like she may just want to stay with you for fear of being alone. It’s sad but I don’t think she is sexual attracted to you otherwise she would have had you in bed quick. I think is would just end isn’t as isn’t seems like it’s going nowhere. Sorry hun hope u find what you are looking for I am trying to find someone as well lol.

    • If a Scorpio’s heart is somewhere else forget about there is something that is keeping her with u but u will never experience her on an intense level if she loves someone else

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