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June 17 Famous Birthdays

June 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 17, are Gemini who generally take time to come to a conclusion. They look at all the factors before giving their two cents. Also, they have a great sense of fun which makes them a joy to be around although they could spend more time alone than with others.


Similar to other Gemini, famous people born on June 17 have the gift of gab but they are not the one to spread rumors. In their mind, it’s this kind of stuff that makes it hard to trust anyone. When it comes to finding a soul mate, they tend to look for someone who is exciting and who arouses their whole person instead of one aspect.

Not only that but a person who they can put confidence in and is able to handle their business to be an asset to them. They will probably be busy at work doing something in the legal profession although they have the capabilities of joining other career fields.


Famous people born on June 17th, have this dry wit about them that keeps people coming back for more. As they share a Gemini birthday, they believe that life should be full of pleasant surprises. They can be kind and compassionate. Alternatively, they have a creative side.


June 17th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17 June Good Traits:

  • Shrewd
  • Intelligent
  • Outgoing
  • Mingling
  • Witty
  • Responsible
  • Liberal
  • Kind

17 June Bad Traits:

  • Loner
  • Uncertain
  • Overcautious
  • Fussy
  • Annoyed

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June 17 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Davies, 1962, Lawyer
Alan Barber, 1905, Cricket Player
Alan Dzagoev, 1990, Soccer Player
Albert Haynesworth, 1981, Football Player
Alex, 1982, Soccer Player
Alex Schemmer, 1981, TV Actor
Alexandra Axelina, 1996, Instagram Star
Allen Curnow, 1911, Poet
Allen York, 1989, Hockey Player
Alton Kelley, 1940, Illustrator
Amrita Rao, 1981, Movie Actress
Amy Rogers, 1955, Screenwriter
Andrea Faustini, 1994, Pop Singer
Andrew Weiner, 1949, Novelist
Angelea Preston, 1986, Reality Star
Anna Lo, 1950, Politician
Anthony Bevilacqua, 1923, Religious Leader
Anthony Wilson, 1997, YouTube Star
Arabian Prince, 1965, Rapper
Archie Norris, 1999, Instagram Star
Art Bell, 1945, Radio Host
Arthur Brown Jr., 1990, Football Player
Arthur Darvill, 1982, TV Actor
Bap Kennedy, 1962, Folk Singer
Barry Manilow, 1943, Pop Singer
BdotAdot5, 1990, Instagram Star
Bella Weems, 1996, Entrepreneur

Ben Cartwright, 1979, TV Actor
Beryl Reid, 1919, TV Actress
Bill Rafferty, 1944, TV Show Host
Bobby Bell, 1940, Football Player
Bobby Farrelly, 1958, Director
BoxBox, 1996, YouTube Star
Brad Wenstrup, 1958, Politician
Bud Collins, 1929, Sportscaster
Burt Rutan, 1943, Engineer
Carl Van Vechten, 1880, Photographer
Carly Blaney, 1994, Dancer
Cassidy Haley, 1980, Fashion Designer
Charles Eames, 1907, Architect
Charles Gounod, 1818, Composer
Chris Spedding, 1944, Guitarist
Chris Weidman, 1984, MMA Fighter
Christy Canyon, 1966, Radio Host
Chuck Rainey, 1940, Bassist
Clara Channel, 1999, YouTube Star
Cliff Gallup, 1930, Guitarist
Connie Fisher, 1983, Pop Singer
Cory Harkey, 1990, Football Player
Craig Dahl, 1985, Football Player
Craig Skistimas, 1981, Entrepreneur
Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., 2010, Family Member
Damani Roberts, 1996, TV Actor
Dan Jansen, 1965, Speed Skater
Dan McVicar, 1958, TV Actor
Daniel Lee Siebert, 1954, Criminal
Darius Benson, 1993, Vine Star
june-17-famous-birthdaysDaryl Hennegan, 1989, Twitch Star
Dave Concepcion, 1948, Baseball Player
David Aguilar, 1983, World Music Singer
David Bendeth, 1954, Music Producer
David Walsh, 1955, Journalist
Deyjah Harris, 2001, Family Member
Diane Murphy, 1964, TV Actress
Dice Soho, 1995, Rapper
Diego Arnary, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Dominic Rowan, 1971, TV Actor
Donny Robinson, 1983, BMX Rider
Dougie Hamilton, 1993, Hockey Player
Drew Ryan Scott, 1988, Pop Singer
Dylan Collins, 1995, Vine Star
Eddy Merckx, 1945, Cyclist
Edward I Of England, 1239, Royalty
Elroy Hirsch, 1923, Football Player
Emily June, 1995, YouTube Star
Eric Stefani, 1967, Pop Singer
Erin Murphy, 1964, TV Actress
Escher Holloway, 1987, Movie Actor
Evan Katz, 1960, Screenwriter
Ezzy, 1996, Rapper
Fabian Castillo, 1992, Soccer Player
Francesca Isherwood, 1991, TV Actress
Frank Ashmore, 1945, TV Actor

