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June 3 Famous Birthdays

June 3 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 3 have got to be the funniest people. They are definitely the most fluent. When it comes to expressing themselves, they are on top of their game. However they can be too honest and hurtful.


The June 3 famous celebrities have a natural energy, curiosity and resourcefulness that allows them to go places no one has gone before. They are also quick on their feet… they can make decisions instantly. One of their drawbacks is that they don’t like being alone. This puts them in a bad place.


When it comes to love and romance, the partners of the June 3 famous people will need to be interesting and cheerful. They have a tendency to build lifelong friendships and relationships. Their health is generally in good shape. They however may wander off to the fridge in the middle of the night for a sweet treat. But otherwise, they are a good Gemini in that respect.

Famous people born on June 3rd can be analytical, lazy, and uncompromising. However, they are highly enthusiastic and ambitious. Their weakness could be that they hate being alone. They can be a loving and loyal partner.


June 3rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 June Good Traits:

  • Charming
  • Humorous
  • Creative
  • Social
  • Positive
  • Resourceful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Persuasive

3 June Bad Traits:

  • Uncompromising
  • Inflexible
  • Jealous
  • Unrealistic
  • Adamant
  • Restless

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June 3 Famous Birthday Personalities

Al Horford, 1986, Basketball Player
Alain Resnais, 1922, Director
Alan Cooper, 1952, Entrepreneur
Alan Lemay, 1899, Screenwriter
Alan Taylor, 1965, Screenwriter
Albert Toft, 1862, Sculptor
Alex Atala, 1968, Chef
Alex Murphy, 1993, Basketball Player
Alex Weaver, 1996, Reality Star
Alfred Levitt, 1916, Screenwriter
Aline Nakashima, 1982, Model
Alla Nazimova, 1879, Screenwriter
Allen Ginsberg, 1926, Poet
Anderson Cooper, 1967, TV Show Host
Andrew Reid, 1984, Reality Star
Andrey Moiseyev, 1979, Pentathlete
Anne Winters, 1994, TV Actress
Arianne Zucker, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Arthur Jones, 1986, Football Player
Barbara Walsh, 1955, Stage Actress
Barry Beck, 1957, Hockey Player
BeautyChickee, 1999, YouTube Star
Bill Callahan, 1966, Rock Singer
Billy Cunningham, 1943, Basketball Coach
Billy Powell, 1952, Pianist
Blake Julian, 1983, Reality Star
Boots Randolph, 1927, Saxophonist
Bouasone Bouphavanh, 1954, Politician
Brad Nessler, 1956, Sportscaster

Brendan Gan, 1988, Soccer Player
Brendan Jefferson, 1986, TV Actor
Brenden Jefferson, 1986, TV Actor
Brian Barnes, 1945, Golfer
Brian Sella, 1988, Rock Singer
Britt Pent, 1994, Dancer
Bryan Hawn, 1984, Self-Help Author
Bryan Sutton, 1973, Guitarist
Camillo Cibin, 1926,
Carie Pullano-Keller, 1979, Reality Star
Carl Everett, 1971, Baseball Player
Carmen Dell’orefice, 1931, Model
Carrie Shade, 1996, Activist
Celeste Morin, 2003, Family Member
Charles Hart, 1961, Songwriter
Chase Mattson, 1994, Model
Chloe Harwood, 1994, Instagram Star
Christian Cook, 1975, Lacrosse Player
Christian Hejnal, 1969, Guitarist
Chuck Barris, 1929, TV Show Host
Clay Greenfield, 1984, Race Car Driver
Clive Mantle, 1957, TV Actor
Colin Meads, 1936, Rugby Player
Colleen Dewhurst, 1924, Stage Actress
Colm Cooper, 1983, Gaelic Football Player
Curtis Mayfield, 1942, Funk Singer
Dakota Staton, 1930, Jazz Singer
Dan Ewing, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Dan Hemingway, 1989, Rugby Player
Dan Hill, 1954, Pop Singer
Danny Rubin, 1957, Screenwriter
Dave Alexander, 1947, Bassist
Dave East, 1988, Rapper
David Cobb, 1993, Football Player
Demarcus Corley, 1974, Boxer
Deniece Williams, 1950, Soul Singer
Dennis Andersson, 1991, Motorcycle Racer
Derrick Gardner, 1965, Trumpet Player
Detox Icunt, 1985, Reality Star
Donal Skehan, 1986, Pop Singer
Donald Judd, 1928, Sculptor
Doro, 1964, Metal Singer
Dr Charles Drew, 1904, Scientist
Drac Makens, 1991, YouTube Star
Eddie Holman, 1946, R&B Singer
Edward Winter, 1937, TV Actor
El McMeen, 1947, Guitarist
Ellen Corby, 1911, TV Actress
Emily Scott, 1983, Model
Emmitt Thomas, 1943, Football Coach
Emre Turkmen, 1988, Music Producer
Eric White, 1968, Painter
Eugene Laverty, 1986, Race Car Driver
Eva Bella, 2002, Voice Actor

