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May 2 Famous Birthdays

May 2 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 2, like to work… a lot. This Taurus birthday individual needs solidity and takes safety measures to ensure peace of mind. They are generally sensible and conscientious. The characteristics of this famous person encompass an intuitive temperament that typically avoids conflicts. They make patient and supportive friends.

Famous people born on May 2 are modest people who are slow to make friends. Sometimes negative behavior will interfere with this process as they can become intrusive and intentionally overbearing. But they make great listeners. Typically, the May 2 famous celebrities are amazing communicators and have a fantastic outlook on love and romance.


Famous people born on May 2 are warm, attentive and emotionally fulfilling. They have all of the essential qualities to make an ideal partner and they will be married possibly a few times. They can be their own worst enemy with a tendency to be drawn to unhealthy habits. Being born on May 2 entitles this famous Taurus to certain privileges.


Famous people born on May 2 are an intelligent, artistic, fun loving and exceptional Taurus. Uncomplaining, they support their friends. On the other hand, they seem to be unconcerned about their health. They should do something enjoyable to exercise their muscles to avoid being overweight.


May 2nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 May Good Traits:

  • Workaholic
  • Modest
  • Calm
  • Practical
  • Patient
  • Supportive
  • Observant
  • Realistic
  • Creative
  • Romantic
  • Intuitive
  • Selfless
  • Sexy

2 May Bad Traits:

  • Intrusive
  • Overbearing
  • Taciturn
  • Moody
  • Lazy
  • Indifferent
  • Apathetic

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May 2 Famous Birthday Personalities

Addy Lee, 1971, Fashion Designer
Aiden Hogarth, 1988, Composer
Alain Johannes, 1962, Guitarist
Alan Titchmarsh, 1949, Novelist
Albion W. Tourgee, 1838, Civil Rights Leader
Alexa Junge, 1960, Screenwriter
Alicia Ziegler, 1981, TV Actress
Alireza Haghighi, 1988, Soccer Player
AM Rosenthal, 1922, Journalist
Amado Guevara, 1976, Soccer Player
Anastasiya Shpagina, 1993, YouTube Star
Andrea Sixtos, 1990, TV Actress
Andreas Bergh, 1977, Rock Singer
Andrew Quo, 1993, YouTube Star
Andy Ponstein, 1976, Race Car Driver
Anne Stuart, 1948, Novelist
Annemarie Eilfeld, 1990, Pop Singer
Arthur Clues, 1924, Rugby Player
Arturo Licata, 1902,
Ashley Harkleroad, 1985, Tennis Player
BamBam, 1997, Pop Singer
Belinda Stronach, 1968, Politician
Ben Bowe, 1992, YouTube Star
Benjamin Spock, 1903, Novelist
Beram Kayal, 1988, Soccer Player
Bianca Jagger, 1945, Family Member
Big Boss Man, 1963, Wrestler
Bill Marsilii, 1962, Screenwriter
Blanca Romero, 1976, TV Actress
Bob Henrit, 1944, Drummer
Bob Turner, 1941, Politician
Brad Richards, 1980, Hockey Player
Brett Connolly, 1992, Hockey Player
Brian Lara, 1969, Cricket Player
Brian Puspos, 1986, Dancer

Brian Tochi, 1963, Screenwriter
Brittany Cherry, 1994, Dancer
Bruce Robinson, 1946, Director
Bryan Lay, 1988, Rapper
Cam Benson, 1996, Vine Star
Casey Noble, 1978, TV Show Host
Catherine Laboure, 1806, Religious Leader
Catherine the Great, 1729, Royalty
Chef Wan, 1958, Chef
Chidinma, 1991, World Music Singer
Chris Doyle, 1952, Cinematographer
Chris Kirkland, 1981, Soccer Player
Christa Rigozzi, 1983, Model
Christine Baranski, 1952, Movie Actress
Claw Money, 1968, Fashion Designer
Connie Crothers, 1941, Pianist
Connor Hutcherson, 1996, Family Member
Craig Conway, 1985, Soccer Player
Dave Winer, 1955, Entrepreneur
David Beckham, 1975, Soccer Player
David Nugent, 1985, Soccer Player
David Suchet, 1946, Movie Actor
DcYoungFly, 1992, Vine Star
Denyce Lawton, 1978, TV Actress
Dominic Gorie, 1957, Astronaut
Donatella Versace, 1955, Fashion Designer
Doug Gray, 1948, Rock Singer
Dustin Zito, 1986, Reality Star
Dwayne Johnson, 1972, Movie Actor
Eddie Collins, 1887, Baseball Player
Eddie Garcia, 1929, Movie Actor
Edgar Allen, 1892, Scientist
Edmund Bacon, 1910, Architect
Eduard Schmieder, 1948, Violinist
EE Smith, 1890, Novelist
Elijah McCoy, 1844, Inventor
Ellie Kemper, 1980, TV Actress
Elliott Spencer, 1987, Comedian
Emily Hart, 1986, TV Actress
Emma Darwin, 1808, Family Member
Engelbert Humperdinck, 1936, Pop Singer
EnragedCinema, 1990, YouTube Star
Erin Bates Paine, 1991, Reality Star
Eugenie Grey, 1990, Blogger
Farruko, 1991, Reggae Singer
Felix Jose, 1965, Baseball Player