Fuku Suzuki, 2004, TV Actor
Futa Helu, 1934, Philosopher
Gene de Paul, 1919, Composer
George Luz, 1921, War Hero
Georges Niang, 1993, Basketball Player
Grant Mitchell, 1874, Movie Actor
Grayson Landis, 2012, Family Member
Greg Kinnear, 1963, Movie Actor
Harry Browne, 1933, Politician
Harry Patch, 1898, War Hero
Heinz Guderian, 1888,
Henri Sagna, 1973, Sculptor
Henry Lawson, 1867, Novelist
Igor Stravinsky, 1882, Composer
Ishrat Hussain, 1941, Economist
Jacob H Gilbert, 1920, Politician
Jade Peters, 1992, Pop Singer
Jake Goodman, 2002, TV Actor
Jamal Mixon, 1983, Movie Actor
James Gadson, 1939, Drummer

James H. Flatley, 1906, War Hero
James Shigeta, 1933, Movie Actor
James Weldon Johnson, 1871, Philosopher
James Weldon Johnson, 1871, Songwriter
Jameson Blake, 1997, Reality Star
Jang Min-chul, 1991, eSports Player
Jason Hanson, 1970, Football Player
Jason Patric, 1966, Movie Actor
JB Glossinger, 1969, Self-Help Author
Jelena Djokovic, 1986, Family Member
Jello Biafra, 1958, Punk Singer
Jenna Lee James, 1977, Stage Actress
Jennifer Irwin, 1975, TV Actress
Jiordan Tolli, 1994, TV Actress
Joe Charboneau, 1955, Baseball Player
Joe Piscopo, 1951, Comedian
Joel Robles, 1990, Soccer Player
John Baldessari, 1931, Conceptual Artist
John Bray, 1970, Boxer
John Gallagher Jr., 1984, Stage Actor
John Hersey, 1914, Journalist
John Norman Collins, 1947, Criminal
John Sampson, 1965, Politician
Jon Gries, 1957, Movie Actor
Jonathan Leibowitz, 1958, Politician
Jordan Henderson, 1990, Soccer Player
Jordenn Thompson, 2003, Movie Actress
Josh Mansour, 1990, Rugby Player
Joshua Leonard, 1975, TV Actor
Julia Kelly, 1994, TV Actress
Julian Marias, 1914, Philosopher
Justin Bethel, 1990, Football Player
Kaela Tucker, 1996, Family Member
Kami Cotler, 1965, TV Actress
Kazunari Ninomiya, 1983, Movie Actor
Kelly Curtis, 1956, TV Actress
Ken Livingstone, 1945, Politician
Ken Loach, 1936, Director
Kendrick Lamar, 1987, Rapper
Kenia Ontiveros, 1991, Reality Star
Kenzie Taylor Borowski, 1995, YouTube Star
Kerry Greenwood, 1954, Novelist
Kit Wright, 1944, Children’s Author
Koichi Yamadera, 1961, Voice Actor
Kourtney Heart, 1993, R&B Singer
Krayzie Bone, 1973, Rapper
Kumiko Aso, 1978, Movie Actress
Kyle Krieger, 1983, YouTube Star
Larissa Lam, 1975, Rock Singer
Leander Adrian Paes, 1973, Tennis Player
Lee Ryan, 1983, Pop Singer
Lee Tamahori, 1950, Director
Lena LisaandLena, 2002, Star
Lisa Haydon, 1986, Model
Lisa LisaandLena, 2002, Star
Lorraine Segato, 1956, Rock Singer
Louise Fazenda, 1895, Movie Actress
Lush Leah, 2002, YouTube Star
Mahlagha Jaberi, 1989, Instagram Star
Makua Rothman, 1984, Surfer
Mallory Web, 2005, YouTube Star
Manish Dayal, 1983, Movie Actor
Marco Antonio Barrera, 1974, Boxer
Marcos Baghdatis, 1985, Tennis Player
Marcy Kaptur, 1946, Politician
