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November 17 Famous Birthdays

November 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 17 can be capricious Scorpio. They do things on a whim which means they could be here today and gone tomorrow. They look at life differently from others. They like to laugh, and have a good time.


They are a breath of fresh air but their attitude could be misconstrued. To give their trust freely is something they rarely do. So they can appear to be standoffish. Usually it takes a lot to make them give up. The November 17 famous celebrities have determination and can battle with the best of them. This is especially true when it comes to finding the perfect love match.


Famous people born on November 17 want to have a relationship which is loyal and dedicated. But they may be guilty of utilizing a double standard. They may occasionally “step out” and see other people. It would seem that they have a high libido with a mind of its own. This could land them in a lot of trouble.


They say it’s because they are not being stimulated the way they need to be but we all know it’s about self control. They need to let go of one relationship before they start another.

The decisions of famous people born on November 17th are based on how they look at life and because they have integrity. These people are fun to have around. Particularly, they seem to motivate people as they care about others and are often times, the peacemaker of the family.

November 17 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17 November Good Traits:

  • Wise
  • Artistic
  • Tough
  • Appealing
  • Insightful
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Independent
  • Tactful
  • Tolerant
  • Soft
  • Decisive
  • Understanding

17 November Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Stubborn
  • Destructive
  • Temperamental
  • Blunt
  • Apprehensive

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November 17 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Finch, 1986, Cricket Player
Aaron Lines, 1977, Country Singer
Abby Celso, 1995, Pop Singer
Aja Wooldridge, 2006, Movie Actress
Albert Outler, 1908, Philosopher
Alex Colon, 1986, Soccer Player
Alexis Vastine, 1986, Boxer
Alice Arnold, 1962, Radio Host
Alison Lester, 1952, Children’s Author
Amanda Levete, 1955, Architect
Amena Kin, 1983, YouTube Star
Andrew Barber, 1980, Entrepreneur
Andrew L. Harris, 1835, War Hero
Anthony Pazos, 1988, Reality Star
Archana Vijaya, 1982, TV Show Host
Aviva Drescher, 1972, Reality Star
Ayydubs, 1995, YouTube Star
Azita Ghanizada, 1979, TV Actress
Barry McCaffrey, 1942, Politician
Ben Allison, 1966, Bassist
Bernd Schneider, 1973, Soccer Player
Betty Bronson, 1906, Movie Actress

Beverly Peele, 1975, Model
Bill Morrison, 1965, Director
Bob Gaudio, 1942, Pop Singer
Bob Mathias, 1930, Politician
Bojana Novakovic, 1981, Movie Actress
Brandon Call, 1976, TV Actor
Brooke Green, 2000, Dancer
Butch Davis, 1951, Football Coach
Calfreezy, 1995, YouTube Star
Case Snedecor, 1995, Drummer
Charles MacKerras, 1925, Conductor
Charles Walters, 1911, Stage Actor
Chief Pat, 1990, YouTube Star
Christopher Paolini, 1983, Novelist
Christy Nockels, 1973, Gospel Singer
Clay Pell, 1981, Lawyer
Clayton Fredericks, 1967, Equestrian
Cora Adele, 2003, YouTube Star
Craig Noone, 1987, Soccer Player
D’Angelo Castro, 2000, Dancer
Daisy Fuentes, 1966, TV Actress
november 17 famous birthdaysDani Levy, 1957, Director
Daniel Coonan, 1974, TV Actor
Danny DeVito, 1944, Movie Actor
Danny Seth, 1990, Rapper
Dartron, 1989, YouTube Star
Davey Richmond, 1988, Metal Singer
David Amram, 1930, Composer
David Emanuel, 1952, Fashion Designer
David Ramsey, 1971, TV Actor
Dean Paul Martin Jr., 1951, Family Member
Dejon Gomes, 1989, Football Player
Dennis Maruk, 1955, Hockey Player
Devin Gordon, 2000, YouTube Star
Diane Neal, 1976, TV Actress
DJ Alyshia, 1987, DJ
Doug Walker, 1981, YouTube Star
Dr. Heavenly, 1970, Doctor
Dragan Bender, 1997, Basketball Player
Dylan Walsh, 1963, TV Actor
Ed Brubaker, 1966, Cartoonist

