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October 18 Famous Birthdays

October 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 18 are good looking! These Librans look better and more attractive over time. They normally take their health seriously. It’s likely they will be turning heads long into their retirement years. They purposely dress to impress but mainly it’s for themselves… it’s how they are. They have an unique way of making people feel extraordinary.


When it comes to friends, famous October 18 celebrities make a wise selection. However, they are a bit different from each other. Their private time is spent with that someone special. They enjoy the intimate moments where it’s just the two of them and their imaginations or when they are discussing their plans for the future.


They are typically a planner and live within a certain and set amount of money each month. They’re determined to not have any financial stresses or strains.


Their skills could land them a top position as engineer or drafting/design person. If that doesn’t interest them, then a career in education would make an excellent alternative choice.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 18th are likely to be able to speak their mind. Generally, straightforward, they are selective when it comes to their friends and lovers. As a rule, people like them but they may not be able to manage their money.

October 18 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18 October Good Traits:

  • Vibrant
  • Energetic
  • Confident
  • Different
  • Unique
  • High Flier
  • Responsible
  • Mature
  • Affectionate
  • Vivacious

18 October Bad Traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Choosy
  • Inflated
  • Over-Protective
  • Stingy
  • Awkward

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October 18 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Dun, 1996, Family Member
AJ Liebling, 1904, Journalist
Alaa Zalzali, 1969, World Music Singer
Alex Cora, 1975, Baseball Player
Alex Ferrer, 1960, Lawyer
Alex Tagliani, 1972, Race Car Driver
Amish Tripathi, 1974, Novelist
Amy Vol, 1995, Pop Singer
Andrew Garcia, 1985, Pop Singer
Anita O’Day, 1919, Jazz Singer
Ann Putnam, 1679,
Anthony Dawson, 1916, Movie Actor
Arliss Howard, 1954, Movie Actor
Arnis Mednis, 1961, Jazz Singer
Baby Bash, 1975, Rapper
Barry Gifford, 1946, Screenwriter
Berrypinklips, 2000, YouTube Star
Bill Stewart, 1966, Drummer

Billy Cox, 1941, Bassist
Bob Timberlake, 1943, Football Player
Bob Whitfield, 1971, Football Player
Bobby Troup, 1918, TV Actor
Boyd Dowler, 1937, Football Player
Breland Emory, 1987, YouTube Star
Brenna Yaeger, 1995, Country Singer
Brian Kenny, 1963, Sportscaster
Bristol Palin, 1990, Reality Star
Brittney Griner, 1990, Basketball Player
Byron Adams, 1955, Composer
Calvin Lockhart, 1934, Movie Actor
Candy Lo, 1974, Rock Singer
Carl Vuono, 1934, War Hero
Carlos Cabrera, 1959, Sportscaster
Carly Schroeder, 1990, TV Actress
Casey Wellman, 1987, Hockey Player
Charles Francis Adams, 1876, Entrepreneur
Cheryl Pepsii Riley, 1968, R&B Singer
october 18 famous birthdaysChris Houston, 1984, Football Player
Chris McKenna, 1977, TV Actor
Chris Russo, 1959, Radio Host
Chuck Berry, 1926, Rock Singer
Chuck Lorre, 1952, TV Producer
Chuck Swindoll, 1934, Religious Leader
Claire Felske, 1991, Vine Star
Colin Thompson, 1942, Children’s Author
Connor Barwin, 1986, Football Player
Corinne Bohrer, 1958, TV Actress
Craig Bartlett, 1956, TV Producer
Curtis Keaton, 1976, Football Player
Cynthia Weil, 1940, Songwriter
Damaris Duran, 1999, YouTube Star
Daniel Julez Smith Jr., 2004, Family Member
Daniel Opare, 1990, Soccer Player
Dante, 1983, Soccer Player
Dany Martins, 1975, TV Actor
Darshan Raval, 1994, World Music Singer

Dave Price, 1966, News Anchor
David Lord, 1913, War Hero
David Murphy, 1981, Baseball Player
David Patterson, 1990, YouTube Star
David Twohy, 1955, Screenwriter
Dawn Wells, 1938, TV Actress
Deepak Shodhan, 1928, Cricket Player
Derrick-lamont Coleman, 1990, Football Player
Donnie Swaggart, 1954, Religious Leader
Dt Suzuki, 1870, Essayist
Dylan Nord, 1984, Entrepreneur
Efe Ambrose, 1988, Soccer Player
Emanuel Ortega, 1977, Pop Singer
Emily Robinson, 1998, TV Actress
Emmet Cahill, 1990, World Music Singer
Enzo Ciolini, 1998, Instagram Star
Eric Berg, 1964, YouTube Star
Eric Stuart, 1967, Voice Actor
Eric Weinstein, 1965, Mathematician