Fabian Gotze, 1990, Soccer Player
Farhad Majidi, 1976, Soccer Player
Fie Laursen, 1996, YouTube Star
Flip van der Merwe, 1985, Rugby Player
Foni Tissen, 1909, Painter
Frank McRae, 1942, Movie Actor
Fred Lebow, 1932, Runner
Garret Hobart, 1844, Politician
George V, 1865, Royalty
Georgia Slowe, 1966, TV Actress
Gonzalo Prosperi, 1985, Soccer Player
Gordon Sinclair, 1900, Journalist
Greg Hancock, 1970, Race Car Driver
Hale Irwin, 1945, Golfer
Haochen Zhang, 1990, Pianist
Harry Stinson, 1953,
Harry Thomas Jr., 1956, Politician
Harshaali Malhotra, 2008, Movie Actress
Harvey Mason Jr., 1968, Music Producer
Henry Shrapnel, 1761, Entrepreneur
Hilah Johnson, 1979, YouTube Star
Houssein Guney, 1999, Vine Star

Humza Arshad, 1985, YouTube Star
Ian Hunter, 1939, Rock Singer
Imogen Poots, 1989, TV Actress
Irma P. Hall, 1935, Movie Actress
Issa Pressman, 1997, Instagram Star
Jack Wilkins, 1944, Guitarist
Jaime Fillol, 1946, Tennis Player
James Purefoy, 1964, TV Actor
Jamie Durie, 1970, TV Show Host
Jamie McMurray, 1976, Race Car Driver
Jamie O’Neal, 1966, Pop Singer
Jan Peerce, 1904, Opera Singer
Jason Canning, 1969, Comedian
Jason Inman, 1983, YouTube Star
Jason Jones, 1973, TV Actor
Jason Macdonald, 1975, MMA Fighter
Javiera Mena, 1983, Pop Singer
Jay Van Andel, 1924, Entrepreneur
JayzTwoCents, 1981, YouTube Star
Jean-Marc Luisada, 1958, Pianist
Jean-Marc Mormeck, 1972, Boxer
Jean-pierre Jaussaud, 1937, Race Car Driver
Jeff Soto, 1975, Illustrator
Jefferson Davis, 1808, Politician
Jeronimo Morales Neumann, 1986, Soccer Player
Jill Biden, 1951, Political Wife
Jill Kelley, 1975,
Jimmy Rogers, 1924, Blues Singer
Joao Manuel, 1537, Royalty
John Hodgman, 1971, TV Actor
John Norman, 1931, Novelist
John Rothman, 1949, TV Actor
Jonathan Casillas, 1987, Football Player
Jordan Dun, 1994, Family Member
Jose Molina, 1975, Baseball Player
Josephine Baker, 1906, Dancer
Josh Jepson, 1993, YouTube Star
Josh Segarra, 1986, TV Actor
Julie Masse, 1970, Pop Singer
Karasawa Toshiaki, 1963, Movie Actor
Karunanidhi, 1924, Politician
Kate Wright, 1991, Reality Star
Katya Sanchez, 1990, Model
Kelly Jones, 1974, Rock Singer
Kerry King, 1964, Guitarist
Lalaine, 1987, TV Actress
Larry McMurtry, 1936, Screenwriter
Larry McMurtry, 1936, Screenwriter
Lauren Carter, 1983, TV Actress
Lawrence Lessig, 1961, Entrepreneur
Leaux Steez, 1989, Instagram Star
Lena Vanille, 1996, YouTube Star
Leo Gorcey, 1917, Movie Actor
Lillian Briggs, 1932, Rock Singer
Lisa Hammond, 1983, TV Actress
Logan Fabbro, 1998, Dancer
Lorea Turner, 1997, Pop Singer
Louis Dipippa, 2000, Dancer
Lucas Harrell, 1985, Baseball Player
Luis Fernando Lopez, 1979, Race Walker
Lukas Rieger, 1999, Rapper
Lukasz Piszczek, 1985, Soccer Player
Luke Norris, 1993, Soccer Player
Lwazi Mvovo, 1986, Rugby Player
Lyfe Jennings, 1973, R&B Singer
Mario Gotze, 1992, Soccer Player
Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1930, Novelist
Martin Karpan, 1974, TV Actor
