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October 7 Famous Birthdays

October 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 7 are Libra who teach or work in the social services department. They love giving and learning. So these are two occupations will fulfill those needs. They are not afraid to be heard so they don’t mind standing up for others when they can’t do it themselves.


Famous celebrities born on October 7 don’t always comply with what the rules or society in general. They do mainly what they like. They can be reserved at times but mostly, they like to laugh it up and have a good time. They live their life so there will be few regrets. To live comfortably, it will take some work on their part but their loved ones are there to cheer them on. This means a lot to them. Nothing comes before their family and close friends.


As a famous Libra born on October 7, they probably are overwhelmed a lot of the times. So getting away from it all mainly renews their spirit. They find that yoga and chanting helps relieves them of some of the daily stresses. Also, they don’t mind taking a walk around the block or jogging into work just to break the monotony. This only benefits them physically and even mentally.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 7th are Libra who are respected. They are versatile and not limited to one career occupation. Being coupled with someone similar to them makes them extremely happy. Caring for others gives them a purpose in life.

October 7 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 October Good Traits:

  • Serious
  • Humorous
  • Disciplined
  • Dedicated
  • Talented
  • Bold
  • Fair
  • Mysterious
  • Persuasive
  • Just
  • Simple

7 October Bad Traits:

  • Unrealistic
  • Secretive
  • Affectionate
  • Unsure
  • Irresolute
  • Distrustful

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October 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Ashmore, 1979, TV Actor
Aaron Parks, 1983, Pianist
Aasmah Mir, 1971, TV Show Host
Abigail Halliday, 1989, Instagram Star
Abraham Woodhull, 1750, War Hero
Aiden English, 1987, Wrestler
AJ Price, 1986, Basketball Player
Al Martino, 1927, Pop Singer
Alesha Dixon, 1978, Rapper
Alex Cobb, 1987, Baseball Player
Alex Duthart, 1925, Drummer
Alfred Drake, 1914, Stage Actor
Alfredo Codona, 1893,
Alfredo Rodriguez, 1985, Pianist
Alice Walton, 1949, Entrepreneur
Aline Barros, 1976, Gospel Singer
Alison Balsom, 1978, Trumpet Player
Allison Munn, 1974, TV Actress

Amber Stevens West, 1986, TV Actress
Amiri Baraka, 1934, Poet
Andrew Dominik, 1967, Director
Andy Devine, 1905, Movie Actor
Andy Lewis, 1986, Sportscaster
Andy Luckey, 1965, Screenwriter
Aran Bell, 1998, Dancer
Arlo Hemphill, 1971, TV Actor
Artie Romero, 1951, Cartoonist
Ashi Ross, 1999, Dancer
Ashlynn SevenFabulousTeens, 1999, YouTube Star
Ayla Kell, 1990, TV Actress
Baligh Hamdi, 1932, Composer
Ben Younger, 1972, Screenwriter
Benny Chan, 1969, TV Actor
Bill Dance, 1940, TV Show Host
Bill Foster, 1955, Politician
Bill Snyder, 1939, Football Coach
Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1931, Religious Leader
Brandon Quinn, 1977, TV Actor
october 7 famous birthdaysBree Olson, 1986,
Bret Lockett, 1986, Football Player
Brian Sutter, 1956, Hockey Player
Brisa Carrillo, 1992, TV Actress
Bryce Wilson, 1972, Music Producer
Bunny Bennett, 1986, YouTube Star
Caesar Rodney, 1728, Politician
Carmen Suleiman, 1994, World Music Singer
Carolina Acevedo, 1979, TV Actress
Charles Templeton, 1915, Radio Host
Charles Woodson, 1976, Football Player
Charlotte Perrelli, 1974, Pop Singer
Chase Daniel, 1986, Football Player
Cheondung, 1990, Pop Singer
Chet Powers, 1937, Rock Singer
Chizzy Akudolu, 1973, TV Actress
Christopher Norris, 1953, TV Actress
Chuck Inglish, 1984, Rapper
Chuck Klein, 1904, Baseball Player
Cian Healy, 1987, Rugby Player

Claire Skinner, 1965, TV Actress
Clive James, 1939, Memoirist
Cole Skory, 1998, YouTube Star
Cotton Fitzsimmons, 1931, Basketball Coach
Craig Colton, 1988, Soul Singer
Dale Watson, 1962, Country Singer
Damian Kulash, 1975, Rock Singer
Damion James, 1987, Basketball Player
Dan Savage, 1964, Radio Host
Daniel Leadbitter, 1990, Soccer Player
Danny Johnson, 1994, YouTube Star
Dave Hope, 1949, Bassist
Diane Ackerman, 1948, Poet
Dick Jauron, 1950, Football Coach
Dicoy Williams, 1986, Soccer Player
Diego Costa, 1988, Soccer Player
DJ Qbert, 1969, DJ
Dominic Larovere, 1998, Vine Star
Donna Ricco, 1977, Fashion Designer
Dwayne Bravo, 1983, Cricket Player