Filip Filipovic, 1987, Water Polo Player
Gaius Charles, 1983, TV Actor
Gary Lee Price, 1955, Sculptor
Gary Megson, 1959, Soccer Player
Gemma Flynn, 1990, Field Hockey Player
Geoffrey Edelsten, 1943, Entrepreneur
Geri Hall, 1972, Comedian
Gottfried Benn, 1886, Poet
Graham Alexander, 1989, Rock Singer
Gray Barker, 1925, Novelist
H2O Delirious, 1987, YouTube Star
Hans Christian Lumbye, 1810, Composer
Harper Leigh, 1984, Instagram Star
Hedda Hopper, 1885, Journalist
Hikaru Midorikawa, 1968, Voice Actor
Huang Zitao, 1993, Rapper

Ibrahim Elhakami, 1979, World Music Singer
Im Kwon-taek, 1936, Director
Iman Perez, 1999, Model
Isabel Gonzalez, 1882, Civil Rights Leader
Isla St Clair, 1952, Folk Singer
Isyana Sarasvati, 1993, Pop Singer
Jack Morrissey, 1876, Baseball Player
Jacob Morton, 1994, Model
Jacques Rogge, 1942, Entrepreneur
Jamaal Wilkes, 1953, Basketball Player
James Dyson, 1947, Entrepreneur
Jamie Dantzscher, 1982, Gymnast
Jared Gold, 1972, Fashion Designer
Jarrod Saltalamacchia, 1985, Baseball Player
Jason Chimera, 1979, Hockey Player
Jaxon Smith, 2005, Drummer
Jeff Gutt, 1976, Pop Singer
Jelle Van Dael, 1990, Pop Singer
Jenna von Oy, 1977, TV Actress
Jeong Jinwoon, 1991, Pop Singer
Jerome K. Jerome, 1859, Essayist
Jimmy White, 1962, Snooker Player
Jo Ann Pflug, 1940, Movie Actress
Jodi Applegate, 1964, News Anchor
Joe Wilkinson, 1975, Comedian
Joel Forrester, 1946, Composer
John Andre, 1750, War Hero
John Anglin, 1930, Criminal
John Frederick Coots, 1897, Songwriter
John Neville, 1925, Movie Actor
Jonathan Villar, 1991, Baseball Player
Jorge Blass, 1980, Magician
Josh Bolt, 1994, Movie Actor
Jurgis Baltrusaitis, 1873, Poet
Justin Caine Burnett, 1973, Composer
Justin Hayward-Young, 1987, Rock Singer
Kallan Holley, 2002, Voice Actor
Kate Green, 1960, Politician
Kay Panabaker, 1990, TV Actress
Kelsey Lewis, 1995, TV Actress
Kris Pavone, 1980, Wrestler
Kris Russell, 1987, Hockey Player
Kyle Busch, 1985, Race Car Driver
Larry Gatlin, 1948, Country Singer
Lauren Francesca, 1992, YouTube Star
Laurie Duncan, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Lee Brown, 1994, Pop Singer
Lesley Gore, 1946, Pop Singer
Lewis Turco, 1934, Poet
Liam Sharp, 1968, Cartoonist
Lily Allen, 1985, Pop Singer
Link Wray, 1929, Guitarist
Lizzie Cundy, 1970, TV Show Host
Lizzy Weiss, 1986, Screenwriter
Lorenz Hart, 1895, Songwriter
Lorenzo Music, 1937, Voice Actor
Lorie, 1982, Pop Singer
Lou Gramm, 1950, Rock Singer
Luis Suarez Miramontes, 1935, Soccer Player
Luqman Podolski, 1998, Vine Star
Maalik Wayns, 1991, Basketball Player
Mackenzie Gaston, 1994, Instagram Star
Macsen Lintz, 2006, Movie Actor
Magool, 1948, World Music Singer
Manfred Von Richthofen, 1892, Pilot
