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May 30 Famous Birthdays

May 30 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 30 are the social Gemini. They love one on one contact with people and like to hear their points of view on various topics. They seem to always be happy and curious about things which makes people want to talk to them.

In fact, as a lover, famous people born on May 30 believe that one of the keys to a successful relationship is one that is open to communication. Generally, they handle conflict or obstacles with a grain of salt. They realize that trouble will come but only to make them wiser and stronger.


The famous people born on May 30 are great at planning and executing those plans and accomplishing goals. Putting together the office party or the fund raiser is a lot of fun for them as well as profitable. As a person who works out on the regular, they should be healthy as a hog but this is not necessarily always the case. So they need to keep their appointments with the medical doctor once a year or earlier if need be.


Famous people born on May 30 are a smart Gemini with lots of inquisitiveness and ingenuity. They have excellent verbal skills which they use to handle frustrations. As a negative famous birthday personality trait for May 30, they could be indecisive one day and demanding the next.


May 30th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30 May Good Traits:

  • Unique
  • Inquisitive
  • Ingenious
  • Considerate
  • Imaginative
  • Motivated
  • Enterprising
  • Joyful
  • Funny
  • Open

30 May Bad Traits:

  • Weird
  • Selfish
  • Moody
  • Arrogant
  • Promiscuous

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May 30 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrien Sauvage, 1983, Fashion Designer
Agnes Varda, 1928, Director
Ailee, 1989, Pop Singer
Akwa, 1977, Soccer Player
Alan Bagh, 1985, Movie Actor
Alexander Archipenko, 1887, Sculptor
Alexander Toradze, 1952, Pianist
Alexey Leonov, 1934, Astronaut
Alexey Leonov, 1934, Astronaut
Alexxis Lemire, 1996,
Alketas Panagoulias, 1934, Soccer Player
Allison Adler, 1967, TV Producer
Amanda Nunes, 1988, MMA Fighter
Amos Rusie, 1871, Baseball Player
Andy Farrell, 1975, Rugby Player
Anmol KC, 1991, Movie Actor
Ann Hampton Callaway, 1958, Stage Actress
Bart Palaszewski, 1983, MMA Fighter
Beckie Joon, 1987, Model
Benjamin Alderson, 1994, YouTube Star
Benny Goodman, 1909, Clarinet Player
Berkcan Güven, 1995, Vine Star
Bertrand Delanoe, 1950, Politician
Big L, 1974, Rapper
Billy Donovan, 1965, Basketball Coach
Blake Bashoff, 1981, TV Actor
Bob Evans, 1918, Entrepreneur
Bob Peak, 1927, Illustrator
Bob Willis, 1949, Cricket Player
Bob Yari, 1961, Film Producer
Brian Fair, 1975, Metal Singer
Brian Kobilka, 1955, Scientist

Brianna Taylor, 1987, Reality Star
Brooks Koepka, 1990, Golfer
Bucko Kilroy, 1921, Football Player
Callum Booth, 1991, Soccer Player
Cara Quici, 1985, Pop Singer
Carlos Raul Villanueva, 1900, Architect
Caroline Chisholm, 1808, Civil Rights Leader
Carty Finkbeiner, 1939, Politician
CeeLo Green, 1974, R&B Singer
Charlie Hall, 1973, Songwriter
Chilled Chaos, 1991, YouTube Star
Chris Schewe, 1969, YouTube Star
Chris Sharrock, 1964, Drummer
Chris Trickle, 1973, Race Car Driver
Christian Davies, 1995, Vine Star
Christine Jorgensen, 1926,
Clara Amfo, 1984, Radio Host
Clara Luper, 1923, Civil Rights Leader
Clint Bowyer, 1979, Race Car Driver
Clint Walker, 1927, Movie Actor
Cody McDonald, 1986, Soccer Player
Colm Meaney, 1953, TV Actor
Countee Cullen, 1903, Poet
Curtis Williams, 1987, TV Actor
Cyril Gardner, 1898, Screenwriter
Daniel Grodnik, 1952, Film Producer
Danielle Harold, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Dave McKenna, 1930, Pianist
David H. Koch, 1940, Entrepreneur
David Tiller, 1958, Australian Rules Footballer
Dean Collins, 1990, TV Actor
Debby Pfaff, 1975, Reality Star
Derryck Thornton, 1997, Basketball Player
Devendra Banhart, 1981, Folk Singer
Dhritiman Chatterjee, 1945, Movie Actor
DJ Coone, 1983, DJ
DJ Cox, 1986, Guitarist
DJ Smokey, 1992, DJ
DominoKati, 1996, YouTube Star
Dorothy Harrison Eustis, 1886,
Duncan Jones, 1971, Director
Earl Paulk, 1927, Religious Leader
Eileen McNamara, 1952, Journalist
Elly Beinhorn, 1907, Pilot
Emanuel Hahn, 1881, Sculptor
Emily Jane Hazell, 1996, YouTube Star
Emily Mitchell, 1998, YouTube Star
Erik Jones, 1996, Race Car Driver
Ethan Anders, 2001, YouTube Star
Federico Vilar, 1977, Soccer Player
Fernando Amorsolo, 1892, Painter

