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Leo December 2021 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Leo Horoscope Predictions for December 2021

Forecasts for December 2021 Leo Horoscope suggests that there may be problems in personal relationships. However, career prospects are wonderful. You should devote more time to your married life. After the first week, career projects will gain momentum.


Planetary support is forthcoming for making use of your professional skills. You will be able to have good relationship with your spouse after the 15th. This is a good time to have a baby. There will be harmony and support to enjoy marital life for Leo personality.


Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope

Leo compatibility will be disturbed by career obligations and this will irritate you. Your partner understands the situation and is willing to be lenient. The last week of the month will see the restoration of family happiness.

Married life will face some turmoil during the initial part of the month. There will be minor conflicts and the necessary dialogue with your spouse is missing. After the 14th, you can expect normalcy in the relationship. A bit of socializing will help to ease the situation.


Single persons will benefit from relationships if they are more sober and try not to be aggressive. This will draw partners to you and you can have all the romance and passion you want.


Leo Family Horoscope Predictions

Monthly horoscope 2021 are very much encouraging for family affairs. Planetary aspects are positive and this will bring about harmony in the family atmosphere. You will have a good relationship with senior members of the family and you have their cooperation. Family finances are prosperous and you get the contribution from members also.

Leo December 2021

Children will progress well under these positive vibes. They also have stellar support for their academic and other activities. Relationship with seniors will be respectful. Commerce students will do well in their studies. If they are creatively inclined, the month will provide good opportunities to excel.

Leo Health Predictions

December 2021 Leo horoscope predicts fabulous prospects for health. The astral configuration is helpful and this will ensure that no serious health hazards will appear. Chronic disorders will remain suppressed and any minor health problem can be cured by immediate medical attention.

With good health, your temperament will be cheerful. It is time to engage in regular exercise and healthy diet programs. This will ensure maintenance of good health. You should focus on reducing your anxiety levels through relaxation techniques and sports.

Leo Career Horoscope

2021 Leo horoscope for career foretells marvelous prospects for career growth. Star positions are beneficial and there will be good understanding with colleagues and seniors. This will help you in completing your designated tasks on time. You can expect good monetary benefits.

With no problems on the professional front, you can use your spare time in humanitarian activities. Spiritual engagements will improve your mental well-being.

Leo Finance Horoscope

2021 December forecast for Leo zodiac paints a dismal picture on the financial aspects. Astral positions are not encouraging and this will have a negative impact on the profits of business people and traders. Exporters and fine arts dealers will not be able to rein in profits. Many of them may get into debt to meet their routine expenses.

The month is also not propitious for starting new business projects. Speculations and investments fail to give the desired returns. There will not be any encouragement from financial agencies.

Leo Education Horoscope

2021 astrology for Leo star sign paints a rosy picture for students in their pursuit for education. You have the benefit of favorable planetary influences. Students of commerce and management will do well in their courses. If you are taking a course in fine arts, you will have no problem in completing your studies.

Your mental faculties will be competitive and in good shape. This will help those sitting for competitive tests. They require minimum coaching and usual effort to get through.

Leo Travel Horoscope

December 2021 horoscope for Leo sun sign does not predict auspicious conditions for travel engagements. Stellar aspects are not beneficial and this makes most travel plans useless. Professionals and business people cannot avoid their trips, but fail to achieve their goals. Exporters and tourism operators also will face problems with their business activities.

There may be holiday trips with family members and friends. They will not provide the expected enjoyment. It makes sense to cut down travel activities to a bare minimum.

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