Marco Kutscher, 1975, Equestrian
Marcus Holman, 1991, Lacrosse Player
Mari Natsuki, 1952, Voice Actor
Mario Miranda, 1926, Cartoonist
Markus Stockhausen, 1957, Composer
Martha Grimes, 1931, Novelist
Martin Foyle, 1963, Soccer Player
Matt Berry, 1974, Comedian
Matt Murray, 1981, Soccer Player
Maynor Figueroa, 1983, Soccer Player
Meagan Camper, 1989, Model
Melissa Monroe, 1989, Artist
Michael Caloz, 1985, Voice Actor
Michael Gspurning, 1981, Soccer Player
Mika Brzezinski, 1967, Journalist
Mikey Grand, 1991, Model
Mustafa Nadarevic, 1943, TV Actor
Myriam Hernandez, 1965, World Music Singer
Neftali Feliz, 1988, Baseball Player
Norma Aleandro, 1936, Movie Actress
Norma Talmadge, 1894, Movie Actress
Novalis, 1772, Poet
Oh Land, 1985, Pop Singer
Owen Roberts, 1875, Supreme Court Justice
Paige Peterson, 1980, TV Actress
Pandora Boxx, 1972, Reality Star
Pat McAfee, 1987, Football Player
Paul George, 1990, Basketball Player
Paula Hartmann, 2003, Movie Actress
Peggy Mount, 1915, Movie Actress
Penny Pritzker, 1959, Entrepreneur
Perla Haney-jardine, 1997, Movie Actress
Peter Chu, 1978, Dancer
Peter McGlynn, 1989, Soccer Player
Philippe Halsman, 1906, Photographer
Philippe Herreweghe, 1947, Conductor
Pinky Lee, 1907, TV Actor
Princess Charlotte, 2015, Royalty
Randy Colley, 1950, Wrestler
Rick Rosner, 1960, Screenwriter
Robert Buckley, 1981, TV Actor
Roberts Dambitis, 1881, Politician
Roger Robinson, 1940, Movie Actor
Roscoe Lee Browne, 1925, Stage Actor
Rose Falcon, 1984, Pop Singer
Rozzi Crane, 1991, Pop Singer
Ryan Brown, 1962, Cartoonist
Saara Maria Forsberg, 1994, YouTube Star
Sam Tsui, 1989, YouTube Star
Sarah Hughes, 1985, Figure Skater
Satyajit Ray, 1921, Director
Severin Roesen, 1816, Painter
Shaun T, 1978, Entrepreneur
Sio Moore, 1990, Football Player
Skye Bennett, 1995, Movie Actress
SOAK, 1996, Rock Singer
Stephen Daldry, 1960, Director
Stephen W. Meader, 1892, Young Adult Author
Tanner Tolbert, 1987, Reality Star
Thabo Sefolosha, 1984, Basketball Player
Theo Gordy, 1996, YouTube Star
Theodor Herzl, 1860, Playwright
Theodore Bikel, 1924, Movie Actor
Thomas McDonell, 1986, Movie Actor
Tina Maze, 1983, Skier
Todd Sucherman, 1969, Drummer
Torey Pudwill, 1990, Skateboarder
Troy Murphy, 1980, Basketball Player
Ty Herndon, 1962, Country Singer
Valery Gergiev, 1953, Composer
Whitney Milam, 1990, YouTube Star
William Hayes, 1985, Football Player
William Hutt, 1920, Stage Actor
William J. Seymour, 1870, Religious Leader
Yook Sungjae, 1995, Pop Singer
Yum Soda, 2001, YouTube Star
Zach Sang, 1993, Radio Host
Zat Knight, 1980, Soccer Player
Ziana Zain, 1968, Pop Singer
Zohib Islam Amiri, 1987, Soccer Player


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