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October 29 Famous Birthdays

October 29 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 29 don’t like negative people or situations. They are a backstage kind of person. They don’t like a lot of chaos but they keep their composure in the midst of things. However, they do have their limitations. It is not a pretty picture when they lose control.


As a famous Scorpio born on October 29, they are naturally spontaneous and curious. These could be good skills to have in some professions. In the world of psychology, they’d make a great therapist.


In addition to their natural abilities, they have people skills as well. This could prove beneficial to a social worker’s position or in the hospitality industry.


On the other hand, famous people born on October 29 are not likely to forgive and to forget things or people that have betrayed them in one way or another. They’re highly observant and take note of the fine details. They are the kind of Scorpio that set goals and work very hard to achieve them. They should place more emphasis on their health, however.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 29th are cool Scorpios. They stay calm in situations that would get others aroused. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the sting of the Scorpion. They can be a compassionate person who needs to move on and leave the past in the past.

October 29 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

29 October Good Traits:

  • Driven
  • Extraordinary
  • Cool
  • Exuberant
  • Adventurous
  • Unusual
  • Competitive
  • Flexible
  • Intellectual
  • Passionate

29 October Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Impulsive
  • Unapproachable
  • Biased
  • Jealous
  • Possessive
  • Over-Sensitive

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October 29 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaroosa Malik, 1996, Family Member
Aayush Rimal, 1998, YouTube Star
Abdullah Gul, 1950, World Leader
Abi-Maria Gomes, 1971, Reality Star
Adam Cappa, 1985, Rock Singer
Adam Harrison, 1985, Cricket Player
AJ Ayer, 1910, Philosopher
Akoye Castle, 1997, Rapper
Aksel Hennie, 1975, Movie Actor
Albert E Brumley, 1905, Composer
Ale Muller, 1996, TV Actress
Alec Bailey, 1996, Vine Star
Aleksandr Zinovyev, 1922, Philosopher
Alexander Kirk, 1989, Instagram Star
Alfred Leslie, 1927, Painter

Ali Velshi, 1969, News Anchor
Allie Bercik, 1997, YouTube Star
Alvaro Rafael Gonzalez, 1984, Soccer Player
Amanda Beard, 1981, Swimmer
Amit Paul, 1983, Pop Singer
Andrea Lagunés, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Andrew Ettingshausen, 1965, Rugby Player
Andrew Lee Potts, 1979, TV Actor
Andy Dalton, 1987, Football Player
Angelika De la Cruz, 1981, TV Actress
Ann-Marie Macdonald, 1958, Playwright
Anthony DelGrosso, 1986, Guitarist
Antonio Luna, 1866, War Hero
Ariana Berlin, 1987, Gymnast
Ariel Lin, 1982, TV Actress
Asim Azhar, 1996, Pop Singer
Astrid Smeplass, 1996, Pop Singer
Baba Ali, 1975, Comedian
Barry Thomas, 1951, Motorcycle Racer
Ben Cahn, 1987, Vine Star
Ben Foster, 1980, Movie Actor
Bernard Gordon, 1918, Screenwriter
Beth Chapman, 1967, Reality Star
october 29 famous birthdaysBill Mauldin, 1921, Cartoonist
Bob Ross, 1942, Painter
Bobby J. Coleman, 1979, Comedian
Boy Abunda, 1955, TV Show Host
Brad Leman, 1996, YouTube Star
Brendan Fehr, 1977, TV Actor
Briar Rose, 2014, Family Member
Carlson Young, 1990, TV Actress
Chelan Simmons, 1982, Movie Actress
Chelsea Ricketts, 1989, TV Actress
Chris Baio, 1984, Bassist
Chris Buescher, 1992, Race Car Driver
Chris Gailus, 1967, News Anchor
Christian Wossilek, 1999, Pop Singer
Christine Bersola-Babao, 1970, TV Show Host
Christopher Cain, 1943, Screenwriter
Christopher Wallace, Jr., 1996, Family Member

