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November 28 Famous Birthdays

November 28 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 28 could be very ambitious people. As a Sagittarius, they thrive on challenges. They may have had a few jobs in their life because of this and the desire to do something which is not common.


They are normally easy going and easy to please but they can be unpredictable as well. They can be wicked, imaginative, and indecisive. However changeable they continue to motivate others. They like the attention they get from being the show off or the leader.


Famous celebrities born on November 28 are comedians by nature. They have a way of making people giggle and bust a gut laughing so hard, tears run down their face. As a famous Sagittarius born on November 28, they take their health seriously. They have a lot of energy most of the time so when they don’t, everyone knows there is something wrong with them. Inactivity on their part warrants a trip to the doctor.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 28th have their birthday zodiac sign as Sagittarius. This could mean that they have split personalities. As this is true, they look for a career that appears complicated to others. When it comes to their health, they combine their physical and mental well-being together.

November 28 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28 November Good Traits:

  • Ambitious
  • Hard Working
  • Dedicated
  • Resilient
  • Organized
  • Unique
  • Logical
  • Skillful
  • Gritty
  • Indomitable

28 November Bad Traits:

  • Quiet
  • Reserved
  • Naughty
  • FStubborn
  • Silent
  • Superior
  • Disappointed
  • Obsessive
  • Distrustful
  • Cunning

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November 28 Famous Birthday Personalities

Ace Trainer Liam, 1988, YouTube Star
Adam Hicks, 1992, TV Actor
Adam McArthur, 1982, Voice Actor
Adem Jashari, 1955, War Hero
Adlan Cruz, 1968, Pianist
Adrian Rodriguez, 1988, TV Actor
Agnieszka Holland, 1948, Director
Aimee Garcia, 1978, TV Actress
AJ Soares, 1988, Soccer Player
Alan Gewirth, 1912, Philosopher
Alan Lightman, 1948, Teacher
Alan Ritchson, 1984, TV Actor
Alan Scobie, 1967, Pianist
Alessandro Altobelli, 1955, Soccer Player
Alexander Blok, 1880, Poet
Alexander Godunov, 1949, Dancer
Alexandra Lund, 2002, Dancer
Alfonso Cuaron, 1961, Director
Alice Henley, 1982, TV Actress

Alien Huang, 1983, TV Show Host
Alistair Darling, 1953, Politician
Allan Pineda, 1974, Rapper
Alvaro Pereira, 1985, Soccer Player
Ana Maria Alvarado, 1968, Journalist
Andrew Bogut, 1984, Basketball Player
Andrew Gale, 1983, Cricket Player
Andrew Grieve, 1939, Director
Anna Crilly, 1975, Comedian
Anna Nicole Smith, 1967, Reality Star
Anton Rubinstein, 1829, Pianist
Armando Iannucci, 1963, Screenwriter
Assi El Helani, 1968, World Music Singer
Avery Corman, 1935, Novelist
Azar Habib, 1945, World Music Singer
Barbara Morgan, 1951, Astronaut
Belisario Porras Barahona, 1856, Politician
Ben Sollee, 1983, Composer
Benjamin Angoua, 1986, Soccer Player
Berry Gordy Jr., 1929, Entrepreneur
november 28 famous birthdaysBianca Manalo, 1987, Instagram Star
Blackbear, 1992, Pop Singer
Bobby Chacon, 1951, Boxer
Brayan Beckeles, 1985, Soccer Player
Brent Albright, 1978, Wrestler
Brianna Chase, 1997, YouTube Star
Brooks Atkinson, 1894, Journalist
Bruce Channel, 1940, Rock Singer
Bryshere Gray, 1993, TV Actor
Butch Thompson, 1943, Pianist
Camille Jones, 1973, Pop Singer
Carol Gilligan, 1936, Teacher
Cat Ellington, 1970, Pop Singer
Cecilia Colledge, 1920, Figure Skater
Chamillionaire, 1979, Rapper
Charles Dale, 1963, TV Actor
Chase Elliott, 1995, Race Car Driver
Chigozie Agbim, 1984, Soccer Player
Chrissy Renaee, 1991, YouTube Star
Chuck Mitchell, 1927, Movie Actor
Claire Ruiz, 1997, TV Actress

Claude Black, 1916, Civil Rights Leader
Clem Curtis, 1940, Soul Singer
Cliff Barackman, 1970, TV Show Host
Colman Domingo, 1969, Stage Actor
Cornelia Guest, 1963, Novelist
Craig Kieswetter, 1987, Cricket Player
Dain Blanton, 1971, Volleyball Player
Damon Dash II, 1991, Reality Star
Dan Thomas, 1980, Sportscaster
Dane Bowers, 1979, Pop Singer
Daniel Henney, 1979, TV Actor
Daniel Jang, 1990, Violinist
Daniel Matsunaga, 1988, Model
Dave Lee, 1956, Darts Player
Dave Righetti, 1958, Baseball Player
David De Lautour, 1982, TV Actor
David Van Day, 1956, Pop Singer
Davine Nesbitt, 1998, Vine Star
Dawn Powell, 1896, Playwright
Declan O’Donnell, 1990, Rugby Player
Dedra Allen, 1972, Reality Star
Dedryck Boyata, 1990, Soccer Player