Eli Marrero, 1973, Baseball Player
Eliza Sam, 1984, TV Actress
Ellen Thomas, 1956, TV Actress
Ellie Harrison, 1977, TV Show Host
Elvin Hayes, 1945, Basketball Player
Eric Nam, 1988, Pop Singer
Ethan Karpathy, 2000, Pop Singer
Evelyne Brochu, 1983, Movie Actress
Everth Cabrera, 1986, Baseball Player
FaZeRuler, 1996, YouTube Star
Fenella Fielding, 1927, Movie Actress
Frank Fay, 1891, Comedian
Frank Yang, 1985, YouTube Star
Fraser Agar, 1983, YouTube Star
Fredy Girardet, 1936, Chef
Gale Agbossoumonde, 1991, Soccer Player
Gary Bell, 1936, Baseball Player
Gary Goldman, 1944, Screenwriter
Gary Pomerantz, 1960, Novelist
Gary Shirley, 1986, Reality Star
Gene Clark, 1944, Rock Singer

Gethin Jenkins, 1980, Rugby Player
Gina Barrett, 1992, Reality Star
Glenn Richards, 1972, Rock Singer
Goran Grgic, 1965, Movie Actor
Gordon Lightfoot, 1938, Pop Singer
Grace Abbott, 1878, Activist
Greg Rutherford, 1986, Long Jumper
Harris Goldberg, 1972, Screenwriter
Harry Ackerman, 1912, TV Producer
Harry Gregory, 1995, Instagram Star
Harry Lloyd, 1983, TV Actor
Heavenly Joy, 2009, Pop Singer
Herbalisti, 1993, YouTube Star
Homer Lea, 1876, Non-Fiction Author
Horacio Carbonetti, 1947, Golfer
Howard Dean, 1948, Politician
Ioannis Bourousis, 1983, Basketball Player
Isaac Hanson, 1980, Pop Singer
Isamu Noguchi, 1904, Architect
Jack Cusack, 1890, Scientist
Jack Froggatt, 1922, Soccer Player
Jack Vettriano, 1951, Painter
Jacob Eason, 1997, Football Player
Jacqueline Aguilera, 1976, Model
Jasmine Ariel, 1989, YouTube Star
Jaybull, 1990, YouTube Star
Jeff Buckley, 1966, Rock Singer
Jeff Nelson, 1966, Baseball Player
Jeffrey Ridgway Sr., 1963, YouTube Star
Jerome James, 1975, Basketball Player
Jessica Holmes, 1976, TV Show Host
Jim Babjak, 1957, Guitarist
Jim Boeheim, 1944, Basketball Coach
Jim Inhofe, 1934, Politician
Jimmy Cross, 1938, Pop Singer
Joel Williams, 1995, Reality Star
Johannes Poulsen, 1881, Dancer
John Boehner, 1949, Politician
John Nicholson, 1827, Politician
John Wells, 1936, Screenwriter
Jon Cor, 1984, TV Actor
Jonah Platt, 1986, TV Actor
Jonathan Paget, 1983, Horse Jockey
Jonathan Ross, 1960, TV Show Host
Joost Van den Vondel, 1587, Poet
Jorge Hernandez, 1954, Boxer
Julieta Granada, 1986, Golfer
June Mar Fajardo, 1989, Basketball Player
Justene Jaro, 1983, Model
Justin Cooper, 1988, Movie Actor
Kara Hayward, 1998, Movie Actress
Kat DeLuna, 1987, Pop Singer
Kate Ceberano, 1966, Pop Singer
Katsuyori Shibata, 1979, Wrestler
Kelly Ward, 1956, Movie Actor
Kim Yu-gyeom, 1997, Pop Singer
Kimya Dawson, 1972, Rock Singer
Koki Kameda, 1986, Boxer
Kyle Dean Massey, 1981, Stage Actor
Kyle Vanden Bosch, 1978, Football Player
Landon Romano, 1994, Vine Star
Laura Wilkinson, 1977, Diver
Lauren Hutton, 1943, Model
Lee Strasberg, 1901, Director
Leonard Roberts, 1972, TV Actor
Les Clark, 1907, Cartoonist
Leslie Bibb, 1974, Movie Actress
Lev Vygotsky, 1896, Scientist
Lewis Carter-jones, 1920, Politician
Linda Lee Thomas, 1883, Family Member
Lizzie Roper, 1967, TV Actress
Logan Thirtyacre, 1994, YouTube Star
Lord Infamous, 1973, Rapper
Lorne Michaels, 1944, TV Producer
Lorraine Pascale, 1972, Chef
Lps Dave, 1946, YouTube Star
Lucy Durack, 1982, Stage Actress
Luke Kelly, 1940, Folk Singer
Manfred Erlandsson, 1999, YouTube Star
Marike de Klerk, 1937, Political Wife
Mark Read, 1954, Criminal
Martin Barre, 1946, Guitarist
Martin Scorsese, 1942, Director
