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March 7 Famous Birthdays

March 7 Famous Birthdays

The famous birthdays of March 7 are very auspicious. The lucky numbers are one and seven for this day. As a Pisces, famous people born on 7th March have a good ear or shoulder that their friends use when they need encouraging words or just someone to hear their concerns.

Typically, famous March 7 people are the best friend a person could have. They are family oriented as well. At family reunions, people usually remember them for the one who was never on time for anything.


Additionally, famous people born on 7th March don’t have good direction either. They can’t tell their left from their right most days but this is okay. They are who they are and very lovable. Their kids and family think the world of them.


When it comes to intimate relationships, if you share this famous March 7th birthday personality, you tend to want those that you cannot have. Now call me crazy, but this is confusing especially if you want to be loved or in a committed relationship of your very own.

People born on the famous birthdays of March 7 are typically compassionate but submissive Pisceans. In addition, they are good listeners but wear their health on their sleeve. They are possibly the boss and likely are making money off a hobby or passion.


March 7th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7th March Good Traits:

  • Inventive
  • Compassionate
  • Observant
  • Artistic
  • Helpful
  • Tender

7th March Bad Traits:

  • Passive
  • Touchy
  • Late
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Timid
  • Unsure

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March 7th Famous Birthday Personalities

666chainz, 1997, Vine Star
Aaron Diaz, 1982, TV Actor
Aaron Frew, 1991, Reality Star
Abigail Hensel, 1990, Reality Star
Ai Yazawa, 1967, Comic Book Author
Al-Waleed bin Talal, 1955, Royalty
Alain Goulem, 1966, Movie Actor
Alan Sues, 1926, TV Actor
Alessandro Manzoni, 1785, Poet
Alessandro Venturella, 1978, Bassist
Alex Sanders, 1966,
Alison Redford, 1965, Politician
Alonzo Lerone, 1990, YouTube Star
Andrejs Grants, 1955, Photographer
Angelique Patalinghug, 1998, Pop Singer

Anna Magnani, 1908, Movie Actress
Anthony Carmona, 1953, World Leader
Antonio De la Rua, 1974, Family Member
Anupam Kher, 1948, Movie Actor
Ari Berk, 1967, Screenwriter
Ashley Mova, 1990, TV Show Host
Atsushi Sakurai, 1966, Rock Singer
Audrey Marie Anderson, 1975, TV Actress
August Vollmer, 1876, Law Enforcement Officer
Austin Pamajewon, 1996, YouTube Star
Azis, 1978, Folk Singer
Bel Powley, 1992, TV Actress
Ben Ames Williams, 1889, Novelist
Bill Brochtrup, 1963, TV Actor
Billy Benyon, 1945, Rugby Player
Blake Webb, 1985, Movie Actor
Bob Herbert, 1945, Journalist
Brandon T. Jackson, 1984, Movie Actor
Brent Kite, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
Brent Weeks, 1977, Novelist
Bret Easton Ellis, 1964, Screenwriter
Brittany Hensel, 1990, Reality Star
Brock Baker, 1986, YouTube Star
Bruce Prichard, 1963, Sports Executive
Bryan Cranston, 1956, TV Actor
Bryan Dominguez, 1991, Soccer Player
Cam Dolan, 1990, Rugby Player
Cameron Daddo, 1965, TV Actor
Can Gunaydi, 1996, YouTube Star
Carl Stiner, 1936, War Hero
Carlee Schield, 2003, Dancer
Carly Baker, 1987, Model
Cecilia Milone, 1969, Stage Actress
Celines Toribio, 1974, TV Actress
Champ Clark, 1850, Politician
Charles F. Urschel, 1890,
Choi Jong-hoon, 1990, Guitarist
Chris Rodriguez, 1960, Rock Singer
Christina Gao, 1994, Figure Skater
Chrystee Pharris, 1976, TV Actress
Corey Sanders, 1975, Boxer
Daigo Saito, 1980, Race Car Driver
Dan Papirany, 1967, Pianist
Daniel David Palmer, 1845, Doctor
Daniel Goleman, 1946, Self-Help Author
Daniel J. Travanti, 1940, TV Actor
Daniel Samonas, 1990, TV Actor
Danny Tenaglia, 1961, DJ
Darryl Stephens, 1974, TV Actor

