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October 1 Famous Birthdays

October 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 1 … there’s much to be said about this Libra. They are the host that everyone wishes they could be. They have the ability to own a room and really work the crowd. Having an instinctual or mental connection with certain people, they get to know their inner person without them ever saying a word.


Famous October 1 celebrities hardly are ever wrong about anyone. However, when they are, they would rather not admit that they were wrong. They can be challenging when they want to be. The young Libra will probably be infatuated many times over. Once the heart has matured, they will find someone totally awesome to have around. This person will likely be most like you. Taurus is an awesome match usually.


Famous people born on October 1 have no problems keeping their figure or shape. They’re energetic enough plus they get their exercise by walking extra miles inside the malls. They say it provides a certain atmosphere that is inviting and intriguing but no one can accuse them of being a shopaholic.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 1st, could be a creative Librans that everyone looks up to. They are known for having the right words to say in case of conflict and can make good decisions at the drop of a hat. However, they are impatient.

October 1 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 October Good Traits:

  • Diplomatic
  • Resourceful
  • Intelligent
  • Troubleshooter
  • Peacemaker
  • Leader
  • Calm
  • Gracious
  • Social
  • Confident
  • Adaptable

1 October Bad Traits:

  • Impatient
  • Intolerant
  • Extravagant
  • Proud
  • Edgy
  • Rash

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October 1 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham Sofaer, 1896, Movie Actor
Adam Blythe, 1989, Cyclist
Adele Anthony, 1970, Violinist
Aisyah Shakirah, 1994, YouTube Star
Albert Cavens, 1906, Movie Actor
Albert Collins, 1932, Guitarist
Alex Chiasson, 1990, Hockey Player
Alex McCord, 1973, Reality Star
Alfredo Olivas, 1994, World Music Singer
Alice Joyce, 1890, Movie Actress
Alvaro De Mendaña Deneira, 1542, Explorer
Alvaro Demendana, 1542, Explorer
Amra Silajdzic, 1984, Model
Amy Archer-Gilligan, 1868, Criminal
Andre Rieu, 1949, Composer
Andrew O’Keefe, 1971, Game Show Host
Andrus Ansip, 1956, Politician

Anna Drijver, 1983, Movie Actress
Annie Besant, 1847, Civil Rights Leader
Anthony Higgins, 1840, Politician
Art ala Carte, 1977, YouTube Star
Aurin Squire, 1979, Playwright
Avneet Kaur, 1999, TV Actress
Barry Conlon, 1978, Soccer Player
Beck Bennett, 1984, TV Actor
Ben Wicks, 1926, Cartoonist
Benjamin T. Biggs, 1821, Politician
Beth Chamberlin, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Betty Autier, 1983, Model
Big Flock, 1992, Rapper
Bimba Bose, 1975, Model
Bingham Ray, 1954, Film Producer
Blanche Oelrichs, 1890, Poet
Bob Geigel, 1924, Wrestler
Bonnie Parker, 1910, Criminal
Boris Morukov, 1950, Astronaut
october 1 famous birthdaysBrandon Keener, 1974, TV Actor
Brian Greenway, 1951, Guitarist
Brian McFayden, 1976, TV Show Host
Brian P. Cleary, 1959, Children’s Author
Brian Simo, 1959, Race Car Driver
Brie Larson, 1989, Movie Actress
Cally Jane Beech, 1991, Model
Cariba Heine, 1988, TV Actress
Carmen Hill, 1895, Baseball Player
Caroline Harrison, 1832, Political Wife
Catrinel Menghia, 1985, Model
Chantel Jeffries, 1992, Instagram Star
Charles Cros, 1842, Poet
Charles Daudelin, 1920, Sculptor
Charles Evenden, 1894, Cartoonist
Charlie McDonnell, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Johnson, 1984, Baseball Player
Christian Borle, 1973, Stage Actor

Christine Andreas, 1951, Stage Actress
Christopher Titus, 1964, TV Actor
Cindy Margolis, 1965, Model
Clarissa Serna, 1986, Pop Singer
Cliff Ronning, 1965, Hockey Player
Colin Moran, 1992, Baseball Player
Cora Emmanuel, 1992, Model
Cozz, 1993, Rapper
Cub Koda, 1948, Rock Singer
Curtis Axel, 1979, Wrestler
Curtis Axel, 1979, Wrestler
Curtis Lundy, 1955, Bassist
Dan Karaty, 1976, Dancer
Daniel Boorstin, 1914, Historian
Daniela Katzenberger, 1986, Reality Star
Danielle Bisutti, 1976, TV Actress
Danielle Scott-arruda, 1972, Volleyball Player
Danika Yarosh, 1998, TV Actress
Danny Johnson, 1944, Hockey Player

