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Libra Man Sexual Traits

Libra Man In Love

The Libra man is very romantic and really enjoys being in love with someone. He is therefore the type of man who falls in love very easily. The moment he falls in love with his woman of choice, he falls in love seriously; he does not joke around. He does everything he says he will do and would never lead you on.

This individual loves himself a lot. However, he still desires to be loved by someone else as well, just like any other human being would. Therefore, in all aspects of your relationship ensure that you give as much as you receive. Due to the fact that the Libra zodiac sign enjoys romance, you should not be shy to express your love to him.

As much as the Libra male is sincere and honest in everything that he says, it does not mean that he is insensitive. He will put your needs first and even when he is the one making logic in argument, he will be willing to let you win just to avoid a war. He enjoys a well balanced and peaceful relationship.

He will look past your weaknesses and focus more on your positive side. This is one reason why the women love him so much. In addition to that, he has a very charming personality, is attractive and calm. He never has difficulty in finding a date.

libra man

Libra Man In Relationships

When he is in a relationship the Libra man will do everything he can to make sure that it stays strong. Relationships make him feel complete. He is very sincere and objective and would never at any one time hurt his partner with the use of words.

If you ask him for his honest opinion about the smallest things such as the size of your bum in a certain outfit, be ready for the truth. He is very sincere and he might tell you what you don’t really want to hear.

Libra Man Sexuality Traits

Unlike the Virgo man, the Libra guy considers sex to be a vital element of his life because he really enjoys it. His love for sex is not driven by physical aspects but psychological. He is the kind of man who is very open to challenges due to the fact that all women are different and they will each have their own preferences.

As much as he will give you all he can, he will expect you to do the same in return. Since he really enjoys sex he can be very adventurous and willing to try out new things. So don’t hold back on this venture. He likes a woman who can take things into control as well as be submissive at times.

Libra men can be very erotic and enjoy foreplay during sex very much with a touch of dirty talk. He is also very sensual and enjoys trying out new things but he does not go beyond the extraordinary.

He is highly skilled in bed and takes the pleasure in giving more than he receives. If you end up dating a Libra man you can expect a romantic experience with the likes of champagne and roses spread all over the bed.

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  1. Am dating a Libra, his shy type and want to kill me with six. Ever ready 247. Plz how Dow I control him ( am a Scorpio)

  2. Libra guys don’t start anything quickly . They take time to read a person.

  3. I’m a Libra guy, and I love a true relationship, also a hopeless romantic, etc

  4. Im dating a libra man .. but he hold off on sex .. i mean it wasnt like that in the beginning.. but i try all the moves wearing sexy outfits .. lightly stroking his arm .. i dont want sound desprate but where the champagne and roses kind of romance .. ? Its been almost a month with no sexual contact.. anyone having this problem with there libras? Oh he say he not talking or seeing anyone and he gets mad if i keep accusing him so what is his deal ..

  5. Proud to be OCT. 4 the horoscope purely define who i am

  6. Currently dating a Libra and it seems very spot on!

  7. None of that happened to me.

  8. That’s my sign, and it’s 90% true.

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