Erich Warsitz, 1905, Pilot
Erin Moran, 1960, TV Actress
Esperanza Spalding, 1984, Jazz Singer
Esther Walker, 1894, Stage Actress
Evelyn Venable, 1913, Movie Actress
Fannie Hurst, 1889, Novelist
FaZe Jev, 1993, YouTube Star
Forrest Gregg, 1933, Football Player
Frank Beamer, 1946, Football Coach
Frank Carlucci, 1930, Politician
FrediSaal, 1991, YouTube Star
Freida Pinto, 1984, Movie Actress
Freja Beha Erichsen, 1987, Model
Gary Austin, 1941, Director
Gary Richrath, 1949, Guitarist
George C. Scott, 1927, Movie Actor
George Hendrick, 1949, Baseball Player
Giambattista Marino, 1569, Poet
Gianfranco Ravasi, 1942, Religious Leader
Gladstone Small, 1961, Cricket Player
Goh Soon Tioe, 1911, Violinist
Grzegorz Fitelberg, 1879, Violinist
Guido Calabresi, 1932, Lawyer
Harrison Tweed, 1885, Politician
Harry Yarnell, 1875, War Hero
Heiko Bleher, 1944, Scientist
HL Davis, 1894, Poet
Howard Shore, 1946, Composer
Huell Howser, 1945, TV Show Host
Inger Stevens, 1934, Movie Actress
Isabel Briggs Myers, 1897, Non-Fiction Author
Jacy Rodriguez, 1990, Reality Star
Jade Close, 1987, Field Hockey Player
Jake Farrow, 1978, TV Actor
James Foley, 1973, Journalist
James Truslow Adams, 1878, Novelist
Janet Paschal, 1956, Gospel Singer
Jason Dean, 1980, Magician
Jason Mecier, 1968, Painter
Jean Paul Makhlouf, 1985, DJ
Jean-Claude Van Damme, 1960, Movie Actor
Jellie Bee, 1989, YouTube Star
Jenny Kita, 1977, Dancer
Jeremy J House Vlogs, 1982, YouTube Star
Jeremy Riddle, 1977, Gospel Singer
Jesse Helms, 1921, Politician
Jessie Mae Hemphill, 1923, Guitarist
Jim Rohr, 1948, Entrepreneur
Joe Morton, 1947, Movie Actor
John Baldwin, 1973, Figure Skater
John John Florence, 1992, Surfer
John John Florence, 1992, Surfer
John Johnson, 1947, Basketball Player
John Swasey, 1964, Voice Actor
Jon Lindstrom, 1957, Soap Opera Actor
Joni Harms, 1980, Country Singer
Jordan Calloway, 1990, TV Actor
Josh Gracin, 1980, Country Singer
Joshua Benmore, 1994, Artist
Josiah Ritchie, 1870, Tennis Player
Joy Bryant, 1974, TV Actress
Joy Lauren, 1989, TV Actress
Juan Carlos Hernandez, 1981, World Music Singer
Juan Tamariz, 1942, Magician
Julianna Travis, 2012, Family Member
Justin Mapp, 1984, Soccer Player
Jyothika, 1978, Movie Actress
K Michael Hays, 1952, Teacher
Karen Ciaurro, 2002, TV Actress
Kathryn Bedell, 1995, YouTube Star
Keith Jackson, 1928, Sportscaster
Kennedy Rue McCollough, 1997, TV Actress
Klaus Kinski, 1926, Movie Actor
Kunal Kapoor, 1977, Movie Actor
Laci Green, 1989, YouTube Star
Laura Nyro, 1947, Rock Singer
Lauren North, 1994, Family Member
Lee Harvey Oswald, 1939, Criminal
Leilene Ondrade, 1976, Reality Star
Liam MacDonald, 1989, TV Actor
Lil George, 1997, Rapper
Lindsey Vonn, 1984, Skier
Lisa Chappell, 1968, TV Actress
Liz Burch, 1954, TV Actress
Lizzy Jones, 1994, YouTube Star
Lotte Lenya, 1898, Movie Actress
Louis Oosthuizen, 1982, Golfer
Lucky Yates, 1967, TV Actor
Macerly, 2000, YouTube Star
Mark Ferris, 1990, YouTube Star
Mark Lamura, 1948, Soap Opera Actor
Martina Navratilova, 1956, Tennis Player
Matlan Marjan, 1968, Soccer Player
Matthew Centrowitz Jr., 1989, Runner
Matthew Schueller, 1991, YouTube Star
Mauricio Funes, 1959, Politician
Maxwell Struthers Burt, 1882, Novelist
McKenna Bleu, 1984, Blogger
Melina Mercouri, 1920, Movie Actress