Masami Nagasawa, 1987, TV Actress
Matt Pike, 1972, Guitarist
Maurice Evans, 1901, Stage Actor
Melissa Mathison, 1950, Screenwriter
Memphis Minnie, 1897, Guitarist
Michael Clarke, 1946, Drummer
Michael Mather, 1994, Model
Michelle Keegan, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Mickey Finn, 1947, Drummer
Miha Mazzini, 1961, Screenwriter
Mike Gordon, 1965, Bassist
Mindru Katz, 1925, Pianist
Miriama Smith, 1976, TV Actress
Missy Margera, 1980, Model
Monica Tornell, 1954, Folk Singer
Monika Linkyte, 1992, Pop Singer
Munenori Kawasaki, 1981, Baseball Player
Natasha Dupeyron, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Nick Maxwell, 1983, Australian Rules Footballer
Nick Wright, 1991, YouTube Star
Nicole Reinhart, 1976, Cyclist
Nicole Romero, 1998, YouTube Star
Nikki M. James, 1981, Stage Actress
Oliver Cheshire, 1988, Model
Orien Harris, 1983, Football Player
Oscar Duarte, 1989, Soccer Player
Otto Porter, 1993, Basketball Player
Papiss Cisse, 1985, Soccer Player
Patrick Quirky, 1994, YouTube Star
Paul Stagg Coakley, 1955, Religious Leader
Paulette Goddard, 1910, Movie Actress
Penelope Wilton, 1946, TV Actress
Peter Mills, 1943, Politician
Peter Vidmar, 1961, Gymnast
Peytie Slater, 2000, Fashion Designer
Prince Felix, 1984, Royalty
Pyxelstyx, 1996, YouTube Star
Rafael Nadal, 1986, Tennis Player
Ransom E. Olds, 1864, Entrepreneur
Raoul Dufy, 1887, Painter
Raul Castro, 1931, World Leader
Redimi2, 1979, Rapper
Richard D. Wood, 1955, Scientist
Rick Roufus, 1966, Boxer
Ricky Rick, 1983, World Music Singer
Robert Z’Dar, 1950, Movie Actor
Robin Eggenberger, 1995, eSports Player
Roland Hayes, 1887, Composer
Ronnie Abrams, 1968, Lawyer
Ryan Stock, 1981, Magician
Sam Mills, 1959, Football Player
Sean Berdy, 1993, TV Actor
Seund Ja Rhee, 1918, Painter
Sharon Thomas, 1946, Movie Actress
Shuki Levy, 1947, Composer
Silver Ang, 1985, TV Actress
Solo Tohi, 1987, Dancer
Stale Sandbech, 1993, Snowboarder
Stephanie Barkley, 1991, Vine Star
Stephen Geller, 1970, Screenwriter
Steve Lyons, 1960, Baseball Player
Susannah Constantine, 1962, Journalist
Suzi Quatro, 1950, Rock Singer
Suzie Plakson, 1958, TV Actress
Sven Ottke, 1967, Boxer
Tamas Darnyi, 1967, Swimmer
Tayla Curry, 1998, Family Member
Ted Curson, 1935, Trumpet Player
Tenser, 1997, YouTube Star
Thomas Ball, 1819, Sculptor
ToddInTheShadows, 1984, YouTube Star
Tomo Yanagishita, 1988, TV Actor
Tony Curtis, 1925, Movie Actor
Travis Hafner, 1977, Baseball Player
Tristan Rogers, 1946, Soap Opera Actor
Vania Achavan, 1991, YouTube Star
Vernon Hargreaves III, 1995, Football Player
Wasim Akram, 1966, Cricket Player
Wilfred Thesiger, 1910, Explorer
Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, 1915, Philosopher
Yelena Isinbayeva, 1982, Pole Vaulter
Yordano Ventura, 1991, Baseball Player
Young Moose, 1994, Rapper
Youtubable, 1989, YouTube Star
Zayne Emory, 1998, TV Actor


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