Daphne Mayo, 1895, Sculptor
Darren Ford, 1985, Baseball Player
Dave Arneson, 1947, Game Designer
Dave Holland, 1946, Drummer
David Herbert Donald, 1920, Non-Fiction Author
David Lauren, 1971, businessexective
Devin Nunes, 1973, Politician
Dexter Strickland, 1990, Basketball Player
Diana Haddad, 1976, World Music Singer
Dizzee Rascal, 1985, Rapper
Donny Hathaway, 1945, Soul Singer
Drew Chadwick, 1992, Rapper
Duncan Edwards, 1936, Soccer Player
Dustin Hopkins, 1990, Football Player
Dwight Phillips, 1977, Long Jumper
Edward Gothard, 1904, Cricket Player
Elle Mulvaney, 2002, TV Actress
Emerald Fennell, 1985, TV Actress
Emilio Pettoruti, 1892, Painter
Ena Kostabi, 1962, Guitarist
Eric Poncet, 1990, Guitarist
Eric Stevens, 1989, Football Player
Ernest Haycox, 1899, Novelist
Esai Morales, 1962, TV Actor
Everett Sloane, 1909, Movie Actor
Fabio Grossi, 1977, Dancer
Faith Baldwin, 1893, Novelist
Fletcher Knebel, 1911, Novelist
Florin Salam, 1979, World Music Singer
Gaby Mudingayi, 1981, Soccer Player
Gary Ablett Sr., 1961, Australian Rules Footballer
Gay Courter, 1944, Novelist
George Archer, 1939, Golfer
George Asprey, 1966, Movie Actor
George Peppard, 1928, TV Actor
George Weah, 1966, Soccer Player
Gigi Lai, 1971, Movie Actress
Greg Davis Jr., 1984, Vine Star
Grete Waitz, 1953, Runner
Gunnar Stansson, 1986, YouTube Star
Gus Kenworthy, 1991, Skier
Hakeem Kae-Kazim, 1962, Movie Actor
Harry Hill, 1964, Comedian
Hazal Kaya, 1990, TV Actress
Heather Hunter, 1969, Model
Heather Rae, 1966, Film Producer
Heinrich Mark, 1911, Politician
Helio Gracie, 1913, Boxer
Henry Franklin, 1940, Bassist
Henry III, 1207, Royalty
Holly Elissa, 1979, TV Actress
Howard Hewett, 1955, R&B Singer
Irwin Kostal, 1911, Composer
Isis King, 1985, Model
Izabela Dragneva, 1971, Weight Lifter
Jack Carroll, 1998, Comedian
Jackie Battle, 1983, Football Player
James Whitmore, 1921, Movie Actor
Janie Sell, 1939, Stage Actress
Jared Breeze, 2005, Movie Actor
Jay Underwood, 1968, Movie Actor
Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1943, Director
Jeff Unaegbu, 1979, Non-Fiction Author
Jeremy Jones, 1993, YouTube Star
Jerome Bruner, 1915, Scientist
Jerome Lemelson, 1997, Scientist
Jethrotex, 1994, YouTube Star
Jim Pattison, 1928, Entrepreneur
Jimmy Carter, 1924, US President
Joe Kirk, 1903, TV Actor
John Hegley, 1953, Poet
Johnny Oduya, 1981, Hockey Player
Johnny Olmos, 1990, YouTube Star
Jon Cooper, 1986, Football Player
Jordan Woolley, 1981, Movie Actor
Josh Brener, 1984, TV Actor
Joshua Wurman, 1960, Scientist
Julie Andrews, 1935, Movie Actress
Julio Jaramillo, 1935, World Music Singer
Jurnee Smollett, 1986, TV Actress
Justin Westhoff, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
Katherine Reback, 1951, Screenwriter
Katie Aselton, 1978, TV Actress
Keith Duffy, 1974, Pop Singer
Kevin Griffin, 1968, Guitarist
Kevin Stallings, 1960, Basketball Coach
Kim Sun-a, 1975, TV Actress
Kristian Harloff, 1980, YouTube Star
Kyle Clark, 1984, News Anchor
Laurence Harvey, 1928, Movie Actor
Leah Renee Cudmore, 1985, TV Actress
LeFloid, 1987, YouTube Star
Leila Hatami, 1972, Movie Actress
Leila Hatami, 1972, Movie Actress
Len Brown, 1956, Politician
Liaquat Ali Khan, 1895, Politician
Lil Chuckee, 1995, Rapper
Lonny Chapman, 1920, TV Actor
Louis Untermeyer, 1885, Poet
Lucy Li, 2002, Golfer
Luella Cece, 2004, YouTube Star
Lujan Fernandez, 1985, Model
Luke Foushee, 1999, Vine Star
Luna Aura, 1992, Pop Singer
Luna Blaise, 2001, TV Actress
Madeleine Harris, 2001, Movie Actress
Manoela Antelo, 2005, YouTube Star
Mario Ruiz, 1993, YouTube Star
Mariska Veres, 1947, Rock Singer
Mark Durden-Smith, 1968, TV Show Host
Mark McGwire, 1963, Baseball Player
Marlisa, 1999, Pop Singer
Marlisa, 1999, Pop Singer