Dean Hammond, 1983, Soccer Player
Denyce Graves, 1964, Opera Singer
Devon Windsor, 1992, Model
Dina Manzo, 1972, Reality Star
Diogo Silva, 1982, MMA Fighter
Donna Loren, 1947, Pop Singer
Donna Murphy, 1959, Stage Actress
Douglas Cardinal, 1934, Architect
Dylan Schmid, 1999, TV Actor
Dylan Strome, 1997, Hockey Player
Eduardo Paolozzi, 1924, Sculptor
EL James, 1963, Novelist
Eleni Foureira, 1987, Pop Singer
Ellie Dalton, 1995, YouTube Star
Emma Davies, 1970, TV Actress
Ernie Isley, 1952, Guitarist
Floribert Ngalula, 1987, Soccer Player
Franco Harris, 1950, Football Player
Georges Perec, 1936, Novelist
Gerald Anderson, 1989, TV Actor
Gina Rio, 1989, Reality Star
Gisele Marvin, 1987, Hockey Player
Hailey Clauson, 1995, Instagram Star
Haley Lu Richardson, 1995, TV Actress
Hanan Tork, 1975, Movie Actress
Hatem Ben Arfa, 1987, Soccer Player
Heino Eller, 1887, Composer
Hettienne Park, 1983, Stage Actress