Demya Walker, 1977, Basketball Player
Dennis Irwin, 1951, Bassist
Dennis Yin, 1988, Dancer
Dev Joshi, 2000, TV Actor
Dianne Oxberry, 1967, TV Show Host
Dick Morris, 1948, Journalist
Dustin Hook, 1987, Bassist
Dylan Bluestone, 1998, Soap Opera Actor
Ed Harris, 1950, Movie Actor
Edouard Roger-vasselin, 1983, Tennis Player
Ellie Taylor, 1983, Comedian
Emilia Schule, 1992, Movie Actress
Emily May, 1991, YouTube Star
Emma Louise, 1993, Pop Singer
Emun Elliott, 1983, TV Actor
Eric Shinseki, 1942, War Hero
Erick Rowan, 1981, Wrestler
Ernie Ladd, 1938, Football Player
Esha Gupta, 1985, Movie Actress
Fabio Grosso, 1977, Soccer Player
Fatman Scoop, 1979, Rapper
Ferdinand Ries, 1784, Composer
Fiona Button, 1986, TV Actress
Francine Lewis, 1975, TV Actress
Frank Kearns, 1917, Journalist
Frank Phillips, 1873, Entrepreneur
Frederick Van Johnson, 1967, Photographer
Friedrich Engels, 1820, Philosopher
Gary Hart, 1936, Politician
Gato Barbieri, 1932, Saxophonist
Gaz Coward, 1986, Director
Geoff Payne, 1957, Family Member
Gina Tognoni, 1973, TV Actress
Gloria Grahame, 1923, Movie Actress
Grace Mandeville, 1994, TV Actress
Gradur, 1990, Rapper
Gustav Hasford, 1947, Journalist
Gylve Fenris Nagell, 1971, Drummer
Harry Carroll, 1892, Composer
Hayden Tank, 1992, TV Actor
Hazama Ahmad Azmi, 1984, Rock Singer
Helen Magill White, 1853, Teacher
Henry Jolles, 1902, Pianist
Henry Picard, 1906, Golfer
Hope Lange, 1933, Movie Actress
Howard Fine, 1958, Director
Ian Kirkby, 1968, TV Actor
Jackie Sherrill, 1943, Football Coach
Jackson Yi, 2000, Dancer
Jacqueline Leonard, 1965, TV Actress
Jacqui Ainsley, 1981, Model
Jade Puget, 1973, Guitarist
Jake Miller, 1992, Rapper
James Hogan, 1956, Business Executive
James Karen, 1923, Movie Actor
James Tanner, 1976, Chef
James Zwerg, 1939, Civil Rights Leader
Jane Sibbett, 1962, TV Actress
Jarvis Landry, 1992, Football Player
Jeannine Oppewall, 1946, Director
Jeffrey Byron, 1955, Soap Opera Actor
Jesse Cook, 1964, Guitarist
Jesus Montero, 1989, Baseball Player
Joe Cole, 1988, TV Actor
Joe Dante, 1946, Director
Joe Hong, 1930, Fashion Designer
John Galliano, 1960, Fashion Designer
John Lloyd Stephens, 1805, Explorer
John Richmond, 1960, Fashion Designer
Johnny Newman, 1963, Basketball Player
Johnny Simmons, 1986, Movie Actor
Jon Stewart, 1962, TV Show Host
Jonathan Brown, 1975, Football Player
Jonty Hearnden, 1960, TV Show Host
Jose Iturbi, 1895, Pianist
Judd Nelson, 1959, Movie Actor
Kamal, 1957, Director
Karen Gillan, 1987, TV Actress
Kevin Prince, 1989, Football Player
Kianna Underwood, 1992, TV Actress
Kim Cameron, 1966, Pop Singer
Kiril Georgiev, 1965, Chess Player
Kriss Akabusi, 1958, Runner
Kyle Desenberg, 1995, Cheerleader
Landry N’Guemo, 1985, Soccer Player
Laura Antonelli, 1941, Movie Actress
Lawry Lewin, 1985, TV Actor
Leah LaRosa, 1995, Vine Star
Leandro Barbosa, 1982, Basketball Player
Leo Romero, 1986, Skateboarder
Lewis Bloor, 1989, Reality Star
Lil Ceno, 1992, Rapper
Lilia Skala, 1896, Movie Actress
Lindsay Deutsch, 1984, Violinist
Louis Hirsch, 1887, Composer
Louisa Jane Preston, 1978, Journalist
Louise Bourgoin, 1981, Movie Actress
Lucy Owen, 1970, TV Show Host
Luke Howard, 1772, Scientist
Ly’Asia, 1999, Rapper
Manolo Blahnik, 1942, Fashion Designer
Marc-Andre Fleury, 1984, Hockey Player
Martin Clunes, 1961, Comedian
Martin Cummins, 1969, TV Actor
