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June 20 Famous Birthdays

June 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 20 are Gemini who have the ability to lead an audience or group of people and persuade them to do things their way. They have the talent of expression and although they can be delicate, they don’t let everyone see their heart.

The June 20 famous celebrities are upright, compassionate and generous kind of people. But they can be just a tad bit aggravating and annoying. It doesn’t seem to bother many folks as they are always invited to parties and events. They like being able to stretch out so to speak.


Famous people born on June 20 hate being tied down even when it comes to being in a romantic relationship. However, they are a realistic partner. Making compromises seem to okay with them.


They have the ability to make important decisions at the right time. When it comes to their health, they should take care of themselves better. If they did the right things, they may find that they feel and look better.

Famous people born on June 20th are exceptionally good at manipulating people. Nonetheless, this Gemini celebrity loves talking and people adore them. Image is important to them. They have a heart of gold and they can be trusted. However, they keep their goals a secret.


June 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 June Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Kindhearted
  • Lively
  • Loving
  • Sentimental
  • Charismatic
  • Enticing
  • Modest
  • Insightful

20 June Bad Traits:

  • Manipulative
  • Showoff
  • Dependent
  • Oversensitive
  • Adamant

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June 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Hann, 1988, Guitarist
Adam Rothenberg, 1975, TV Actor
Adam Trent, 1985, Magician
Adnan Pjevic, 1996, Movie Actor
Aj Knight, 1992, Stage Actor
Alan Longmuir, 1948, Bassist
Alex Caceres, 1988, MMA Fighter
Alex Guarnaschelli, 1972, Chef
Alexander Instoy, 1994, Pop Singer
Alexis Neiers, 1991, Reality Star
Alfred Gallodoro, 1913, Saxophonist
Alice Palmer, 1939, Politician
Alisan Porter, 1981, TV Actress
Allan Lamb, 1954, Cricket Player
Allie Quigley, 1986, Basketball Player
Allison Raskin, 1989, Comedian
Amir Derakh, 1963, Guitarist
Amos Tutuola, 1920, Novelist
Andre Watts, 1946, Pianist
Angie Sage, 1952, Young Adult Author
Anne Murray, 1945, Pop Singer

Apollo Brown, 1980, Music Producer
April Ross, 1982, Volleyball Player
Arthur Ernest Morgan, 1878, Engineer
Asmir Begovic, 1987, Soccer Player
Austin Newman, 1998, YouNow Star
Ayu Ting Ting, 1992, Pop Singer
Ben Brode, 1985, Game Designer
Ben Nordberg, 1989, Skateboarder
Benjamin Mascolo, 1993, Pop Singer
Bhavya Gandhi, 1997, TV Actor
Bobby Frank Cherry, 1930, Criminal
Bobby Vila, 1946, TV Show Host
Bonnie Bartlett, 1929, Movie Actress
Brede Hangeland, 1981, Soccer Player
Brett Halsey, 1933, Movie Actor
Brian Duffy, 1953, Astronaut
Brian Wilson, 1942, Rock Singer
Brianne McLaughlin, 1987, Hockey Player
BrickyOrchid8, 1995, YouTube Star
Brooklyn Tankard, 1988, Reality Star
Burhan G, 1983, Pop Singer
Cael Sanderson, 1979, Wrestler
Caleb Barwick, 2000, TV Actor
Camille Prats, 1985, TV Actress
Campbell Jackson, 1984, Darts Player
Candy Clark, 1947, Movie Actress
Carlos Lee, 1976, Baseball Player
Caroline Polachek, 1985, Pop Singer
Caroline Weir, 1995, Soccer Player
Cesar Marcelo Meli, 1992, Soccer Player
Chandra Timothy Liow, 1993, YouTube Star
Charles Fern, 1892, Pilot
Charles W. Chestnutt, 1858, Novelist
Charlotte Franklin Hatherley, 1979, Rock Singer
Chelcie Ross, 1942, Movie Actor
Chet Atkins, 1924, Guitarist
Chino Moreno, 1973, Metal Singer
Chris Thompson, 1980, Drummer
Christopher Mintz-Plasse, 1989, Movie Actor
Chuck Wagner, 1958, Stage Actor
Chuck Wicks, 1979, Country Singer
Claudia Lee, 1996, TV Actress
Claudia Vieira, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Collins Pennie, 1985, Movie Actor
Courtney Force, 1988, Race Car Driver
Crystianna Summers, 2002, Dancer
Cyrus Villanueva, 1996, Pop Singer
Dan Tyminski, 1967, Folk Singer
Dan Woods, 1959, TV Actor
Danny Aiello, 1933, Movie Actor
Danny Cedrone, 1920, Guitarist
Danny Masseling, 1981, DJ
Darko Milicic, 1985, Basketball Player
Darren Sproles, 1983, Football Player
Dave Barnes, 1978, Country Singer
David Josiah Brewer, 1837, Supreme Court Justice
David Kazhdan, 1946, Mathematician
Derek Kellogg, 1973, Basketball Coach
DerekRantsGaming, 1984, YouTube Star
Dickie Thon, 1958, Baseball Player
Don Beyer, 1950, Politician
Dreama Walker, 1986, TV Actress
E Lynn Harris, 1955, Novelist
Eddie Cardona, 1988, YouTube Star
Eduardo Mondlane, 1920, Politician
Elisa Jordana, 1984, Screenwriter
Emma Cakecup, 1996, YouTube Star
Emma York, 2003, Dancer