Dylan Baker, 1959, Movie Actor
Edison Chen, 1980, Movie Actor
Edward Ludwig, 1899, Screenwriter
Elijah Muhammad, 1897, Politician
Elizabeth Janeway, 1913, Novelist
Emil Holub, 1847, Explorer
Evan Longoria, 1985, Baseball Player
Faruk Hadzibegic, 1957, Soccer Coach
Fernando Belaunde Terry, 1912, Politician
Flying Lotus, 1983, Music Producer
Frances Gabrielle, 1998, YouTube Star
Fridrik Dor, 1988, Pop Singer
Fwiz, 1986, YouTube Star
Gabriel Yared, 1949, Composer
Gabriele Corcos, 1973, Chef
Gary Evans, 1954, Criminal
George Cram Cook, 1873, Playwright
Gift of Gab, 1971, Rapper
Gilberto Silva, 1976, Soccer Player
Gordon Ferrie Hull, 1870, Mathematician
Gordon Terry, 1931, Violinist
Grady Hatton, 1922, Baseball Player
Gustave Kahnt, 1848, Composer
Haley McCormick, 1985, TV Actress
Hannah Ashton, 1999, YouTube Star
Hannah Blessing Wood, 1983, Family Member
Hans Holbein, 1497, Painter
Harry Kroto, 1939, Scientist
Haydunn, 1994, YouTube Star
Heinrich Himmler, 1900, Criminal
Henry Wallace, 1888, Politician
Holland Roden, 1986, TV Actress
Ike Ezekwugo, 1986, Dancer
Ivo Gregurevic, 1952, Movie Actor
Jack Hartman, 1925, Basketball Coach
Jack Rowley, 1920, Soccer Player
Jacques Richard, 1952, Hockey Player
Jade Lo, 2001, YouTube Star
Jairus Byrd, 1986, Football Player
Jakaya Kikwete, 1950, World Leader
Jake Humphrey, 1978, TV Show Host
Jake McLaughlin, 1982, Movie Actor
James Van Patten, 1956, Movie Actor
James Varga, 1988, eSports Player
James Whitcomb Riley, 1849, Children’s Author
Jamie Hector, 1975, TV Actor
Jan Uczkowski, 1996, TV Actor
Jared Frayer, 1978, Wrestler
Jayne Torvill, 1957, Figure Skater
Jazmine Hood, 1996, Vine Star
Jenna Sousa, 1997, Pop Singer
Jeremy Brockie, 1987, Soccer Player
Jermain Defoe, 1982, Soccer Player
Jill Larson, 1947, Soap Opera Actress
Jo Jones, 1911, Drummer
Joaquim Barbosa, 1954, Politician
Joe Armstrong, 1978, TV Actor
Joe Hill, 1879, Activist
Joel Lambert, 1972, TV Actor
John Brass, 1946, Rugby Player
John Mellencamp, 1951, Pop Singer
Jose Cardenal, 1943, Baseball Player
Jose Inocencio Alas, 1934, Religious Leader
Joseph Freeman, 1897, Journalist
Josh Levi, 1998, Pop Singer
Joshua Garcia, 1997, Reality Star
Joy Behar, 1942, TV Show Host
Judy Landers, 1958, TV Actress
June Allyson, 1917, Movie Actress
Kaitlyn, 1986, Wrestler
Kaitlyn, 1986, Wrestler
Kalju Lepik, 1920, Poet
Kam Ning, 1975, Violinist
Karen Nyberg, 1969, Astronaut
Katarzyna Cichopek, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, 1959, Journalist
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, 1959, Journalist
Keith Thornton, 1966, Rapper
Kevin Godley, 1945, Director
Kevin Howell, 1977, MMA Fighter
Kevin Jorgeson, 1984, Rock Climber
Kieran Kane, 1949, Country Singer
Kira Kosarin, 1997, TV Actress
Kris Medlen, 1985, Baseball Player
Landon Holmes, 1998, Pop Singer
Lauren Mayberry, 1987, Pop Singer
Lauren Murray, 1990, Pop Singer
Lauren Platt, 1997, Pop Singer
Lay, 1991, Dancer
Lee Nguyen, 1986, Soccer Player
Li Yundi, 1982, Pianist
Lindsey Smith, 1982,
Lisardo Guarinos, 1970, TV Actor
Lizzie LDShadowLady, 1992, YouTube Star
Madjid Bougherra, 1982, Soccer Player
Malia Hosaka, 1969, Wrestler
Marc Storace, 1951, Metal Singer
Maria Whittaker, 1969, Model
Mariano Bondar, 1997, YouTube Star
Mark Jenkins, 1970, Sculptor
Marlin Ramsey Chan, 1993, YouTube Star
