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Likes Me But Still On Dating Websites?

If He Likes Me So Much, Why Is He Still On Dating Websites?

Love is blind, they said, but it becomes more vivid when you experience heartache. I am not saying it’s terrible to multi-date, but when you are single and not in a relationship. The economic lift has made us believe that online dating is the way. Fortunately, you had a chance to meet with your prince charming while perusing through several profiles. Right there and then, a strong affection assured you that he’s the one. You changed contacts, and everything else fell back into place. Why is he still on dating websites if he likes me so much? Is he ready for a long-term commitment?


You like his personality; he loves and adores you to the latter. However, your merry mood turns into a grim experience when you find him active on his online dating profile. It is here where you realize that all that glitters is not gold. Let’s find out.


Reasons Likes Me But Still On Dating Websites

1. He Is Not Yet In a Serious Relationship

Something is amiss when he logs on to his online dating website. Either he isn’t yet satisfied with you or wants more. Sadly, we all believe we must mingle for some time before calling it a serious relationship. So, when he’s constantly scrolling on the dating website, it means that he hasn’t yet considered you as his soulmate. He has placed you in a “friendship” or more casual zone. Also, think if you have been in a relationship with this guy for several weeks or months. If you are still getting to know each other, he’s probably still addicted to online dating sites.


2. You Haven’t Yet Talked About It

Okay, you’ve probably met once, and before you know it, he’s busy pipping on his dating account. What to do? Excuse yourself and let him know in advance how you feel. Remember you didn’t meet him because you didn’t have any option, but you liked him. Don’t settle for less, even if you seem to have common goals. A straightforward approach means that you won’t be disappointed later on. Give him a chance to explain why he is still an active member. Later, weigh your option by ensuring you’ve both reached the middle.


3. His Options Are Still Open

You are expecting him to change his online dating account from casual to private without success. This sign that his options are still open, and he wants to expand on his relationship goals. That is to say that he might be having second thoughts or thinking of meeting someone else. When this happens, don’t beg him nor dissolve into tears. He is not that into you right now. If you do this, not only will you unhand your dignity but also a sense of direction.

Even when he seems to rationalize his reasons, give him time to re-think your relationship. End your conversation in a friendly manner but don’t call or text him. Texting and reaching your new catch endlessly means you can’t live without him.

4. He’s Not That Into You if Likes Me But Is Still On Dating Websites

That’s gross, but it’s the end truth, and his action says it all. So, don’t take chances but prove him wrong. If he’s busy and still eyeing other women online, girls, keep your head high. It is not that you aren’t attractive. You are his Miss Perfect Now but not yet his Miss Right. Got that? Good. He isn’t online to pass the time but to look for a new catch. It is the same way you can’t read a book review and understand the latter.

You have to read sentence by sentence to gulp everything. We also don’t visit gyms for relaxation but to work out. Before setting a glimpse on you, he might have met with other damsels with the given instances. If you think he is the perfect one for you but still wants to keep his online dating profile, you are with the wrong kind.

5. Don’t Settle for Less If He Doesn’t Change

Yes, he’s a friendly and sociable man to the latter, but if he doesn’t change his ways, it’s time to call it to quit. It worsens when you feel like he’s the only fish in the sea. But please learn to move on without him. At the end of it all, if he doesn’t want to be with you, you can’t change his mind. Let him off your heart with peace, and don’t even hope of rekindling what you had in the past.

End Point

There is only one way to prove if he is still into you or not. That is if he accepts to deactivate his online dating account and accepts you as his one and true love. But if this doesn’t happen, break the relationship as soon as right now. Don’t even think about having any casual dates. He isn’t part of you, and he will never will. But if you still feel he needs more room for improvement, be sure you can control your emotions when he’s in a relationship with someone else.

On the other hand, if you feel that you can’t trust this person anymore, that’s the time to move on. Grasp that some men prefer to multi-date while others want to keep it at ease. Everyone is different. You need to jot down what matters to you more other than your new catch. We all love to be satisfied but if he is still considering you as an alternative, think twice.

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