Honoka Miki, 1997, TV Actress
Hugo Ferreira, 1974, Metal Singer
Ian Clark, 1991, Basketball Player
Iris Chacon, 1950, Dancer
Israel Tanenbaum, 1961, Pianist
Ivan Lendl, 1960, Tennis Player
Ivar Ballangrud, 1904, Speed Skater
Jaan Manitski, 1942, Politician
Jack Connor, 1989, Hockey Player
Jack Dean, 1993, YouTube Star
Jackson Irvine, 1993, Soccer Player
Jacqueline Baldino, 2001, Instagram Star
Jade Weber, 2005, Model
Jake Layman, 1994, Basketball Player
James Broderick, 1927, TV Actor
Janet Collins, 1917, Dancer
Jang Dong-gun, 1972, Movie Actor
Jay Duplass, 1973, Director
JayGame, 1998, YouTube Star
Jean-Pierre Barda, 1967, Pop Singer
JeanPhi La Calidad, 1992, World Music Singer
Jeff Burroughs, 1951, Baseball Player
Jeff Hordley, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Jeff Kent, 1968, Baseball Player
Jeff Withey, 1990, Basketball Player
Jenn Blosil, 1992, Pop Singer
Jenna Fischer, 1974, TV Actress
Jesper Parnevik, 1965, Golfer
Jessica Roque, 1992, YouTube Star
Jimmy Barry, 1870, Boxer
Joe Carter, 1960, Baseball Player
Joe Glenn, 1949, Football Coach
John D. Lemay, 1962, TV Actor
John Heard, 1945, Movie Actor
John Herschel, 1792, Scientist
John McCaul, 1807, Teacher
Jonathan Kogan, 1989, Bassist
Joy Tanner, 1966, TV Actress
Joyce Chu, 1997, Pop Singer
Jozef Chovanec, 1960, Soccer Player
Juan Vargas, 1961, Politician
Jules Shear, 1952, Songwriter
Justin Kelly, 1992, TV Actor
Kali Troy, 1971, Voice Actor
Katie Byington, 1983, YouTube Star
Keegan Acton, 2000, YouTube Star
Keira Travis, 2014, Family Member
Kelsey Hardwick, 1990, Movie Actress
Kenny Aronoff, 1953, Drummer
Kimberley Garner, 1990, Reality Star
Korey Kuhl, 1985, YouTube Star
Krizz Kaliko, 1974, Rapper
Kyle Allsworth, 1994, YouTube Star
Kyle Killen, 1981, Screenwriter
Larry Asante, 1988, Football Player
Laura Prepon, 1980, TV Actress
Lewis J. Stadlen, 1947, Stage Actor
Lim Hyunsik, 1992, Pop Singer
Lindsay McCaul, 1984, Rock Singer
Lola Betran, 1932, World Music Singer
Lonwabo Tsotsobe, 1984, Cricket Player
Lord Snowdon, 1930, Royalty
Lorena Hickok, 1893, Journalist
Louis Pelletier, 1906, Screenwriter
Luciano Spalletti, 1959, Soccer Coach
Luke Jermay, 1985, Magician
Luke Wright, 1985, Cricket Player
Luther Burbank, 1849, Scientist
Lynn Swann, 1952, Football Player
Madame Macabre, 1991, YouTube Star
Madame Sul-Te-Wan, 1873, Movie Actress
Margaret Palermo, 1975, Family Member
Mary Beth Evans, 1961, TV Actress
Mathieu Flamini, 1984, Soccer Player
Matt Burnett, 1983, Screenwriter
Matt Hackett, 1990, Hockey Player
Matthew Fisher, 1946, Film Producer
Matthew Vaughn, 1971, Director
Maurice Ravel, 1875, Composer
Maxim Roy, 1972, TV Actress
Megan Cassidy, 1996, Reality Star
Michael Bohn, 1988, Metal Singer
Michael Chaplin, 1946, Movie Actor
Michael Eisner, 1942, Business Executive
Michael R. Carlson, 1984, TV Actor
Michel Mercier, 1947, Politician
Mike Lobel, 1984, TV Actor
Mike Nolan, 1959, Football Coach
Mike Pilavachi, 1958, Religious Leader
Milton Avery, 1885, Painter
Mindy Gledhill, 1981, Folk Singer
Miya Travis, 2014, Family Member
Molly McQueen, 1987, Pop Singer
Murat Boz, 1980, Pop Singer
Nate Campbell, 1972, Boxer
Nicephore Niépce, 1765, Scientist
Nick Pitera, 1986, YouTube Star
Nick Searcy, 1959, TV Actor
Nora Danish, 1982, Movie Actress
Oscar Lopez, 1973, Fashion Designer
Osmond Vacious, 1972, Reality Star
Paul Cattermole, 1977, Pop Singer
Paul Twohill, 1989, Pop Singer
Peter Manley, 1962, Darts Player
Peter Sarsgaard, 1971, Movie Actor
Peter Wolf, 1946, Rock Singer
Piet Mondrian, 1872, Painter
Prince Umberto, 2009, Royalty
Quetzalli Bulnes, 1993, Model
Rachel Rice, 1984, Reality Star
Rachel Weisz, 1970, Movie Actress
Raiza Revelles, 1991, YouTube Star
Ranulph Fiennes, 1944, Explorer
Raquel Alessi, 1983, TV Actress
Ray Parlour, 1973, Soccer Player
Raymond McGrath, 1903, Architect
Rebecca Hammond Lard, 1772, Poet
Reinhard Heydrich, 1904, Criminal
Rex Hunt, 1949, Australian Rules Footballer
Rica Peralejo, 1981, Movie Actress
Richard Lawson, 1947, Movie Actor
Rick Bass, 1958, Novelist
Ricky Velez, 1989, Comedian
Rik Mayall, 1958, TV Actor
Rizky Nazar, 1996, TV Actor
Robert Dennis Harris, 1957, Novelist
Robert Elegant, 1928, Non-Fiction Author
Ronan O’Gara, 1977, Rugby Player
Ruthie Henshall, 1967, Dancer
Sadhana Sargam, 1974, World Music Singer
Sandor Korosi Csoma, 1784, Explorer
Sebastien Izambard, 1973, World Music Singer
Shantanu Maheshwari, 1991, TV Actor
Sidney Spencer, 1985, Basketball Player
Simon Pryce, 1972, Pop Singer
Sousa Martins, 1843, Doctor
Stephen Hopkins, 1707, Politician
Steve Beuerlein, 1965, Football Player
Supa Peach, 2003, YouTube Star
Tammy Faye Bakker, 1942, Religious Leader
Tay Jardine, 1990, Pop Singer
Taylor Dayne, 1962, Pop Singer
Thomas Bell, 1903, Novelist
Thomas Erak, 1985, Rock Singer
Tim Reed, 1985, Triathlete
TJ Mizell, 1991, DJ
TJ Thyne, 1975, TV Actor
Tobias Menzies, 1974, TV Actor
Tom Lehman, 1959, Golfer
Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, 1850, Philosopher
Tommy Kramer, 1955, Football Player
Tommy Reilly, 1989, Pop Singer
Townes Van Zandt, 1944, Country Singer
Vengelfe, 1994, YouTube Star
Viv Richards, 1952, Cricket Player
Vladimir Smirnov, 1964, Skier
Walter Rohrl, 1947, Race Car Driver
Wanda Sykes, 1964, Comedian
Wendy Cruz, 1976, Cyclist
Whitcomb L. Judson, 1846, Inventor
Will Hill, 1990, Football Player
Willard Scott, 1934, TV Show Host
Yvonne Chouteau, 1929, Dancer


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