Enn Vetemaa, 1936, Novelist
Enrique Rodriguez, 1952, Rugby Player
Eric Dolphy, 1928, Flute Player
Errol Flynn, 1909, Movie Actor
Ethan Payne, 1995, YouTube Star
Eve Harlow, 1989, TV Actress
Example, 1982, Rapper
Fab Melo, 1990, Basketball Player
FaZe Apex, 1996, YouTube Star
Francis Reyes, 1967, Guitarist
Francis Warren, 1844, Politician
Frank Lampard, 1978, Soccer Player
Gana Bala, 1970, World Music Singer
Ged Robinson, 1983, Rugby Player
Georgia Kousoulou, 1991, Reality Star
Giuseppe Bausilio, 1997, Stage Actor
Glenna Collett-Vare, 1903, Golfer
Grace Potter, 1983, Rock Singer
Hart Denton, 1993, Model
Heiner Mora, 1984, Soccer Player
Horace Lawson Hunley, 1823, Engineer
Ilan Ramon, 1954, Astronaut
Ingrid Haebler, 1929, Pianist
Iselin Solheim, 1990, Pop Singer
Itumeleng Khune, 1987, Soccer Player
Jacob Wysocki, 1990, TV Actor
Jadin Gould, 1998, Movie Actress
Jake Jackson, 1990, YouTube Star
James Buchli, 1945, Astronaut
Jarrad Paul, 1976, TV Actor
Jason Robert Brown, 1970, Composer

