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November 1 Famous Birthdays

November 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on November 1 are likely to be a Scorpio who want a big piece of America’s pie. The idea of living the good life drives them to work hard. While it’s true they have what it takes, they have to decide if they will work for themselves or for others. They could do either or both but they will need to get a grip on their finances.


It is suggested that they save what they earn and spend on a budget. When it comes to their health, they could be somewhat indifferent to exercise.


Famous November 1 celebrities are active but sometimes this is not enough. Yoga is good for all sorts of things. Perhaps they could indulge in this program for a complete make over.


They are a curious one and like living on the edge but mainly, they are grounded. They are positive individuals who have spiritual values. Because of this, they will probably be an awesome parent, friend and lover.

Famous people born on November 1st could be an audacious leader who is perceptive and compassionate. They love challenges, as they are known to create some for themselves occasionally. They are driven to succeed Scorpios. They have the knowledge and will.

November 1 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 November Good Traits:

  • Adventurous
  • Bold
  • Just
  • Understanding
  • Sympathetic
  • Honest
  • Curious
  • Forgiving
  • Persuasive
  • Passionate
  • Soothing

1 November Bad Traits:

  • Controlling
  • Tactless
  • Complicated
  • Manipulative
  • Adamant

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November 1 Famous Birthday Personalities

AfroSenju, 1995, YouTube Star
Agathe Habyarimana, 1942, Political Wife
Ai Fukuhara, 1988, Table Tennis Player
Aidan Thomas, 1987, Country Singer
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 1973, Movie Actress
Al Arbour, 1932, Hockey Coach
Alan Harper, 1960, Soccer Player
Ale Ivanova, 1985, YouTube Star
Alex Wolff, 1997, Drummer
Alexander Rai, 1997, YouTube Star
Alexandra Buggs, 1989, Rapper
Alfred Wegener, 1880, Scientist
Alison Curtis, 1977, DJ
Alla Korot, 1970, TV Actress

Allison Kaden, 1977, Journalist
Andee, 1990, Rock Singer
Andre Paras, 1995, Movie Actor
Andrew Koski, 1989, Entrepreneur
Andrew Sheridan, 1979, Rugby Player
Andrey Shelkovsky, 1991, YouTube Star
Ann Le, 1985, YouTube Star
Anne Thongprasom, 1976, TV Actress
Anthony Bass, 1987, Baseball Player
Anthony Kiedis, 1962, Rock Singer
Anthony Ramos, 1991, Stage Actor
Antonio Canova, 1757, Sculptor
AR Gurney, 1930, Playwright
Arteer, 1995, YouTube Star
Badruddoza Chowdhury, 1932, World Leader
Barbara Bosson, 1939, TV Actress
Barry Sadler, 1940,
Belita Moreno, 1949, TV Actress
Bella Bayliss, 1977, Triathlete
Bella Hoffheins, 2001, Dancer
november 1 famous birthdaysBen Roberts-smith, 1978, War Hero
Benjamin Daly, 1992, YouTube Star
Benny Horowitz, 1980, Drummer
Beth Cordingly, 1976, TV Actress
Beth Fowler, 1940, Stage Actress
Beth Leavel, 1955, Stage Actress
Betsy Palmer, 1926, Movie Actress
Bid McPhee, 1859, Baseball Player
Bill Anderson, 1937, Country Singer
Bill Woodrow, 1948, Sculptor
Billi Bhatti, 1983, Reality Star
Bo Bice, 1975, Rock Singer
Bobby Heenan, 1944, TV Show Host
Bradley Orr, 1982, Soccer Player
Brian Courtney Wilson, 1971, Opera Singer
Brianna Baxter, 1988, TV Producer
Briona Mae, 1992, Reality Star
Brooke Thomas, 1990,
Bruce Irvin, 1987, Football Player
Buddy Handleson, 1999, TV Actor
Callie Reiff, 1999, Model
Carlos Paez Vilaro, 1923, Painter
Carlos Paiao, 1957, Pop Singer
Carmen Lundy, 1954, Jazz Singer
Chad Lindberg, 1976, Movie Actor
Charles Aycock, 1859, Politician
Charles Koch, 1935, Business Executive
Charlie Oliver, 1905, Rugby Player

