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October 25 Famous Birthdays

October 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 25 are Scorpio who are travelers. They’ve been known to close their eyes and just pick a spot and go. They are usually upbeat and positive. Their philosophy on life is simple… ‘Treat others as you want to be treated’. Relationships are important to them and so is commitment. When it comes to love, them look for more than outer beauty.


To be totally satisfied, famous October 25 celebrities need mental stimulation. As a famous Scorpio born today, they don’t have a lot of friends. They have a tendency to develop friendships that last a long time. Their friends say that they could mind their own business sometimes.


However, they mean well and they do tell you all of their private business. When it comes to their health, they tend to suffer with stress related illnesses. They keep a lot of things bottled up inside and this is not good. It could be the reason for their mood swings.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 25th are extremely friendly people. They are spoiled when it comes to getting their way. They expect their friends and family to be loyal to them. They are very dedicated.

October 25 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 October Good Traits:

  • Emotional
  • Innovative
  • Analytical
  • Enthusiastic
  • Disciplined
  • Grounded
  • Optimistic
  • Sensible
  • Savvy

25 October Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Controlling
  • Introvert
  • Nosy
  • Angry
  • Unforgiving
  • Revengeful

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October 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Goldberg, 1970, Movie Actor
Adam Pascal, 1970, Stage Actor
Alex Webster, 1969, Bassist
Amir Bageria, 2000, TV Actor
Anapaula Araujo, 1981, Model
Andre Meadows, 1978, YouTube Star
Andrew Basso, 1985, Magician
Andrew Cohen, 1904, Baseball Player
Andy McGaffigan, 1956, Baseball Player
Andy Merino Ramirea, 1992, YouTube Star
Anh Duong, 1960, Model
Anita Rani, 1977, Journalist
Anne Tyler, 1941, Novelist
Annie Girardot, 1931, Movie Actress
Anthony Franciosa, 1928, TV Actor
Anthony Marlowe, 1904, Politician
Antony Starr, 1975, TV Actor
Aparna Sen, 1945, Director

Arkadij Naiditsch, 1985, Chess Player
Armani Jackson, 2003, TV Actor
Arthur Rhames, 1957, Guitarist
Austin Winkler, 1982, Metal Singer
Ayca Ayse Turan, 1992, Movie Actress
Barbara Cook, 1927, Movie Actress
Becky Blow, 1992, Twitch Star
Ben Carlin, 1989, YouTube Star
Billy Barty, 1924, TV Actor
Birgit Prinz, 1977, Soccer Player
Bob Tallman, 1947, Sportscaster
Bobby Knight, 1940, Basketball Coach
Bobby Thomson, 1923, Baseball Player
Bobby Tonelli, 1975, Movie Actor
Brett Kirk, 1976, Australian Rules Footballer
Brett Raymer, 1969, Reality Star
Brian Calzini, 1985, Metal Singer
Brian Kelly, 1961, Football Coach
Brian Kerwin, 1949, TV Actor
Brittney Alger, 1988, Movie Actress
october 25 famous birthdaysBurt Brinckerhoff, 1936, Director
Cal Crutchlow, 1985, Motorcycle Racer
Carl Miller, 1966, Basketball Player
Carolina Vico Bustamante, 1993, Reality Star
Celina Blogsta, 1999, Instagram Star
Chad Smith, 1961, Drummer
Chance Waters, 1987, Rapper
Chandler Parsons, 1988, Basketball Player
Charles Coughlin, 1891, Politician
Chely Wright, 1970, Country Singer
Chester Dewey, 1784, Scientist
Chloe Rose, 1994, TV Actress
Chris Denker, 1986, YouTube Star
Chris Norman, 1950, Rock Singer
Chrissy Amphlett, 1959, Rock Singer
Christopher Sean Friel, 1985, TV Actor
Chun Keng Hong, 1985, Soccer Player
Ciara, 1985, R&B Singer
Colt Anderson, 1985, Football Player

Conchita Campbell, 1995, TV Actress
Craig Robinson, 1971, TV Actor
Dan Gable, 1948, Wrestler
Dan Issel, 1948, Basketball Player
Dan Wells, 1973, TV Actor
Daniela Ramirez, 1988, Blogger
Darlene Vogel, 1962, Model
Darron Gibson, 1987, Soccer Player
Dave Cowens, 1948, Basketball Player
David Burrows, 1968, Soccer Player
David Furnish, 1962, Director
David Horst, 1985, Soccer Player
David Ward, 1945, Screenwriter
Daxton Butler, 2013, YouTube Star
Denny Shute, 1904, Golfer
Desmond Styles, 1957, Family Member
Didi Benami, 1986, Pop Singer
DJ Webstar, 1987, DJ

