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November 15 Famous Birthdays

November 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 15 find themselves thinking about success a lot. As a Scorpio, they would rather set small goals and achieve them rather than goals that are unattainable or almost impossible to reach. As they do this, they find it easier to pass along the knowledge they have gained through your experiences.  Nonetheless, they can handle most situations that come their way.


However, what started out as being simple could turn out to be a mess sometimes. This could be due to their friends’ involvement in some of their ventures.


Normally, famous November 15 celebrities don’t like to be around people who are confrontational. They prefer a more constructive environment but they stand up for themselves. When this Scorpio is upset, they may not want to fuse the fire as it could be a bad situation for the other person.


Otherwise, the famous Scorpio born on November 15 is truly a likeable and devoted friend. As far a relationships, they may have to filter through all of the bad apples before deciding on one good apple and this could effect their business relationships as well.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 15th, when it comes to people are caring about their needs. Often times, they will make sacrifices for their loved ones. In love, they do not do so good but instinctively seek the ideal person. They may want to look at the friends who surround them.

November 15 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 November Good Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Dedicated
  • Popular
  • Curious
  • Spiritual
  • Dreamer
  • Forgiving
  • Zesty
  • Honest
  • Determined
  • Smart

15 November Bad Traits:

  • Vulnerable
  • Naïve
  • Superficial
  • Anxious
  • Confused
  • Extravagant

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November 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Ace Young, 1980, Pop Singer
Albert Rivera, 1979, Politician
Alexander O’Neal, 1953, R&B Singer
Alexander Rich, 1924, Scientist
Alton Tobey, 1914, Painter
Alvin Plantinga, 1932, Philosopher
Amanda Soltero, 1989, News Anchor
Amit Shankar, 1973, Novelist
Amy James-Kelly, 1995, Soap Opera Actress
Andrew Arcade, 1990, YouTube Star
Andrew Castle, 1963, Tennis Player
Andrew Martinez, 1972, Activist
Arik Armstead, 1994, Football Player
Arthur Scott Bailey, 1877, Children’s Author
Ashley Cox, 1956, Model
B.o.B, 1988, Rapper
Becky Anderson, 1967, News Anchor
Benjamin Tankard Jr., 1991, Reality Star

Benny Elias, 1963, Rugby Player
Beverly D’Angelo, 1951, Movie Actress
Big Hawk, 1969, Rapper
Bill Melendez, 1916, Cartoonist
Bill Richardson, 1947, Politician
Billy Twelvetrees, 1988, Rugby Player
Bob Beckel, 1948, Journalist
Bob Dandridge, 1947, Basketball Player
Bob Farley, 1937, Baseball Player
Bob Gunton, 1945, Movie Actor
Bobby Mares, 1990, YouTube Star
Brandon DiCamillo, 1976, Reality Star
Brett Young, 1980, Country Singer
Brian Shelley, 1981, Soccer Player
Brooks Bollinger, 1979, Football Player
Buck Pierce, 1981, Football Player
Carlyn Ocampo, 1995, Pop Singer
Carol Bruce, 1919, Stage Actress
Cartel MGM, 1994, Rapper
november 15 famous birthdaysChad Kroeger, 1974, Rock Singer
Charles E. Merriam, 1874, Scientist
Charles Godfrey, 1985, Football Player
Charles Polk, 1788, Politician
Charlotte Mew, 1869, Poet
Chea Sim, 1932, Politician
Chelsea Wolfe, 1983, Folk Singer
China Renee, 1989, YouTube Star
Chris Bores, 1978, YouTube Star
Chris Rivers, 1994, Rapper
Christian de la Campa, 1981, TV Actor
Christina Santini, 1991, Instagram Star
Cierra Healey, 1996, Dancer
Cima, 1977, Wrestler
Claudia Llosa, 1976, Director
Clio Zammatteo, 1982, YouTube Star
Clyde McPhatter, 1932, R&B Singer
Coco Grayson, 2000, TV Actress
Cory Redding, 1980, Football Player

Coty Sensabaugh, 1988, Football Player
Craig Mitch, 1990, TV Show Host
Craig Shoemaker, 1958, Comedian
Curtis Lemay, 1906, War Hero
CW McCall, 1928, Country Singer
Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, 1982, TV Actress
Daniel Barenboim, 1942, Pianist
Daniel Pinkwater, 1941, Children’s Author
Dann Huff, 1960, Guitarist
Dee Greene, 1916, TV Actress
Derrick Evans, 1952,
Devin Taylor, 1989, Football Player
Devin Thomas, 1986, Football Player
DJ Skee, 1983, DJ
Dom Joly, 1967, TV Actor
Dominic Williamson, 1975, Cricket Player
Donald Defreeze, 1943, Criminal
Dylan Bundy, 1992, Baseball Player
E-40, 1967, Rapper
E-40, 1967, Rapper
Ed Asner, 1929, Movie Actor

