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November 13 Famous Birthdays

November 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 13 Scorpio are the source of laughter for a lot of people. Among other things, they are hilarious, optimistic and smart. They tend to take other people’s feelings into consideration but they don’t let that stop them from getting the job done.


They have a knack for delegating the right job to the right people and this makes them special. When it comes to their profession, they may have a few before they come to the right one. This is okay… they won’t be the first or only one.


Having friends from different backgrounds seems to make life interesting for famous November 13 celebrities but making friends has been difficult for them. It’s real easy for their feelings to get hurt though.


They tend not to let them know this as they want respect from others. However, they could become intolerant of those same people leaving them to wonder ‘What is wrong with you’. They should talk it over so they don’t infect people with their bad attitude.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 13th are a parent who is sympathetic but not naïve. They are caring and perhaps, they worry about things they should not. They need to find the root of their trust issues and they will feel better.

November 13 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13 November Good Traits:

  • Quiet
  • Perfect
  • Reasonable
  • Observant
  • Analytical
  • Social
  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Committed
  • Simple
  • Mature

13 November Bad Traits:

  • Insecure
  • Unbalanced
  • Hasty
  • Uncertain
  • Lazy
  • Rash

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November 13 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Stecker, 1975, Football Player
Adelle Lutz, 1948, TV Actress
Aisha Hinds, 1975, TV Actress
Al Mancini, 1932, TV Actor
Aldo Nova, 1956, Rock Singer
Alex Wong, 1986, TV Actor
Alex Young, 1996, R&B Singer
Alexandra Shulman, 1958, Journalist
Ambika Soni, 1942, Politician
Andreas Boyde, 1967, Pianist
Ari Hoenig, 1973, Drummer
Art Malik, 1952, Movie Actor
ASAP Yams, 1988, Rapper
Asdrubal Cabrera, 1985, Baseball Player
Ashleigh Gnat, 1994, Gymnast
Austin Williams, 1996, Movie Actor
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 1969, Civil Rights Leader

AyyOnline, 1994, YouTube Star
Babaloo Mandel, 1949, Screenwriter
Bayu Skak, 1993, YouTube Star
Ben Smallwood, 1991, Model
Bennie Moten, 1894, Pianist
Bernard Fein, 1926, Screenwriter
Brenden Dillon, 1990, Hockey Player
Brent Kinsman, 1997, Movie Actor
Bronson Koenig, 1994, Basketball Player
Bruce Samazan, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Bruce Venture, 1985,
Buck O’Neil, 1911, Baseball Player
Buddy Zabala, 1971, Bassist
Candela Ferro, 1973, TV Show Host
Candye Kane, 1965, Blues Singer
Carol Connors, 1940, Rock Singer
Caroline Artiss, 1979, YouTube Star
Caroline Goodall, 1959, Movie Actress
november 13 famous birthdaysCass McCombs, 1977, Rock Singer
Chantelle Price, 1988, Model
Charlie Baker, 1956, Politician
Charlie Storwick, 1998, Pop Singer
Chris Noth, 1954, TV Actor
Claude Pompidou, 1912, Political Wife
Clemence Applaincourt, 1988, Instagram Star
Cody Alan, 1985, Radio Host
Cory Lee, 1984, TV Actress
Cristian Dario Alvarez, 1985, Soccer Player
Dana Vollmer, 1987, Swimmer
Daniel Purvis, 1990, Gymnast
Danny Philippou, 1992, YouTube Star
Dave Free, 1986, Music Producer
David Levi, 1994, Pianist
David Vaealiki, 1980, Rugby Player

Devon Bostick, 1991, Movie Actor
Diana Weston, 1953, Movie Actress
Don Lane, 1933, TV Show Host
Dorothy Barresi, 1957, Poet
Dougie Baldwin, 1996, TV Actor
Edwin Booth, 1833, Stage Actor
Emile Boeres, 1890, Composer
Emily Clark, 1989, YouTube Star
Emma DeLury, 1998, Model
Eric Banks, 1983, Reality Star
Fanny Allen, 1784, Religious Leader
Fleur Houdijk, 1997, Movie Actress
Floyd B. Olson, 1891, Politician
Frances Conroy, 1953, TV Actress
Francois-Louis Tremblay, 1980, Speed Skater
Frank F. Everest, 1904, War Hero
Fred Phelps, 1929, Religious Leader
Garry Marshall, 1934, Director
Gattlin Griffith, 1998, Movie Actor
George Carey, 1934, Religious Leader