Christy Clark, 1965, Politician
Ciatrick Fason, 1982, Football Player
Cleopatra Coleman, 1987, TV Actress
Cody Brady, 1999, YouTube Star
Connie Mack III, 1940, Politician
Cortez Allen, 1988, Football Player
DA Levy, 1942, Poet
Damian Chapa, 1963, Movie Actor
Dan Castellaneta, 1957, Voice Actor
Dan Emmett, 1815, Composer
Dan Feuerriegel, 1981, TV Actor
Daniel Thomas, 1987, Football Player
Danijela Dimitrovska, 1987, Model
Danny Berrios, 1961, Songwriter
David Brigati, 1940, Rock Singer
David Paton, 1949, Rock Singer
Deidre Behar, 1988, TV Show Host
Dennis Brookes, 1915, Cricket Player
Denny Laine, 1944, Rock Singer
Derek Brockway, 1967, TV Show Host

Derek Miller, 1974, Blues Singer
Derek Theler, 1986, TV Actor
Desmond Bagley, 1923, Novelist
Dillon Casey, 1983, TV Actor
Dirk Kempthorne, 1951, Politician
DJ Die, 1972, DJ
Dmitri Kulikov, 1990, Hockey Player
Dominick Dunne, 1925, Film Producer
Don Simpson, 1943, Film Producer
Dougie Brown, 1969, Cricket Player
Dylan Brady, 1998, YouNow Star
Eben Etzebeth, 1991, Rugby Player
Eddie Constantine, 1917, Movie Actor
Eddie McGuire, 1964, TV Show Host
Edward Wadsworth, 1889, Poet
Edwin Van der Sar, 1970, Soccer Player
Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, 1984, Pop Singer
Eleni Menegaki, 1969, TV Show Host
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 1938, World Leader
ElliexoxoFashion, 2001, YouTube Star
Emily Richards, 1973, Chef
Ender Inciarte, 1990, Baseball Player
Eric Saade, 1990, Pop Singer
Eric Staal, 1984, Hockey Player
Ernie Accorsi, 1941, Sports Executive
Espinoza Paz, 1981, World Music Singer
Evan Enwerem, 1935, Politician
Evan Fournier, 1992, Basketball Player
Fanny Brice, 1891, Comedian
FaZe Linkzy, 1994, YouTube Star
Feliciano Tavares, 1920, Rock Singer
Final Sorra, 1996, YouTube Star
Finola Hughes, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
Fleur East, 1987, Pop Singer
Frank Sedgman, 1927, Tennis Player
Frazer Richardson, 1982, Soccer Player
Gabrielle Union, 1972, Movie Actress
Geraldine Brooks, 1925, TV Actress
Gio Benitez, 1985, News Anchor
Giorgos Donis, 1969, Soccer Player
Glory Curda, 2003, TV Actress
Grant Hall, 1991, Soccer Player
Grayson McCouch, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Hannah Miller, 1996, Figure Skater
Henry Green, 1905, Novelist
Herman Frazier, 1954, Runner
Hope Emerson, 1897, Movie Actress
Hugh Pollard, 1975, Movie Actor
Ida Kavafian, 1952, Violinist
India Eisley, 1993, TV Actress
Italia Ricci, 1986, TV Actress
Jack Shepherd, 1940, Movie Actor
Jacqueline Jossa, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Jake Thompson, 1993, YouTube Star
James Boswell, 1740, Novelist
James Orange, 1942, Civil Rights Leader
Janet Montgomery, 1985, TV Actress
Janoris Jenkins, 1988, Football Player
Jed Brophy, 1963, Movie Actor
Jeffrey Garten, 1946, Non-Fiction Author
Jeri Lee, 1984, Model
Jesse Barfield, 1959, Baseball Player
Jessica Dube, 1987, Figure Skater
Jessica Hernandez, 1987, Rock Singer
Joel Otto, 1961, Hockey Player
Joely Fisher, 1967, TV Actress
Johann Olav Koss, 1968, Speed Skater
John Farley, 1968, Comedian
John Keefe, 1979, Movie Actor
Johnny Lewis, 1983, Movie Actor
Jon Lucas, 1976, Screenwriter
Joseph Goebbels, 1897, Politician
Karim Garcia, 1975, Baseball Player