Eddie Breckenridge, 1979, Bassist
Eddie Germano, 1924, Cartoonist
Eddie Rios, 1981, Reality Star
Ehsan Sehgal, 1951, Poet
Eileen Abad, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Ellen Tauscher, 1951, Politician
Emma Campbell, 1997, YouTube Star
Emma Dumont, 1994, TV Actress
Eric Armenta, 1988, Drummer
Erik Hurtado, 1990, Soccer Player
Erwin Rommel, 1891, War Hero
Ethan Westbrooks, 1990, Football Player
Ethan Yoder, 1990, Bassist
Evan Adams, 1966, TV Actor
Felix Frankfurter, 1882, Supreme Court Justice
Fernando Verdasco, 1983, Tennis Player
Flex Lewis, 1983, Bodybuilder
Francois Ozon, 1967, Director
Frida Lyngstad, 1945, Pop Singer
Gaby Espino, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Gallant, 1992, R&B Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe, 1887, Painter
Gerhart Hauptmann, 1862, Novelist
Giorgio Manganelli, 1922, Novelist
Gloria Foster, 1933, Movie Actress
GoodIdeaGaming, 1993, YouTube Star
Greg Anthony, 1967, Basketball Player
Gus Bell, 1928, Baseball Player
Gus Poyet, 1967, Soccer Player
Hamza Namira, 1980, World Music Singer
iSekC, 1991, YouTube Star
Izola Forrester, 1878, Journalist
Jack Burns, 1933, Comedian
Jack Ingram, 1970, Country Singer
James Henry Hammond, 1807, Politician
Jamie Hussey, 1976, Vine Star
Jasmine Harman, 1975, TV Show Host
Jay Harrington, 1971, TV Actor
Jeff Adams, 1970, Paralympian
Jeff Pollack, 1959, TV Producer
Jeffree Star, 1986, Pop Singer
Jenifer Yaël Dadouche-bartoli, 1982, Pop Singer
Jerry Roush, 1986, Metal Singer
Jerry Unser Jr., 1932, Race Car Driver
Jessica Hynes, 1972, TV Actress
Jessica Richens, 1995, Dancer
Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez, 1984, Pop Singer
Jimmy Choo, 1952, Fashion Designer
Jimmy Coney, 1984, Tattoo Artist
JinJoo Lee, 1992, Guitarist
Joanna Barnes, 1934, TV Actress
Joe Leeway, 1955, Pop Singer
Joe Shaw, 1972, TV Actor
John Heitinga, 1983, Soccer Player
John Kerr, 1931, Movie Actor
Johnl Smith, 1948, Football Coach
Jon Hurwitz, 1977, Screenwriter
Jonalyn Viray, 1989, Pop Singer
Jonathan Vigil, 1983, Metal Singer
Jonny Lee Miller, 1972, TV Actor
Jorden Keith, 1993, Instagram Star
Jorge Bolet, 1914, Pianist
Jorge Diaz, 1973, Football Player
Judge Joseph Wapner, 1919, TV Show Host
Judith Chapman, 1951, TV Actress
Judith Richter, 1978, TV Actress
Judy Gold, 1962, Comedian
Julia Cates, 1994, YouTube Star
Justin Duggar, 2002, Reality Star
Justin Johnson, 1979, Pop Singer
Justin Wong, 1985, eSports Player
Kanata Hongo, 1990, Movie Actor
Karen Clark-Sheard, 1960, Gospel Singer
Karl-Anthony Towns, 1995, Basketball Player
KayKayEs, 1992, YouTube Star
Keene Thompson, 1885, Screenwriter
Kevan Miller, 1987, Hockey Player
Kevin Christopher, 2005, YouTube Star
Kevin Eubanks, 1957, Guitarist
Kevin O’Connor, 1963, Movie Actor
Kevin S Bright, 1954, TV Producer
Kevin Staut, 1980, Equestrian
Kitty Brucknell, 1984, Pop Singer
Kristen Bertone, 1998, YouNow Star
Kuldeep Manak, 1951, World Music Singer
Laura Garrone, 1967, Tennis Player
Leelah Alcorn, 1997,
Leslie Hall, 1981, Rapper
Levi Bent-Lee, 1989, Chef
Lewis Stone, 1879, Movie Actor
Lily Aldridge, 1985, Model
Lindsey Lee, 1989, Pop Singer
Lisa Ellis, 1982, MMA Fighter
Lofa Tatupu, 1982, Football Player