George Grant, 1918, Philosopher
George V. Higgins, 1939, Novelist
Gerald Godin, 1938, Poet
Gerard Butler, 1969, Movie Actor
Gertrude Olmstead, 1897, Movie Actress
Gilbert Perreault, 1950, Hockey Player
Gilbert Perreault, 1950, Hockey Player
Ginger Alden, 1956, TV Actress
Greg Abbott, 1957, Politician
Greg Minnaar, 1981, Cyclist
Hampton Hawes, 1928, Pianist
Hannah Stone, 2000, YouNow Star
Hari Bansha Acharya, 1958, Comedian
Harman Baweja, 1980, Movie Actor
Heather B, 1971, R&B Singer
Henry Wolfe Gummer, 1979, Pop Singer
Hermione Baddeley, 1906, Movie Actress
Hiba Nawab, 1996, TV Actress
Hiroshi Tanahashi, 1976, Wrestler
Howard Hill, 1899, Archer
Huang Xiaoming, 1977, TV Actor
Humayun Ahmed, 1948, Playwright
Hunter Mason, 1998, YouNow Star
Iskander Mirza, 1898, World Leader
Jack Elam, 1920, Movie Actor
Jack Narz, 1922, Game Show Host
Jadax, 1999, YouTube Star
Jake Bent, 1997, Instagram Star
Jamie Soward, 1984, Rugby Player
Jason Garrison, 1984, Hockey Player
Jazeman Jaafar, 1992, Race Car Driver
Jean Seberg, 1938, Movie Actress
Jens Bogren, 1979, Music Producer
Jerramy Stevens, 1979, Football Player
Jerzy Janowicz, 1990, Tennis Player
Jesse Barnett, 1987, Metal Singer
Jesus Garcia, 1883,
Jibbs, 1990, Rapper
Jim Murray, 1957, Non-Fiction Author
Jimmy Kimmel, 1967, TV Show Host
Jinx, 1992, YouTube Star
Joe Bereta, 1982, YouTube Star
Joe Mantegna, 1947, TV Actor
John Dickinson, 1732, Politician
John Gowans, 1934, Religious Leader
John McConnell, 1958, Movie Actor
John Paul Hammond, 1942, Blues Singer
Jonathan Byrd, 1970, Folk Singer
Jordan Bridges, 1973, TV Actor
Juan Figueroa, 1953, Civil Rights Leader
Juhi Chawla, 1967, TV Actress
Julia Michaels, 1993, Pop Singer
Kai Langer, 2008, YouTube Star
Kathleen Herles, 1990, Voice Actor
Kelly Cutrone, 1965, TV Actress
Kevin Alas, 1991, Basketball Player
Kevin Bridges, 1986, Comedian
Killian Wells, 1988, Pop Singer
Kimura Takuya, 1972, TV Actor
Klayton, 1963, Metal Singer
Kristen Gilbert, 1967, Criminal
Kumi Koda, 1982, Pop Singer
Kwame Watson-Siriboe, 1986, Soccer Player
Lauren McMullen, 1993, Blogger
Liliya Shobukhova, 1977, Runner
Linda Christian, 1923, Movie Actress
Lindsey Duke, 1991, Model
Lon Nol, 1913, Politician
Lorenzo Romar, 1958, Basketball Coach
Louis Brandeis, 1856, Supreme Court Justice
Lucy Fallon, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Luis Ortiz, 1986, Reality Star
Madeline Stuart, 1996, Model
Malik Wilson, 1995, Instagram Star
Marguerite Long, 1874, Pianist
Maria Montazami, 1965, Reality Star
Martin Rivero, 1989, Soccer Player
Martin Staaf, 1978, DJ
Martina Sorbara, 1978, Rock Singer
Marty Grimes, 1989, Rapper
Mary Beth Hughes, 1919, Movie Actress
Mary Wigman, 1886, Dancer
Matt Bennett, 1991, TV Actor
Maud Welzen, 1993, Model
Mel Stottlemyre, 1941, Baseball Player