Fernando Salas, 1985, Baseball Player
Flora Chan, 1970, TV Actress
Frankie Trumbauer, 1901, Saxophonist
Franklin J. Schaffner, 1920, Director
Gale Sayers, 1943, Football Player
George Headley, 1909, Cricket Player
Gladys Horton, 1945, R&B Singer
Gordon Gray, 1909, Politician
Greg Little, 1989, Football Player
Gregory Michael, 1981, TV Actor
Gully Bop, 1964, Reggae Singer
Hal Clement, 1922, Novelist
Harrison Barnes, 1992, Basketball Player
Harry Bernstein, 1910, Novelist
Harry Enfield, 1961, Comedian
Helen Sharman, 1963, Astronaut
Helga Estby, 1860,
HeyoTheo, 2000, YouTube Star
Howard Hawks, 1896, Director
Hugh Griffith, 1912, Movie Actor
Idina Menzel, 1971, Stage Actress
Iginio Straffi, 1965, Entrepreneur
Ignaz Moscheles, 1794, Composer
Ilona Korstin, 1980, Basketball Player
Im Yoona, 1990, Pop Singer

Irving Thalberg, 1899, Film Producer
Ivan Menjivar, 1982, MMA Fighter
Jade Novah, 1986, R&B Singer
Jake Roberts, 1955, Wrestler
Jake Short, 1997, TV Actor
Jalen Testerman, 2001, Dancer
James Chaney, 1943, Civil Rights Leader
James McGowan, 1960, Movie Actor
James McLamore, 1926, Entrepreneur
James Rachels, 1941, Philosopher
Jamila Bell, 1996, YouTube Star
Jane Seymour Queen of Englan, 1508, Royalty
Jared S. Gilmore, 2000, TV Actor
Jason Kenney, 1968, Politician
Jazmyn Bieber, 2008, Family Member
Jenna Lee, 1980, News Anchor
Jennifer Ellison, 1983, TV Actress
Jennifer Winget, 1985, TV Actress
Jenny Mollen, 1979, TV Actress
Jeremy Lamb, 1992, Basketball Player
Jessica Dykstra, 1988, Model
Jheyvhi, 1995, Pop Singer
Joanna Tse, 1993, Flute Player
Jodi West, 1964,
Joey Tafolla, 1962, Guitarist
John Ross Bowie, 1971, TV Actor
John Terlesky, 1961, Screenwriter
Jordy Driscoll, 1999, Instagram Star
Joseph Stein, 1912, Playwright
Justice Ackles, 2013, Family Member
Katherine Ramdeen, 1990, TV Actress
Keir Dullea, 1936, Movie Actor
Kevin Barnes, 1974, Pop Singer
Kevin Covais, 1989, Pop Singer
Kevin Eastman, 1962, Animator
Kostas Chalkias, 1974, Soccer Player
Kostja Ullmann, 1984, Movie Actor
Kyle Gott, 1991, YouTube Star
Kyle Wilson, 1987, Football Player
Larry D. Alexander, 1953, Painter
Lenore Montanaro, 1990, Poet
Leon Bustin, 1987, YouTube Star
Liam Mower, 1992, Stage Actor
Lou Diamond, 1890, War Hero
Lucki Eck$, 1996, Rapper
Ludwig Lewisohn, 1882, Novelist
Luhhsettyxo, 1996, YouTube Star
Lynda Wiesmeier, 1963, Model
Lyndon Hooper, 1966, Soccer Player
Lyoto Machida, 1978, MMA Fighter
Maddie Jones, 1988, Rock Singer
Madeon, 1994, Music Producer
Makram Khoury, 1945, Movie Actor
Manny Ramirez, 1972, Baseball Player
Marie Fredriksson, 1958, Pop Singer
Marissa Mayer, 1975, Business Executive
Mark Hylton, 1966, Darts Player
Mark Nicholls, 1977, Soccer Player
Mark Sceven Nolasco, 2000, Dancer
Mark Sheppard, 1964, TV Actor
Martin Lundstrom, 1918, Skier
Matt Gordon, 1970, Chef
Matthew Hitt, 1987, Rock Singer
Mel Blanc, 1908, Voice Actor
Meredith MacRae, 1944, TV Actress
Michael Garrick, 1933, Pianist
Michael J. Pollard, 1939, Movie Actor