Logan Whitehurst, 1977, Drummer
Lorena Ochoa, 1981, Golfer
Luka Zahovic, 1995, Soccer Player
Mac Wilkins, 1950, Discus Thrower
Malena Ratner, 1995, TV Actress
Manuel II of Portugal, 1889, Royalty
Marco Pappa, 1987, Soccer Player
Marcus Hudson, 1982, Football Player
Marcus Reno, 1834, War Hero
Marianne Moore, 1887, Poet
Mary Sinclair, 1922, TV Actress
Matilda Ramsay, 2001, Family Member
Matthew Patrick, 1986, YouTube Star
Max Hype, 1989, DJ
Michael Pearlman, 1972, Movie Actor
Mike Mentzer, 1951, Bodybuilder
Mike Winters, 1930, Comedian
Minami Minegishi, 1992, Pop Singer
Mithzan, 1994, YouTube Star
Mohit Malik, 1982, TV Actor
Mwai Kibaki, 1931, World Leader
Naomi Childers, 1892, Movie Actress
Narinder Dhami, 1958, Young Adult Author
Natalie Skyy, 1985, Model
Nick Fradiani, 1985, Pop Singer
Nick Miles, 1962, Soap Opera Actor
Olene Smith Walker, 1930, Politician
Olga Nikolaevna, 1895, Royalty
Oliver Farnworth, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Paije Richardson, 1990, Pop Singer
Paulo Dybala, 1993, Soccer Player
Peter Phillips, 1977, Royalty
Peter Sinclair, 1938, Game Show Host
Petula Clark, 1932, Pop Singer
Rachel True, 1966, Movie Actress
Randy Savage, 1952, Wrestler
Ray McKinnon, 1957, TV Actor
Richard Pacheco, 1986, eSports Player
Richmal Crompton, 1890, Young Adult Author
Rick Atkinson, 1952, Journalist
Ricky Norwood, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Roberto Cavalli, 1940, Fashion Designer
Roger Donaldson, 1945, Director
Ross Bollinger, 1987, Cartoonist
Russell Tyrone Jones, 1968, Rapper
Ryan Bird, 1987, Soccer Player
Ryan Figlioli, 1985, Vine Star
Ryan Meara, 1990, Soccer Player
Saffron Coomber, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Waterston, 1940, TV Actor
Samir Ghanem, 1937, Comedian
Samuel Ornitz, 1890, Screenwriter
Sandip Chakrabarti, 1958, Scientist
Sania Mirza, 1986, Tennis Player
Scott Henshall, 1975, Fashion Designer
Sean Murray, 1977, TV Actor
Shailene Woodley, 1991, Movie Actress
Shanell Woodgett, 1980, R&B Singer
Shawn Ellington, 1977, Reality Star
Sidney Kathryne, 1998, YouTube Star
Sophia Di Martino, 1983, TV Actress
Squanto, 1585, Explorer
Steve Kolander, 1961, Country Singer
Stewie Dempster, 1903, Cricket Player
Susie Maroney, 1974, Swimmer
Sydney Tamiia Poitier, 1973, TV Actress
Sylvan Goldman, 1898, Inventor
Teal Sherer, 1980, YouTube Star
Ted Berrigan, 1934, Poet
Ted Gibson, 1965, Entrepreneur
Thomas Williams, 1926, Novelist
Timothy Creamer, 1959, Astronaut
Timothy Manning, 1909, Religious Leader
Tony Mendez, 1940,
Trevor Story, 1992, Baseball Player
Tristin Dhaliwal, 1995, Instagram Star
Twinkie Clark, 1954, Gospel Singer
Tyler Boyd, 1994, Football Player
Vern Monnett, 1959, Country Singer
Viki Odintcova, 1994, Model
Vincent Astor, 1891, Entrepreneur
Violet Benson, 1988, Instagram Star
Virginie Ledoyen, 1976, Movie Actress
W Averell Harriman, 1891, Politician
Wale Adeyemi, 1984, Fashion Designer
Wayne Thiebaud, 1920, Pop Artist
Whitman Mayo, 1930, TV Actor
William Herschel, 1738, Scientist
William Pitt, 1708, World Leader
Winifred Lawson, 1892, Opera Singer
Yaphet Kotto, 1939, Movie Actor
Yaya Dacosta, 1982, Model
Zena Grey, 1988, Movie Actress


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