Javier Pastore, 1989, Soccer Player
Jean-claude Izzo, 1945, Poet
Jean-Marie Lepen, 1928, Politician
Jemina Pearl Abegg, 1987, Rock Singer
Jeremy Monteiro, 1960, Pianist
Jeremy Thurber, 1989, Pop Singer
Jermey Parnell, 1986, Football Player
Jerome Fontamillas, 1967, Guitarist
Jessicka Havok, 1986, Wrestler
Jimmy Driftwood, 1907, Folk Singer
Joao Manzarra, 1985, TV Show Host
Joe Corvo, 1977, Hockey Player
Joe Delaney, 1990, Reality Star
John Goodman, 1952, Movie Actor
John Mahoney, 1940, TV Actor
John McCook, 1944, Soap Opera Actor
John Taylor, 1960, Bassist
Joie Susannah Lee, 1962, Screenwriter
Jon Glaser, 1968, Comedian
Jonah Lesnick, 1994, YouNow Star
Josh Lucas, 1971, Movie Actor
Josh Metzler, 1996, Pop Singer
Josh Morgan, 1985, Football Player
Joy Huerta, 1986, Pop Singer
Juan Castro, 1972, Baseball Player
Julie Fowlis, 1979, Folk Singer
Karen Payne, 1959, Family Member
Karin Enke, 1961, Speed Skater
Karlheinz Brandenburg, 1954, Engineer
Karlis Balodis, 1864, Teacher
Katie Carstens, 1998, Star
Kayla Maisonet, 1999, TV Actress
Kayleigh Morris, 1988, Reality Star
Kendrys Morales, 1983, Baseball Player
Kevin Ryan, 1984, TV Actor
Kierra Sheard, 1987, Gospel Singer
Kirkland Laing, 1954, Boxer
Koko B. Ware, 1957, Wrestler
Kurt Schwitters, 1887, Painter
Kyle Echarri, 2003, Pop Singer
Lance Stewart, 1996, Vine Star
Leah Knauer, 1992, Comedian
Len Dawson, 1935, Football Player
Leo Jung, 1892, Religious Leader
Leonard Williams, 1994, Football Player
Les Gold, 1950, Reality Star
Lewis Levy, 1997, YouTube Star
Lili Gold, 1950, Family Member
Lillian Hellman, 1905, Playwright
Lindseyrem, 1997, YouTube Star
Lionel Richie, 1949, R&B Singer
Lloyd Hall, 1894, Scientist
Logan West, 1994,
Lucy Rose, 1989, Folk Singer
Luke Babbitt, 1989, Basketball Player
Lysandre Nadeau, 1995, YouTube Star
Magdalena Abakanowicz , 1930, Sculptor
Mal Peet, 1947, Young Adult Author
Marc Hanoman, 2000, Vine Star
Maria Lark, 1997, TV Actress
Maricar Reyes, 1981, TV Actress
Mark Erelli, 1974, Folk Singer
Martin Landau, 1928, Movie Actor
Matt Chandler, 1974, Religious Leader
Matt Flynn, 1985, Football Player
Matthew DeHoff, 1995, Vine Star
Mckenzie Small, 1999, TV Actress
Michael Anthony, 1954, Bassist
Michael Corbett, 1956, Soap Opera Actor
Michael Dal Colle, 1996, Hockey Player
Michael Loceff, 1952, Screenwriter
Micko Newell, 1997, R&B Singer
Miguel Deltoro, 1972, Baseball Player
Mike Birbiglia, 1978, Comedian
Miranda Simms, 1990, Family Member
Murphy Karges, 1967, Bassist
Nathan Hawes, 1997, Folk Singer
Naysha Lopez, 1984, Reality Star
Necar Zadegan, 1982, TV Actress
Neil Redfearn, 1965, Soccer Player
Nia Frazier, 2001, Dancer
Nicholas Rowe, 1674, Poet
Nicole Graceffa, 1986, Family Member
Nicole Kidman, 1967, Movie Actress
Noah Z Jones, 1973, Animator
Nouri Al-maliki, 1950, World Leader
Oliver Cotton, 1944, Movie Actor
Olympia Dukakis, 1931, Movie Actress
Orlando Javier Valle, 1978, Reggae Singer
Pamela Frank, 1967, Violinist
Patryk Dudek, 1992, Race Car Driver
Paul Brett, 1947, Guitarist
Paul Muldoon, 1951, Poet
Paula Van Oppen, 1989, Dancer
Paulo Bento, 1969, Soccer Player
Peter Gordon, 1951, Composer
Peter Paige, 1969, TV Actor
Peter Reid, 1956, Soccer Player
Philip Lowrie, 1936, TV Actor
Pierre Julien, 1731, Sculptor
Quinton Jackson, 1978, MMA Fighter
Rachel Vincent, 1978, Young Adult Author
Rahul Khanna, 1972, Movie Actor
RBX, 1968, Rapper
Rebecca Craven, 1991, TV Actress
Reese Regan, 1999, YouTube Star
Rico Ramos, 1987, Boxer
Robert A. McDonald, 1953, Business Executive
Robert Crais, 1953, Novelist
Robert Rodriguez, 1968, Director
Roxy Horner, 1991, Model
Roy Nelson, 1976, MMA Fighter
Ryan Sieg, 1987, Race Car Driver
Ryan Thomas, 1991, Rapper
Sage The Gemini, 1992, Rapper
Sam Bennett, 1996, Hockey Player
Sara Kenigsberg, 1988, Journalist
Serayah McNeill, 1995, TV Actress
Serris Lew, 1998, Family Member
Shefali Chowdhury, 1988, Movie Actress
Skunksack, 2001, Vine Star
SneakerHeadInTheBay, 1996, YouTube Star
Snupe, 1998, Vine Star
Stanley Burnshaw, 1906, Poet
Stephanie White, 1977, Basketball Player
Stephen Frears, 1941, Director
Sultry Simone, 1986, Model
Terence Young, 1915, Director
Terrelle Pryor, 1989, Football Player
Tika Sumpter, 1980, TV Actress
Todd Matthews-Jouda, 1979, Hurdler
Tom Cotter, 1963, Comedian
Tom Wlaschiha, 1973, TV Actor
Tony Lovato, 1980, Rock Singer
Touki Toussaint, 1996, Baseball Player
Tress MacNeille, 1951, Voice Actor
Trumbull Stickney, 1874, Poet
Twiggy Ramirez, 1971, Guitarist
Ulf Merbold, 1941, Astronaut
UrAvgConsumer, 1988, YouTube Star
Vasili Berezutski, 1982, Soccer Player
Veronica Kole, 1994, Pop Singer
Vikram Seth, 1952, Poet
Wendy Craig, 1934, TV Actress
Wolfe Tone, 1763, Politician
Yas, 1982, Rapper
Yui Mizuno, 1999, Pop Singer


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