Metta World Peace, 1979, Basketball Player
Michael Bennett, 1985, Football Player
Michael Brewer, 1992, Football Player
Michael Chambers, 1967, Dancer
Michael Copon, 1982, TV Actor
Michael McCain, 1958, Business Executive
Mokhtar Dahari, 1953, Soccer Player
Monique Coleman, 1980, TV Actress
Moon Chae-won, 1986, TV Actress
Moses Alexander, 1853, Politician
Moziah Bridges, 2001, Entrepreneur
Nathaniel Arcand, 1971, TV Actor
Nathaniel Benchley, 1915, Screenwriter
Neil Flynn, 1960, TV Actor
Nicholas Bond-owen, 1968, Movie Actor
Nick Baines, 1957, Religious Leader
Nikki Hahn, 2002, TV Actress
Nikolai Fraiture, 1978, Bassist
Nita Naldi, 1894, Movie Actress
Noah Hathaway, 1971, Movie Actor
Norma Terris, 1904, Stage Actress
Oskar Werner, 1922, Movie Actor
Pat Hentgen, 1968, Baseball Player
Paul Graham, 1964, Entrepreneur
Peter Arnett, 1934, Journalist
Peter Hartling, 1933, Poet
Peter Marcuse, 1928, Lawyer
Pope Nicholas V, 1397, Religious Leader
Quite Perry, 1991, Instagram Star
Rahul Kohli, 1985, TV Actor
Randal Kirk, 1982, Director
Ranjit Singh, 1780, World Leader
Ray Wylie Hubbard, 1946, Country Singer
Reiko Ohara, 1946, TV Actress
Rex Linn, 1956, TV Actor
Rhett Willman, 1977, TV Actor
Riccardo Scamarcio, 1979, Movie Actor
Richard Mulligan, 1932, TV Actor
Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850, Novelist
Robert Sterling, 1917, TV Actor
Roger Ingram, 1957, Trumpet Player
Rorrey Fenty, 1989, Family Member
Rosie Jones, 1959, Golfer
Sara Del Rey, 1980, Wrestler
Sarah Rose Karr, 1984, Movie Actress
Saul Kripke, 1940, Philosopher
Scarlett Stevens, 1992, Drummer
Sean Rooney, 1982, Volleyball Player
Shabazz Muhammad, 1992, Basketball Player
Shane Kinsman, 1997, Movie Actor
Sheila Frazier, 1948, Movie Actress
Shelley Lares, 1971, World Music Singer
Sisavang Vatthana, 1907, Royalty
Sona Taumalolo, 1981, Rugby Player
Sonny Fisher, 1931, Rock Singer
Stella Hudgens, 1995, TV Actress
Stephen Baxter, 1957, Novelist
Stephen Full, 1969, TV Actor
Steve Guenette, 1965, Hockey Player
Steve Lemme, 1968, Movie Actor
Steve Trotter, 1962, Daredevil
Steve Zahn, 1967, Movie Actor
Tabu Ley Rochereau, 1940, World Music Singer
Taylor Bybee, 1997, YouTube Star
Taylor Coleman, 1994, Reality Star
Tiffany Porter, 1987, Hurdler
Tom Atkins, 1935, Movie Actor
Tom Triffitt, 1990, Cricket Player
Tony Abreu, 1984, Baseball Player
Toy Caldwell, 1947, Guitarist
TR Threston, 1966, Non-Fiction Author
Tracy Scoggins, 1953, TV Actress
Trevor Ringland, 1959, Politician
Trudie Goodwin, 1951, Soap Opera Actress
Wally Wales, 1895, Movie Actor
Wanda Evans Coleman, 1946, Poet
Whoopi Goldberg, 1955, Movie Actress
William Bradford Huie, 1910, Novelist
William Loftus, 1820, Scientist
Willie Edwards, 1932,


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