Don Stewart, 1939, Religious Leader
Doug Duncan, 1955, Politician
Dylan Thompson, 1991, Football Player
Earl Palmer, 1924, Drummer
Ed Robertson, 1970, Rock Singer
Eddie Argos, 1979, Rock Singer
Eddie Gaven, 1986, Soccer Player
Elias Figueroa, 1946, Soccer Player
Elif Safak, 1971, Novelist
Erica Dickerson, 1987, TV Actress
Esteban Granados, 1985, Soccer Player
Fabian Hambuchen, 1987, Gymnast
Federico Higuain, 1984, Soccer Player
Felix Sandman, 1998, Pop Singer
Franck Amsallem, 1961, Pianist
Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, 1900, Civil Rights Leader
Gabriela Banuelos, 1991, YouTube Star
Gale Anne Hurd, 1955, Film Producer
Garrett Backstrom, 1995, Movie Actor
Georges Bizet, 1838, Composer
Georgia Lock, 1996, TV Actress
Gilbert Patten, 1866, Novelist
Gillian Zinser, 1985, TV Actress
Glenn Tipton, 1947, Guitarist
Gloria Katz, 1942, Screenwriter
Glynis Barber, 1955, TV Actress
Gordon Tootoosis, 1941, TV Actor
Greg Deliso, 1986, Screenwriter
GT Garza, 1985, Rapper
Gyptian, 1983, Reggae Singer
Hanna Holborn Gray, 1930, Teacher
Hannah Tan, 1981, Pop Singer
Harold Brodkey, 1930, Novelist
Harry Wilson, 1971, Business Executive
Helen Reddy, 1941, Pop Singer
Ines Brasil, 1969, World Music Singer
Ioannis Kyrastas, 1952, Soccer Player
Iris Law, 2000, Family Member
Isaiah Austin, 1993, Basketball Player
Ismail Gulgee, 1926, Painter
Ivana Sert, 1979, Reality Star
Jack Haley Jr., 1933, TV Producer
Jack Kent Cooke, 1912, Entrepreneur
James Carville, 1944, Politician
Jeanette Cota, 1973, Reality Star
Jeanne Cooper, 1928, Soap Opera Actress
Jennie R Strader, 1976, Novelist
Jerzy Pawlowski, 1932, Fencer
Jessica Spencer, 1994, Blogger
Jimmy Heath, 1926, Saxophonist
Jocelyn Savage, 1993, Model
Joe Mercer, 1934, Horse Jockey
Joe Nelson, 1974, Baseball Player
Joel Klein, 1946, Politician
Johann Strauss II, 1825, Composer
John Berryman, 1914, Poet
John Francis Dodge, 1864, Entrepreneur
John Leven, 1963, Bassist
John Michie, 1956, TV Actor
John Milo Matuszak, 1950, TV Actor
Jon Anderson, 1944, Rock Singer
Jonathan Torrens, 1972, TV Show Host
Jordan Gilbert, 1990, eSports Player
Jorge Batlle Ibanez, 1927, Politician
Josh Henderson, 1981, TV Actor
Josh Wittenkeller, 1990, YouTube Star
Juri Mois, 1956, Politician
Kamie Crawford, 1992, Model
Kara Lynn Joyce, 1985, Swimmer
Karen Berg, 1942, Self-Help Author
Katy Perry, 1984, Pop Singer
Keean Johnson, 1996, TV Actor
Keith Barry, 1976, Magician
Kelley Missal, 1993, Soap Opera Actress
Kevin-Michael Richardson, 1964, Voice Actor
Kornelia Ender, 1958, Swimmer
Kristian Bruun, 1979, TV Actor
Kristina Romanova, 1992, Model
Kritika Kamra, 1988, TV Actress
Lamont Bentley, 1973, TV Actor
Lenay Dunn, 1985, TV Show Host
Leo G. Carroll, 1892, TV Actor
Leslie Grossman, 1971, TV Actress
Lisa Armstrong, 1976, Family Member
Lisa Trusel, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Lito Lapid, 1955, Politician
Liv Hansen, 1983, TV Actress
Lola Monroe, 1986, Rapper
Loren Jordan, 1989, Reality Star
Luis Jara, 1965, World Music Singer
Luke Parker, 1992, Australian Rules Footballer
Lynda Benglis, 1941, Sculptor
Lynn Toler, 1959, Reality Star
Manolo Pedrosa, 1997, Reality Star
Marcellin Berthelot, 1827, Scientist
Marco Johnson, 1985,
Mariana Klaveno, 1979, Movie Actress
Mario Kovac, 1975, Director