Chris Fabregas, 1979, Model
Christopher Brennan, 1870, Poet
Coco Crisp, 1979, Baseball Player
Coco Martin, 1981, Movie Actor
Dan Peek, 1950, Rock Singer
Danilo Montero, 1962, Rock Singer
Danny Choo, 1972, Blogger
Danny Koevermans, 1978, Soccer Player
Daran Norris, 1964, Voice Actor
Darjus Lavrinovic, 1979, Basketball Player
Darrell Issa, 1953, Politician
David Foster, 1949, Music Producer
David Jones, 1895, Poet
Diane Parish, 1969, TV Actress
Dillon Lane, 1993, TV Actor
Dmitry Bashkirov, 1931, Pianist
Dylan Avery, 1983, Screenwriter
e-dubble, 1982, YouTube Star
Edith Flagg, 1919, Fashion Designer
Edmund Blunden, 1896, Poet
Edouard Lanteri, 1848, Sculptor

Edward Said, 1935, Philosopher
Ella Mae Bowen, 1995, Country Singer
Eric Mendelsohn, 1964, Screenwriter
Eric Turner, 1977, Rock Singer
Erik Spoelstra, 1970, Basketball Coach
Evan Mathis, 1981, Football Player
Farrah Hall, 1981, Surfer
Felix Knight, 1908, Movie Actor
Fernando Valenzuela, 1960, Baseball Player
Ferox, 1995, YouTube Star
Frances White, 1938, TV Actress
Francis Arinze, 1932, Religious Leader
Gabe Baltazar, 1929, Saxophonist
Gabriela Soukalova, 1989, Biathlete
Gabrielle Bernstein, 1979, Non-Fiction Author
Gary Player, 1935, Golfer
Gela Nash, 1953, Movie Actress
George S. Irving, 1922, Stage Actor
Glam And Gore, 1989, YouTube Star
Glen Murray, 1972, Hockey Player
Gordon R. Dickson, 1923, Novelist
Grantland Rice, 1880, Journalist
Greg Cochrane, 1990, Soccer Player
Hannah Hoch, 1889, Photographer
Henri Troyat, 1911, Non-Fiction Author
Hudson Yang, 2003, TV Actor
Hugh Jones, 1955, Runner
Hunter Rasor, 2000, YouTube Star
Ileana D’Cruz, 1987, Movie Actress
Ishod Wair, 1991, Skateboarder
Ismail Ahmed Ismail, 1984, Runner
Jack Tenney, 1994, YouTube Star
Jake Voskuhl, 1977, Basketball Player
James Ward-Prowse, 1994, Soccer Player
Jayden Bartels, 2004, Star
Jelena Tomasevic, 1983, Pop Singer
Jenny McCarthy, 1972, TV Show Host
Jeremy Glazer, 1978, Movie Actor
Jeremy Hunt, 1966, Politician
Jerry Palacios, 1981, Soccer Player
Jerry Tucker, 1925, TV Actor
Jessilyn Short, 2001, Family Member
Jiang Yuyuan, 1991, Gymnast
Jim Steinmeyer, 1958, Magician
Joe Caldwell, 1941, Basketball Player
Joe Gallucci, 2000, TV Actor
Joe Griffin, 1998, YouTube Star
Joe Nation, 1991, YouTube Star
Joey Clanton, 1972, Race Car Driver
John Clark, 1932, Stage Actor
John Dykes, 1964, Sportscaster
John Joly, 1857, Scientist
John Spratt, 1942, Politician
John Williamson, 1945, Country Singer
Jonathan Fraser, 1967, TV Actor
Jose Santos Zelaya, 1853, World Leader
Joseph Burr Tyrrell, 1858, Scientist
Joseph Karl Stieler, 1781, Painter
Julian Figueroa, 1986, Family Member
Kaelub, 1983, Rapper
Kamehameha I, 1758, Royalty
Karen Cater Peterson, 1969, Politician
Karen Marie Moning, 1964, Novelist
Karsh Kale, 1974, Drummer
Katie Davis, 1989, Non-Fiction Author
Keith Stegall, 1955, Country Singer
Ken Miles, 1918, Race Car Driver
Kevin Grevioux, 1967, Movie Actor
Kevin Pearce, 1987, Snowboarder
Kim Krizan, 1961, Screenwriter
Kinky Friedman, 1944, Country Singer
Konshens, 1985, Reggae Singer
Ksystof Lavrinovic, 1979, Basketball Player
Larry Donnell, 1988, Football Player
Larry Flynt, 1942, Journalist
LaTavia Roberson, 1981, Pop Singer
Laura Laplante, 1903, Movie Actress
Laurika Rauch, 1950, Folk Singer
Logan Marshall-Green, 1976, Movie Actor
Lou Donaldson, 1926, Saxophonist
Lou Rhodes, 1964, Folk Singer