Martin Kendal, 1997, Family Member
Marvin Gaye Sr., 1914, Family Member
Mary Anna Custis Lee, 1808, Politician
Mary McFadden, 1938, Fashion Designer
Masato Nakamura, 1958, Composer
Matt Cain, 1984, Baseball Player
Matt Donnelly, 1986, Drummer
Matthew Carter, 1937,
Matthew Daddario, 1987, TV Actor
Melissa d’Arabian, 1968, Chef
Michael Brandt, 1968, Screenwriter
Michael Gruber, 1940, Novelist
Michael Persad, 1993, Vine Star
Michelle MangaMinx, 1983, YouTube Star
Micky Flanagan, 1962, Comedian
Minta Durfee, 1889, Movie Actress
Misty Kingma, 1985, TV Producer
Monica Spear, 1984, Model
Mykolas Krupavicius, 1885, Politician
Myles Parrish, 1992, R&B Singer
Nanci Chambers, 1963, TV Actress
Natalia Vargas, 1999, YouTube Star
Nell Tiger Free, 1999, TV Actress
Nick Helm, 1980, Comedian
Nick Whitaker, 1988, Movie Actor
Nicola Wilson, 1978, Equestrian
Nicole Atkins, 1978, Pop Singer
Noah Hayden, 1994, Rock Singer
Oktavijan Miletic, 1902, Director
Olga Fonda, 1982, TV Actress
Olivia Dunne, 2002, Gymnast
Paige McPherson, 1990, MMA Fighter
Patrick Henry Brady, 1936, War Hero
Patrick Mulcahey, 1958, Screenwriter
Paul Dukas, 1865, Composer
Paul Rankin, 1959, Chef
Paul Walsh, 1962, Soccer Player
Peter Thomas, 1960, Reality Star
Philip Cox, 1939, Architect
Phoemela Baranda, 1980, TV Show Host
Porcelain Black, 1985, Rapper
Randy Quaid, 1950, Movie Actor
Remmy Valenzuela, 1990, World Music Singer
Ricardo Vaz Te, 1986, Soccer Player
Richard Harris, 1930, Movie Actor
Richard Jago, 1715, Poet
Richard Oakes, 1976, Guitarist
Richard Stockton, 1730, Lawyer
Ripu Daman Handa, 1989, Chef
Robbie E, 1983, Wrestler
Robert Gist, 1917, Movie Actor
Robert Rey, 1961, Doctor
Roberto Kelly, 1964, Baseball Player
Rod Carew, 1945, Baseball Player
Roxane Mesquida, 1981, Movie Actress
Rudi Johnson, 1979, Football Player
Rupert Friend, 1981, Movie Actor
Ryle Paolo Tan, 1998, Dancer
Sabrina Vaz, 1997, YouTube Star
Sam Clemmett, 1993, Stage Actor
Sami Miro, 1987, Model
Samuel William Yorty, 1909, Politician
Sara Berman, 1979, Fashion Designer
Sarah Drew, 1980, TV Actress
Sarah Nettleton, 1950, Architect
Sayaka Kanda, 1986, Pop Singer
Scheiffer Bates, 1991, YouTube Star
SD Burman, 1906, Composer
Sherri Saum, 1974, TV Actress
Sicily Sewell, 1985, TV Actress
Sivaji Ganesan, 1928, Movie Actor
Song Il-gook, 1971, Movie Actor
Stella Stevens, 1938, Movie Actress
Stephen Collins, 1947, TV Actor
Steve Dejarnatt, 1960, Screenwriter
Steve Purcell, 1961, Cartoonist
Steven Hogg, 1985, Soccer Player
Stewart Alexander, 1951, Politician
Stuart Hampshire, 1914, Philosopher
Stuart Lafferty, 1987, TV Actor
Ted Healy, 1896, Comedian
Ted King, 1965, TV Actor
Theresa May, 1956, Politician
Tibor Reich, 1916,
Tim O’Brien, 1946, Novelist
Tim Robards, 1982, Reality Star
Tirunesh Dibaba, 1985, Runner
Tobias Truvillion, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Tom Bosley, 1927, TV Actor
Tom Falcone, 1991, Photographer
Tom Hooper, 1972, Director
Tom Platt, 1993, Soccer Player
Tom Rodriguez, 1987, TV Actor
Touriya Haoud, 1977, Model
Victor Garcia, 1975, World Music Singer
Vineeth Sreenivasan, 1985, World Music Singer
Vladimir Horowitz, 1903, Pianist
Vyacheslav Vedenin, 1941, Skier
Walter Matthau, 1920, TV Actor
Wayne Gallman, 1994, Football Player
William Boeing, 1881, Entrepreneur
William Rehnquist, 1924, Supreme Court Justice
William Thomas Beckford, 1760, Novelist
William Tuohy, 1926, Journalist
Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, 2014, Family Member
Xander Bogaerts, 1992, Baseball Player
Yip Man, 1893, Teacher
Youssou N’dour, 1959, World Music Singer
Yvette Freeman, 1957, TV Actress
Zach Galifianakis, 1969, Movie Actor
Zatia, 2000, Dancer
Zhou Weiqi, 1986, Chess Player


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