Marion Ross, 1928, TV Actress
Mark L. Taylor, 1950, TV Actor
Mark McNulty, 1953, Golfer
Mark Vlasic, 1963, Football Player
Martijn BK, 1993, YouTube Star
Masako Nozawa, 1936, Voice Actor
Mathieu Amalric, 1965, Movie Actor
Matthew Brown, 1988, YouTube Star
Matthias Jabs, 1955, Guitarist
Maury Travis, 1965, Criminal
Mehcad Brooks, 1980, TV Actor
Melinda McGraw, 1963, Movie Actress
Mex Urtizberea, 1960, Pop Singer
Michael Boatman, 1964, TV Actor
Michael Chaves, 1989, eSports Player
Michael Lynagh, 1963, Rugby Player
Michael Soltis, 1971, TV Actor
Michael Weston, 1973, TV Actor
Midori Goto, 1971, Violinist
Mike Eruzione, 1954, Hockey Player
Minnie Pearl, 1912, Country Singer
Molly Templeton, 1989, YouTube Star
Naleye Junior, 1990, Model
Nancy Cartwright, 1957, Voice Actor
Natasha Khan, 1979, World Music Singer
Neil Fallon, 1971, Rock Singer
Nell Shipman, 1892, Screenwriter
Niall Donoghue, 1990, Hurler
Nick Hancock, 1962, Game Show Host
Nika Futterman, 1969, Voice Actor
Norbert Klein, 1866, Religious Leader
Oleg Salenko, 1969, Soccer Player
Oliver Goodwill, 1982, Model
OpTicJewel, 1995, YouTube Star
Osvaldo Rios, 1960, Soap Opera Actor
Pablo Picasso, 1881, Painter
Paul Rigby, 1924, Cartoonist
Pedro Martinez, 1971, Baseball Player
Perry Saturn, 1966, Wrestler
Persia White, 1972, TV Actress
Peter Aerts, 1970, Boxer
Peter Dennis, 1933, TV Actor
Phil Daniels, 1958, TV Actor
Philleo Nash, 1909, Scientist
Princess Elisabeth, 2001, Royalty
Ray Robson, 1994, Chess Player
Richard E. Byrd, 1888, Explorer
Richard Lloyd, 1951, Guitarist
Robbie McIntosh, 1957, Drummer
Robin Eubanks, 1955, Trombone Player
Roger Espinoza, 1986, Soccer Player
Rosa Mendes, 1979, Wrestler
Ross Bagdasarian Jr., 1949, Film Producer
Rusty Schweickart, 1935, Astronaut
Rylan Clark, 1988, Pop Singer
Sal Castro, 1933, Civil Rights Leader
Salma Agha, 1956, Movie Actress
Sam M. Lewis, 1885, Songwriter
Samantha Bee, 1969, TV Actress
Sara Chafak, 1990, Model
Sara Lumholdt, 1984, Pop Singer
Sarah Greene, 1958, TV Show Host
Sarah Thompson, 1979, Movie Actress
Savannah Jayde, 1994, TV Actress
Sergi Constance, 1988, Bodybuilder
Shaun Wright-Phillips, 1981, Soccer Player
Shelley Smith, 1952, TV Actress
Sickick, 1988, DJ
Simon Charlton, 1971, Soccer Player
Smoky Joe Wood, 1889, Baseball Player
Soni Razdan, 1956, Movie Actress
Speech, 1968, Rapper
Steve Shagan, 1927, Screenwriter
Suheir Hammad, 1973, Poet
Tegan Marie, 2003, YouTube Star
Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1800, Historian
Thulasi Nair, 1997, Movie Actress
Tommy Prince, 1915, War Hero
Tony Jackson, 1882, Pianist
Tori Dawn Thompson, 1993, Rock Singer
Tracy Nelson, 1963, Movie Actress
Tyler Alvarez, 1997, TV Actor
Tyler Ford, 1990, Instagram Star
Umesh Yadav, 1987, Cricket Player
Victoria Frances, 1982, Illustrator
Vija Celmins, 1938, Painter
Vincent Zhou, 2000, Figure Skater
Walter Hyatt, 1949, Songwriter
Ward Burton, 1961, Race Car Driver
Wendel Clark, 1966, Hockey Player
Will Jefferson, 1979, Cricket Player
William Higinbotham, 1910, Scientist
William Lewis Herndon, 1813, Explorer
Willie Walsh, 1961, Business Executive
Young Rome, 1981, Rapper
Z Randall Stroope, 1953, Composer
Zachary Knighton, 1978, TV Actor
Zadie Smith, 1975, Novelist


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