Michael Lopez, 1958, Astronaut
Michael Piller, 1948, Screenwriter
Minae Noji, 1973, TV Actress
Miriam Cani, 1985, Soul Singer
Mirza Alakbar Sabir, 1862, Poet
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi, 1980, Model
Monique Williams, 1979, Model
Myron Mixon, 1962, Chef
Nicolas Olivera, 1978, Soccer Player
Nicole Kelly, 1990,
Nikolaj Pesalov, 1970, Weight Lifter
Norbert Schemansky, 1924, Weight Lifter
Omri Katz, 1976, TV Actor
Orlan, 1947, Teacher
Paresh Rawal, 1950, Movie Actor
Paris Van Dyke, 2002, Voice Actor
Park Hyomin, 1989, Pop Singer
Paul Sykes, 1943, Entrepreneur
Peter Carl Faberge, 1846, Entrepreneur
Peter Ellis, 1936, Soap Opera Actor
Peter Keys, 1965, Pianist
Peter Lipa, 1943, Violinist
Phil Brown, 1959, Soccer Player
Philip Bretherton, 1955, TV Actor
PJ Carlesimo, 1949, Basketball Coach
Rachael Stirling, 1977, TV Actress
Ralph Carter, 1961, TV Actor
Randy Ferbey, 1959, Curler
Ray Cooney, 1932, Playwright
Raynard Glass, 1982, Rapper
Rebecca Hardy, 1985, Model
Rechelle Hawkes, 1967, Field Hockey Player
Remy Ma, 1981, Rapper
Richie Barker, 1975, Soccer Player
Rick DePiro, 1967, Jazz Singer
Rick Holmstrom, 1965, Guitarist
Rie Kugimiya, 1979, Voice Actor
Robert Ortiz, 1983, Football Player
Roger Lee Hayden, 1983, Race Car Driver
Rory Bushfield, 1983, Reality Star
Roseanne Spaughton, 1990, YouTube Star
Ruben Alvarez, 1961, Golfer
Ruta Lee, 1936, TV Actress
Sally Dynevor, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Baker, 1985, Football Player
Samantha Harvey, 1993, YouTube Star
Scha Al-yahya, 1983, TV Actress
Scott Holmes, 1952, Soap Opera Actor
Scott Kinmartin, 1982, YouTube Star
Sean Giambrone, 1999, TV Actor
Shin Ha-kyun, 1974, Movie Actor
Simeon Simev, 1949, Poet
Soichiro Hoshi, 1972, Voice Actor
Sonya Curry, 1966, Family Member
Spragga Benz, 1969, DJ
Stephen Duffy, 1960, Pop Singer
Stephen Malkmus, 1966, Rock Singer
Stephen Tobolowsky, 1951, Movie Actor
Stepin Fetchit, 1902, Movie Actor
Steven Gerrard, 1980, Soccer Player
Steven Jenkins, 1978, Cricket Player
Stuart Smith, 1956, Guitarist
Taylor Gilmore, 2000, Family Member
Taylor Jacobs, 1981, Football Player
Ted McGinley, 1958, TV Actor
Thinknoodles, 1977, YouTube Star
Tiffany Bliss, 1975, YouTube Star
Tim Burgess, 1967, Rock Singer
Tolga Saritas, 1991, Stage Actor
Tom Morello, 1964, Guitarist
Tony Raines, 1988, Reality Star
Tony Terran, 1926, Trumpet Player
Tony Watson, 1985, Baseball Player
Tonya Pinkins, 1962, Stage Actress
Topper Headon, 1955, Drummer
Tracey Childs, 1963, TV Actress
Troy Donockley, 1964, Composer
Tyler Reardon, 1996, Pop Singer
Tyronne Stowe, 1965, Football Player
V Ravichandran, 1961, Director
Valery Kaufman, 1994, Model
Vanessa Bell, 1879, Painter
Vizma Belsevica, 1931, Poet
Will Peltz, 1986, Movie Actor
Wynonna Judd, 1964, Country Singer
Yael Grobglas, 1984, TV Actress
Yama Buddha, 1987, Rapper
Zack Wheeler, 1990, Baseball Player
Zdravko Colic, 1951, Pop Singer


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