Meto Jovanovski, 1928, Novelist
Michael Kovar, 1986, Vine Star
Mike Ditka, 1939, Football Coach
Mike Plumb, 1983, Skateboarder
Mike Tindall, 1978, Rugby Player
Milcho Manchevski, 1959, Director
Milo Yiannopoulos, 1983, Journalist
Miriam Hopkins, 1902, Movie Actress
Muhammad Nazir, 1981, Pop Singer
Muyskerm, 1989, YouTube Star
Nadji Jeter, 1996, Movie Actor
Narendra Hirwani, 1968, Cricket Player
Ne-Yo, 1979, R&B Singer
Nelson Freire, 1944, Pianist
Nic Pizzolatto, 1975, Screenwriter
Nico Archambault, 1984, Dancer
Nicole Spencer, 1990, Model
Nisha Agarwal, 1988, Movie Actress
Noah Atwood, 2004, Family Member
Noah Silver, 1994, TV Actor
Nolan Bateman, 1995, TV Actor
Norberto Bobbio, 1909, Philosopher
Ntozake Shange, 1948, Poet
Om Puri, 1948, Movie Actor
Pablo Iglesias, 1850, Politician
Pam Dawber, 1951, TV Actress
Parker Bridge, 2013, Family Member
Pascual Jordan, 1902, Scientist
Paul Elliott, 1947, Comedian
Paul Elliott, 1947, Comedian
Peter Boyle, 1935, TV Actor
Peter Gilroy, 1989, YouTube Star
Peter Svensson, 1974, Guitarist
Phyllis Spira, 1943, Dancer
Pierre Trudeau, 1919, Politician
Rachel Nichols, 1973, Journalist
Randhir Singh, 1946, Sports Shooter
Rebecca Watson, 1980, YouTube Star
Renee Bargh, 1986, TV Show Host
Rhod Gilbert, 1968, Comedian
Richie Sandoval, 1960, Boxer
Rick Moody, 1961, Novelist
Ricky Banks, 1987, YouTube Star
Robbie Savage, 1974, Soccer Player
Robert Cary-Williams, 1979, Fashion Designer
Robert R. Gilruth, 1913, Engineer
Ryan Nelsen, 1977, Soccer Coach
Sam Clark, 1987, TV Actor
Sam Henderson, 1969, Cartoonist
Sam Jenkins, 1966, TV Actress
Sam Reed, 1935, Saxophonist
Samuel L Lewis, 1896, Religious Leader
Sarah Blackwood, 1980, Rock Singer
Sarah Goodhart, 1993, Reality Star
Sassy, 1990, Reality Star
Scott Herman, 1984, Reality Star
Sergey Bezrukov, 1973, Movie Actor
Shannon Barry, 1993, Blogger
Shazahn Padamsee, 1987, Movie Actress
Simon Gotch, 1982, Wrestler
Slavi Trifonov, 1966, Punk Singer
Sloane Avery, 1991, TV Actress
Spencer Lofranco, 1992, Movie Actor
Spencer Martin, 2002, Vine Star
Stanley Lucas, 1991,
Stefan Banica Jr., 1967, TV Show Host
Suleiman Frangieh Jr., 1965, Politician
Sydney Prior Hall, 1842, Graphic Designer
Terri McMillan, 1951, Novelist
Terry McMillan, 1951, Novelist
Thes One, 1977, Rapper
Thomas Brackett Reed, 1839, Politician
Thomas E. Stephens, 1904, Politician
Thomas Hearns, 1958, Boxer
Thomas Love Peacock, 1785, Novelist
Thomas Wenski, 1950, Religious Leader
Timmy Mallett, 1955, TV Show Host
Toby Regbo, 1991, Movie Actor
Todd Hamilton, 1965, Golfer
Tommy Joe Ratliff, 1981, Guitarist
Tristan Pang, 2001, Teacher
Tully Smyth, 1987, Reality Star
Tyler Posey, 1991, TV Actor
Vasanthi Chathurani, 1962, TV Actress
Vickie Winans, 1953, Gospel Singer
Vincent Spano, 1962, Movie Actor
Violeta Chamorro, 1929, World Leader
Vytautas Landsbergis, 1932, Politician
Wande Coal, 1985, Pop Singer
Wendy Wasserstein, 1950, Playwright
Wesley Jonathan, 1978, TV Actor
Willie Horton, 1942, Baseball Player
Wilma Elles, 1986, TV Actress
Wynton Marsalis, 1961, Composer
Yoenis Cespedes, 1985, Baseball Player
Young Fateh, 1999, Rapper
Yukmouth, 1974, Rapper
Zac Efron, 1987, Movie Actor
Zakir Naik, 1965, Doctor
Zhou Xun, 1974, Movie Actress


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