LS Lowry, 1887, Painter
Lucky McKee, 1975, Director
Lyle Lovett, 1957, Country Singer
Madison Brooke, 2002, YouTube Star
Magne Furuholmen, 1962, Guitarist
Majed Abdullah, 1959, Soccer Player
Manju Warrier, 1978, Movie Actress
Marcel Ophuls, 1927, Director
Marcia Wallace, 1942, TV Actress
Margarita Mamun, 1995, Gymnast
Mariechan Luiters, 1982, Pop Singer
Marisa Hunter, 1988, Model
Mark Austin, 1958, Journalist
Mark Hughes, 1963, Soccer Coach
Martin Brown, 1959, Cartoonist
Masahiro Tanaka, 1988, Baseball Player
Matias Varela, 1980, Movie Actor
Matt Jones, 1981, TV Actor
Matt Moulson, 1983, Hockey Player
Matty Kennedy, 1994, Soccer Player
Maude Adams, 1872, Stage Actress
Max Burkholder, 1997, TV Actor
Max Trapp, 1887, Composer
Maxim Golopolosov, 1989, YouTube Star
Micaela Schafer, 1983, Model
Michael D Griffin, 1949, Engineer
Michael Egnew, 1989, Football Player
Michael Gruber, 1964, Stage Actor
Michael Seitzman, 1972, Screenwriter
Michael Sopocko, 1888, Religious Leader
Michael Zaslow, 1942, Soap Opera Actor
Michelle Crossan, 1988, YouTube Star
Mike Ayley, 1980, Bassist
Milan Neil Amin-Smith, 1989, Violinist
Miranda Brooke, 1990, R&B Singer
Morgan Taylor Reid, 1985, Rock Singer
Nancy Jan Davis, 1953, Astronaut
Natalia Tena, 1984, Movie Actress
Nina Girado, 1980, R&B Singer
Nita Ambani, 1963, Entrepreneur
Padmini Kolhapure, 1965, Movie Actress
Paige Hyland, 2000, Dancer
Park Shin-yang, 1968, TV Actor
Paulo Orlando, 1985, Baseball Player
Penn Badgley, 1986, TV Actor
Peter Ostrum, 1957, Movie Actor
Phil Fish, 1984, Game Designer
Pierre Coffin, 1967, Animator
Pisay Pao, 1984, TV Actress
Rachel Bush, 1997, Model
Rachel Ticotin, 1958, Movie Actress
Rachel Yankey, 1979, Soccer Player
Rafic Hariri, 1944, Politician
Reece King, 1994, Model
Remy Brand, 1990, TV Actor
Rene Toft Hansen, 1984, Handball Player
Ric Grech, 1946, Bassist
Rick Allen, 1963, Drummer
Robert Foxworth, 1941, TV Actor
Rocky Lynch, 1994, Pop Singer
Rory Westfield, 1993, Vine Star
Rupert Von Trapp, 1911, World Music Singer
Salvatore Adamo, 1943, Composer
Sam Reece, 1992, Model
Sam Toogood, 1999, Instagram Star
Selma Ergec, 1978, TV Actress
Senay Bostancioglu, 1992, YouTube Star
Sharron Davies, 1962, Swimmer
Sholem Asch, 1880, Novelist
Sigala, 1993, Music Producer
Sippie Wallace, 1898, Blues Singer
Sophie B. Hawkins, 1967, Pop Singer
Stephane Leduc, 1853, Scientist
Stephen Crane, 1871, Novelist
Stephen Gallacher, 1974, Golfer
Stephen Heard, 1740, Politician
Steve Tolleson, 1983, Baseball Player
Tanel Toom, 1982, Director
Ted Hendricks, 1947, Football Player
Tie Domi, 1969, Hockey Player
Tim Cook, 1960, Business Executive
Tim Hudak, 1967, Politician
Tim Landers, 1956, Bassist
Tina Arena, 1967, Pop Singer
Tippu, 1978, World Music Singer
Tisca Chopra, 1973, TV Actress
Titiek Puspa, 1937, Pop Singer
Tom Sellers, 1922, Journalist
Tommy Karevik, 1981, Metal Singer
Toni Collette, 1972, Movie Actress
Toni Collette, 1972, Movie Actress
Tyler Reks, 1978, Wrestler
Utorak007, 1988, YouTube Star
Vic Power, 1927, Baseball Player
VVS Laxman, 1974, Cricket Player
Wadih El Safi, 1921, World Music Singer
William Helmuth Heyen, 1940, Poet
William Kenneth Alphin, 1963, Country Singer
William Whiting Borden, 1887,
Willie D, 1966, Rapper
Yair Kraidman, 1932, Chess Player
Zygmunt Szczesny Felinski, 1822, Religious Leader


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