Kate Jackson, 1948, TV Actress
Kate Kelly, 1980, Lawyer
Kelly Lin, 1975, Movie Actress
Kelly Smith, 1978, Soccer Player
Kenneth Harris, 1980, Guitarist
Kenny Burns, 1972, Entrepreneur
Kevin DuBrow, 1955, Metal Singer
Kriti Kharbanda, 1988, Movie Actress
Laura Koffman, 1964, Soap Opera Actress
Lee Child, 1954, Novelist
Lee Mason, 1971, Referee
Lene Alexandra, 1981, Pop Singer
Leon Else, 1989, R&B Singer
Liam Thompson, 1993, YouTube Star
Lirik, 1990, Twitch Star
Luciana Littizzetto, 1964, TV Actress
Ma Huateng, 1971, Entrepreneur
Marcus Lattimore, 1991, Football Player
Mark Fisher, 1944, Politician
Mark Sheehan, 1976, Pop Singer
Matt Higgins, 1977, Hockey Player
Matthew Hayden, 1971, Cricket Player
Maurice Clarett, 1983, Football Player
Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, 1882, Politician
Maya Karin, 1979, Movie Actress
Melba Moore, 1945, R&B Singer
Michael Carter, 1960, Football Player
Michael Hooper, 1991, Rugby Player
Michael Jayston, 1935, TV Actor
Michael Ponti, 1937, Pianist
Michael Schur, 1975, Screenwriter
Michael Vaughan, 1974, Cricket Player
Miguel Cotto, 1980, Boxer
Mike Gartner, 1959, Hockey Player
Milena Govich, 1976, TV Actress
NabiilaBee, 1993, YouTube Star
Natalie Knutsen, 1986, Pop Singer
Natalie Sleeth, 1930, Composer
Nebojsa Novakovic, 1964, Soccer Player
NexyPL, 1995, YouTube Star
Niki de Saint Phalle, 1930, Sculptor
Nikki Ferrell, 1986, Reality Star
Norah Richards, 1876, Movie Actress
Norman Hunter, 1943, Soccer Player
Ormer Locklear, 1891, Pilot
Owen Bento, 2008, Movie Actor
Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria, 1914, Religious Leader
Paul Di Filippo, 1954, Novelist
Paul Orndorff, 1949, Wrestler
Paul Worsteling, 1973, Entrepreneur
Pawan Kumar, 1982, Director
Peter Green, 1946, Guitarist
Peter Watkins, 1935, Director
Phillip Cocu, 1970, Soccer Player
Pim Jacobs, 1934, Pianist
Quincy Amarikwa, 1987, Soccer Player
Quinn Fry, 1959, Reality Star
RA Dickey, 1974, Baseball Player
Ralph Bakshi, 1938, Cartoonist
Randy Jackson, 1961, Pop Singer
Reema Sen, 1981, Movie Actress
Richard Brancatisano, 1983, TV Actor
Richard Dreyfuss, 1947, Movie Actor
Robert Hardy, 1925, Movie Actor
Robert Pires, 1973, Soccer Player
Rufus Sewell, 1967, Movie Actor
Ryan Cochrane, 1988, Swimmer
Samira Ahmed, 1968, Journalist
Sara Jovanovic, 1993, Pop Singer
Sierra Jean, 2001, Pop Singer
Simon Delaney, 1986, Guitarist
Simon Heijnen, 1992, YouTube Star
Slade Smiley, 1973, Reality Star
Sonny Daniel, 1992, YouTube Star
Takashima Masahiro, 1965, Movie Actor
Thatgirlcathy, 1991, YouTube Star
Tiff Needell, 1951, TV Show Host
Tom Baxter, 1973, Rock Singer
Tove Lo, 1987, Pop Singer
Tracee Ellis Ross, 1972, TV Actress
Trevor Lissauer, 1973, TV Actor
Tyler Phillips, 1990, YouTube Star
Valerie Worth, 1933, Poet
Valery Tokarev, 1952, Astronaut
Varun Aaron, 1989, Cricket Player
Velma Barfield, 1932, Criminal
Veronica Ballestrini, 1991, Country Singer
Vijender Singh, 1985, Boxer
Wilbert McClure, 1938, Boxer
Wilfredo Gomez, 1956, Boxer
Will Venable, 1982, Baseball Player
Winona Ryder, 1971, Movie Actress
Ximena Sariñana, 1985, Pop Singer
Yasmin Le Bon, 1964, Model
Zbigniew Herbert, 1924, Poet
Zoot Sims, 1925, Saxophonist


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