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Sagittarius Woman And Pisces Man – Can Be Difficult

Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Sagittarius women and Pisces men mentally, emotionally, and sexually? There are a few problems right off the bat with a match between the Sagittarius woman and the Pisces man. She is an extrovert who likes to roam and he is an introvert who likes his home. They may work in the short term, but the long term requires a lot of work.


Sagittarius Woman And Pisces Man Relationship – Pros

That’s not to say this Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man couple can’t work at all. Both are social creatures, but the female archer will have a lot more friends than the male fish. The Pisces man has a more intimate circle of pals, while she picks up new acquaintances on each trip she takes. And the Sagittarius woman takes a lot of them!

However, both the fire sign Sagittarius and the water sign Pisces enjoy being with other people and they will always have something to discuss. She has tons of stories to tell and knowledge to share, and he is the ultimate idealist.



The Pisces male is always thinking of new and creative ways to look at the world, and they can appreciate each other’s point of view. He is also extremely intuitive and can read her like a book, so he knows instantly about her need to always be on the go.

This may hold him back from wanting their relationship to go further, but the Sagittarius female can be very persistent. If there is a strong enough attraction, they will bring their relationship into the bedroom.


This is where both star signs will have to practice a little give and take. The Pisces man is shy and romantic, offering affectionate gestures and role-playing fantasies, and she will add spice and passion. He can stir up waves of rapture in her with his emotional release, and she will respond to the sexual pleasure.

The Sagittarius Pisces pair simply have to focus on their strengths. She can bring him places even he couldn’t dream of, and he can help her appreciate all the details of the trip. He has enough patience to deal with her flighty nature and she is laidback enough to accept when he escapes into his dream world. If they love each other, they can both live there forever.

sagittarius woman pisces man

Sagittarius Woman Pisces Man Relationship – Cons

The Sagittarius female doesn’t join the Pisces man on his sentimental journey, and he isn’t as intense as she is. Sure, he can be excited when he’s coming up with inventive plans between the sheets, and he is eager to please his lover. But she craves action and adventure and her lovemaking is no exception.


She is constantly looking for change and he’d rather find something steady and reliable. The Sagittarius and Pisces couple will have to decide early on if they are willing to commit to each other.

And if they are, the work will have to continue outside the bedroom as well. While Sagittarius women are fast and frenzied, the Pisces men are slow and cautious. This will work out well when it comes to making decisions, as long as he’s the one making them. She tends to bulldoze ahead without thinking of the consequences.

The Sagittarius woman also hates life’s mundane details, which he will gladly take care of for them. But she may grow bored with his practical nature and want to take off for something more thrilling. If this Sagittarius Pisces pairing is to work, the Pisces male will have to allow her the freedom for her pursuits. And she will have to give him the reassurance he needs that she is his.


Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign whereas Pisces is a mutable water sign, the Sagittarius woman Pisces man compatibility gets a TWO Hearts rating. This will take a lot of effort on both their parts, but the Sagittarius and Pisces love compatibility might work if both zodiac signs make the required effort.

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