Mary Badham, 1952, Movie Actress
Maryana Ro, 1999, YouTube Star
Matthew Roloff, 1961, Reality Star
Max Page, 2004, TV Actor
Melinda Schneider, 1971, Country Singer
Meyer Levin, 1905, Novelist
Michael Bartlett, 1980, Playwright
Michael W. Smith, 1957, Rock Singer
Michelle Mone, 1971, Business Executive
Mike Foltynewicz, 1991, Baseball Player
Mitchell Kelly, 1990, Dancer
Monika Hilmerova, 1974, Movie Actress
Mookie Betts, 1992, Baseball Player
Morgan Osman, 1989, Reality Star
Moses Fleetwood Walker, 1857, Baseball Player
Myq Kaplan, 1978, Comedian
Naima Akef, 1929, Movie Actress
Nelson Dida, 1973, Soccer Player
Nicole Ari Parker, 1970, TV Actress
Nicole Jung, 1991, Pop Singer
Niels Bohr, 1885, Scientist
Nik Stauskas, 1993, Basketball Player
Oliver North, 1943, Journalist
Ollie Wines, 1994, Australian Rules Footballer
Omar Benson Miller, 1978, TV Actor
PaigeThePanda, 1999, YouTube Star
Pete Van Wieren, 1944, Sportscaster
Pippa Funnell, 1968, Equestrian
Priest Holmes, 1973, Football Player
Que, 1990, Rapper
Ralph Johnson, 1955, Teacher
Ralph Rainger, 1901, Composer
Ralph W. Gerard, 1900, Scientist
RD Laing, 1927, Scientist
Rhino, 1975, Wrestler
Ricardo Esteves, 1993, YouTube Star
Rich Delucia, 1964, Baseball Player
Richard Waites, 1951, Lawyer
Ricky Phillips, 1953, Bassist
Rob Ackroyd, 1982, Guitarist
Robby Ginepri, 1982, Tennis Player
Robert A. Schuller, 1954, Religious Leader
Robert Westall, 1929, Children’s Author
Robert Z. Leonard, 1889, Director
Rochelle DeAnna McLean, 1981, Family Member
Russell Okung, 1987, Football Player
Sam Querrey, 1987, Tennis Player
Sami Hyypia, 1973, Soccer Player
Sarah Churchill, 1914, Movie Actress
Sarah Ross, 1994, Country Singer
Sargent Claude Johnson, 1888, Sculptor
Sebastian Coates, 1990, Soccer Player
Seinabo Sey, 1990, Pop Singer
Serena Lopes, 1998, Vine Star
Sergio Corona, 1928, TV Actor
Shannon MacMillan, 1974, Soccer Player
Sharad Kelkar, 1976, TV Actor
Shaun Evaristo, 1983, Choreographer
Shawn Ashmore, 1979, Movie Actor
Sherman Alexie, 1966, Novelist
Simon Cowell, 1959, Entrepreneur
Simon McCoy, 1961, TV Show Host
Simon Poulsen, 1984, Soccer Player
Simona Amanar, 1979, Gymnast
Slade Pearce, 1995, TV Actor
Sohrab Sepehri, 1928, Poet
Souvanna Phouma, 1901, Politician
Stelios Legakis, 1997, Pop Singer
Stephanie Styles, 1991, Stage Actress
Stephy May, 2002, Pop Singer
Susan Eldridge, 1979, Model
Tang Wei, 1979, Movie Actress
Taylor Hicks, 1976, Pop Singer
Thom Yorke, 1968, Rock Singer
Thomas Perez, 1961, Politician
Thunder, 1990, Pop Singer
Tico Torres, 1953, Drummer
Tim McGrath, 1970, Australian Rules Footballer
Tim Minchin, 1975, Comedian
Tom Floyd, 1960, Australian Rules Footballer
Tom Law, 1989, Pop Singer
Tom Rathman, 1962, Football Player
Toma Ikuta, 1984, TV Actor
Tommy Farrell, 1921, Movie Actor
Toni Braxton, 1967, Soul Singer
Tony Sparano, 1961, Football Coach
Ulrike Marie Meinhof, 1934, Criminal
Uncle Dave Macon, 1870, Country Singer
Uncle Dave Mason, 1870, Country Singer
Vaughn Monroe, 1911, Opera Singer
Vivek Ranadive, 1957, Entrepreneur
Vladimir Putin, 1952, World Leader
Willie Naulls, 1934, Basketball Player
Yaltah Menuhin, 1921, Pianist
Yo-Yo Ma, 1955, Cellist
Yukta Mookhey, 1979, Model
Zaheer Khan, 1978, Cricket Player


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