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, 1958, Movie Actress
Mato Celestin Medovic, 1857, Painter
Max Hamilton, 1995, Model
Megan Lowe, 1915, Cricket Player
Megan Umansky, 1998, YouTube Star
Mercedes Martinez, 1980, Wrestler
Michael Adams, 1971, Chess Player
Michael Andrews, 1967, Composer
Michael Braxton Jr., 1968, Family Member
Michael Johnston, 1974, Politician
Milton Wright, 1828, Family Member
Mishkat Varma, 1989, TV Actor
Mitch Williams, 1964, Baseball Player
Moses Sithole, 1964, Criminal
Nani, 1986, Soccer Player
Nathan Vasher, 1981, Football Player
Nguyen Tan Dung, 1949, World Leader
Nicholas Taylor, 1927, Politician
Nick Markakis, 1983, Baseball Player
Nickatnyte, 1989, YouTube Star
Nicolas Appert, 1749, Scientist
Olivia Rodriguez, 1995, Blogger
Ore Oduba, 1986, News Anchor
Park Han-byul, 1984, TV Actress
Pat Toomey, 1961, Politician
Patrick McHale, 1983, Cartoonist
Paul Allender, 1970, Guitarist
Paul Chryst, 1965, Football Coach
Paul Joseph Watson, 1989, Activist
Paul Sorrento, 1965, Baseball Player
Peter Cook, 1937, Comedian
Petko Slaveykov, 1827, Poet
Rachel McAdams, 1978, Movie Actress
Raekwon McMillan, 1996, Football Player
Ralph Garman, 1964, Comedian
Rance Howard, 1928, TV Actor
Raquel Castro, 1994, Movie Actress
Rashanda McCants, 1986, Basketball Player
Rebecca Walker, 1969, Novelist
Reece Buttery, 2001, TV Actor
Reggie Wayne, 1978, Football Player
Reid Perry, 1988, Bassist
Rem Koolhaas, 1944, Architect
Richard Fortus, 1966, Guitarist
RJ Aguiar, 1988, YouTube Star
Rob Mayes, 1984, TV Actor
Robert Trimble, 1776, Supreme Court Justice
Rock Hudson, 1925, Movie Actor
Rocsi Diaz, 1983, TV Show Host
Roja, 1972, Movie Actress
Roland Joffe, 1945, Director
Roland Matthes, 1950, Swimmer
Ronnie Devoe, 1967, R&B Singer
Runa Laila, 1952, World Music Singer
RuPaul, 1960, TV Show Host
Ryan Bradley, 1983, Figure Skater
Ryan Braun, 1983, Baseball Player
Ryan Terry, 1988, Bodybuilder
Ryk Neethling, 1977, Swimmer
Salomeja Neris, 1904, Poet
Sara Haden, 1898, Movie Actress
Sarah Harding, 1981, Pop Singer
Sean Miller, 1968, Basketball Coach
Shane Greene, 1988, Baseball Player
Shanica Knowles, 1990, TV Actress
Shannan Click, 1981, Model
Shelby Foote, 1916, Historian
Slavko Labovic, 1962, Movie Actor
Soichiro Honda, 1906, Entrepreneur
Sophie Marceau, 1966, Movie Actress
Sparc Mac, 1992, YouTube Star
Stephen Root, 1951, TV Actor
Steven Desouza, 1947, Screenwriter
Stevie Ward, 1993, Rugby Player
Stuart Stone, 1981, Voice Actor
Stuart Vevers, 1973, Fashion Designer
Susan Rice, 1964, Politician
Sydney Smith, 1998, Vine Star
Syed Qasim Mahmood, 1928, Novelist
Tania Zaetta, 1969, TV Show Host
Terry Branstad, 1946, Politician
Terry Fenwick, 1959, Soccer Player
TheGamersJoint, 1997, YouTube Star
Tom Ellis, 1978, TV Actor
Tom Seaver, 1944, Baseball Player
Tom Wolf, 1948, Politician
Toni Sailer, 1935, Skier
Tova Traesnaes, 1941, Entrepreneur
Trey Kennedy, 1992, Vine Star
Viva Bianca, 1983, TV Actress
Voltairine Decleyre, 1866, Activist
W Ralph Basham, 1943,
Wayne McAllister, 1907, Architect
Will Vinton, 1947, Film Producer
William H. Hastie, 1904, Politician
William Merriam Burton, 1865, Scientist
William Moses, 1959, TV Actor
Wong Jeh Shyan, 1964, Entrepreneur
Yolanda King, 1955, Civil Rights Leader
Yusuf Pathan, 1982, Cricket Player
Zach Anner, 1984, Comedian
Zmenta Mihai, 1993, YouTube Star
Zoe Bell, 1978, Movie Actress


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