Martina Stella, 1984, Movie Actress
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 1984, Movie Actress
Mary Oppen, 1908, Activist
Matsudaira Ken, 1953, TV Actor
Matt Cameron, 1962, Drummer
Matt Williams, 1965, Baseball Player
Maurissa Tancharoen, 1975, Screenwriter
Melanie Easter, 1972, Swimmer
Mervyn Graham, 1976, YouTube Star
Michael Allen, 1990, Rugby Player
Michael Bennet, 1964, Politician
Michael Blackson, 1972, Comedian
Michael Groth, 1994, YouTube Star
Mick Flannery, 1983, Rock Singer
Mircea Monroe, 1982, TV Actress
Mireia Lalaguna, 1992,
Monster, 1976, Guitarist
Morris Louis, 1912, Painter
Muhammed Suicmez, 1975, Guitarist
Nasser Al Qasabi, 1961, Comedian
Nathan Keyes, 1985, TV Actor
Nena Guzman, 1990, World Music Singer
Nick Knight, 1969, Cricket Player
Nick Sheppard, 1960, Guitarist
Owen Dodson, 1914, Poet
Pamela Hayden, 1953, Voice Actor
Paul Dinello, 1962, Screenwriter
Paul Shaffer, 1949, Composer
Paul Warfield, 1942, Football Player
Pedro Astacio, 1968, Baseball Player
Penelope Corrin, 1975, TV Actress
Peter Chan Ho-sun, 1962, Director
Prateik Babbar, 1986, Movie Actor
Princeton Hamblett, 2013, Family Member
Prohgress, 1984, Music Producer
Qi Yuwu, 1976, TV Actor
Quintavious Johnson, 2001, Pop Singer
RafiRaffee, 1993, YouTube Star
Randy Newman, 1943, Rock Singer
RB Greaves, 1943, Pop Singer
Red Grammer, 1952, Folk Singer
Richard Osman, 1970, TV Producer
Richard Saunders, 1965, Radio Host
Rita Mae Brown, 1944, Novelist
Rita Mae Brown, 1944, Novelist
Ritchie Delaet, 1988, Soccer Player
Rob Conway, 1972, Wrestler
Rob Smedley, 1973,
Robb Nen, 1969, Baseball Player
Rose Abdoo, 1962, TV Actress
Rose Tamang, 2001, YouTube Star
Rostam Batmanglij, 1983, Rock Singer
Roy Tarpley, 1964, Basketball Player
Ruth Crilly, 1980, Model
Ryan Kwanten, 1976, TV Actor
Ryan Letourneau, 1988, YouTube Star
Ryan Sampson, 1985, TV Actor
S Epatha Merkerson, 1952, TV Actress
Sage Steele, 1972, Sportscaster
Sam Seder, 1966, Comedian
Samantha Davies, 1974,
Samuel Earle, 1760, Politician
Sandra Bookman, 1959, Journalist
Sarah Perry, 1979, Journalist
Sathya Sai Baba, 1926, Religious Leader
Scarlett Pomers, 1988, TV Actress
Scarlett Rose, 1992, Model
Shane Harte, 1996, TV Actor
Sharon Needles, 1981, Reality Star
Shym, 1985, Pop Singer
Sian Williams, 1964, Journalist
Snervous Tori, 1993, YouTube Star
Sonia O’Sullivan, 1969, Runner
Stephanie Weir, 1967, TV Actress
Stephen Roche, 1959, Cyclist
Stephnie Weir, 1967, Comedian
Steven Waddington, 1968, Movie Actor
Styles P., 1974, Rapper
Summer Rae, 1983, Wrestler
Sunny Mabrey, 1975, TV Actress
Tanya Robinson, 1981, Model
Terri Seymour, 1974, TV Show Host
Terry Burrows, 1968, Baseball Player
Tiffany Alyssa, 1994, YouTube Star
Timothy Krajcir, 1944, Criminal
Tin Jedvaj, 1995, Soccer Player
Tom Lees, 1990, Soccer Player
Tomoyo Harada, 1967, TV Actress
Tracy Behr, 1983, TV Show Host
Trevor Hall, 1986, Rock Singer
Trey Songz, 1984, R&B Singer
Tyler Glenn, 1983, Pop Singer
Vahbbiz Dorabjee, 1985, TV Actress
Vivienne Tam, 1957, Fashion Designer
Walt Weiss, 1963, Baseball Player
Wendi Reed, 1966, Fashion Designer
Wes Westrum, 1922, Baseball Player
Whitney Engen, 1987, Soccer Player
Willem De Vlamingh, 1640, Explorer
William Blake, 1757, Philosopher
William Heirens, 1928, Criminal
Yami Gautam, 1988, Movie Actress


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