Margaret Ringenberg, 1921, Pilot
Maria Semple, 1964, Screenwriter
Marie Avgeropoulos, 1986, TV Actress
Mark Cornelison, 1968, Reality Star
Mark Linn-Baker, 1954, TV Actor
Mark Umbers, 1973, Stage Actor
Mark Walker, 1999, Basketball Player
Martin Krause, 1853, Pianist
Mary Sue Hubbard, 1931, Family Member
Matt Hendricks, 1981, Hockey Player
MC Escher, 1898, Graphic Designer
Merit Leighton, 2002, TV Actress
Michael Foley, 1963, Politician
Michael Iaconelli, 1972,
Michael Monroe, 1962, Punk Singer
Michael Showalter, 1970, TV Actor
Mickey Guyton, 1983, Country Singer
Mike Caveney, 1950, Magician
Mike Kerr, 1984, Guitarist
Mike Milbury, 1952, Sportscaster
Mimei, 1987, YouTube Star
Mohamed ElBaradei, 1942, World Leader
Morgan Higgins, 1997, Pop Singer
Newt Gingrich, 1943, Politician
Nick Rimando, 1979, Soccer Player
Nikita Kucherov, 1993, Hockey Player
Patrick Cranshaw, 1919, Movie Actor
Paul Tergat, 1969, Runner
Paulina Rubio, 1971, World Music Singer
Pedro Miguel Arce, 1976, Movie Actor
Peter Svidler, 1976, Chess Player
Philip Chevron, 1957, Guitarist
Ralph Bellamy, 1904, TV Actor
Rebecca Breeds, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Red Foley, 1910, Country Singer
Rikrok, 1972, Reggae Singer
Riskykidd, 1994, Rapper
Roberto Cofresi, 1791,
Rodney Wallace, 1988, Soccer Player
Roman Gonzalez, 1987, Boxer
Ron Padgett, 1942, Poet
Rosario Suarez, 1953, Dancer
Ross O’Donovan, 1987, YouTube Star
Ruben Rada, 1943, Composer
Ruben Sole, 1988, YouTube Star
Ruby Stewart, 1987, Model
Russell Smith, 1949, Country Singer
Ruth Graves Wakefield, 1903, Entrepreneur
Ryan Allsop, 1992, Soccer Player
Ryan Neff, 1988, Metal Singer
Sam Douglas, 1957, Movie Actor
Sammy Fain, 1902, Composer
Samuel Goldwyn, 1879, Film Producer
Sasha Malik, 1997, Family Member
Scott Adkins, 1976, Movie Actor
Scott Peters, 1958, Politician
Setsuko Hara, 1920, Movie Actress
Shane Watson, 1981, Cricket Player
Shaun MacDonald, 1988, Soccer Player
Sho Kosugi, 1948, Movie Actor
Sidney Cotton, 1894, Photographer
Sidney Jones, 1861, Conductor
Sila Gencoglu, 1980, Pop Singer
Simone Battle, 1989, Pop Singer
Somaya Reece, 1986, Rapper
Stephanie Rice, 1988, Swimmer
Stephen Kennedy, 1970, TV Actor
Steve Peat, 1974, Cyclist
Steve Rhodes, 1964, Cricket Player
Steven Davies, 1986, Cricket Player
Steven Fletcher, 1972, Politician
Steven Martini, 1975, Screenwriter
Stitches, 1995, Rapper
Strong Vincent, 1837, Lawyer
Susan La flesche Picotte, 1865, Doctor
Susan Williams, 1969, Triathlete
Taveeta Szymanowicz, 1996, Dancer
Ted Nelson, 1937, Entrepreneur
Terry Evanswood, 1970, Magician
Terry Norris, 1967, Boxer
Thomas Haden Church, 1960, Movie Actor
Tigran Petrosian, 1929, Chess Player
Timothy Wright, 1947, Gospel Singer
Tom Corbett, 1949, Politician
Tommy Franks, 1945, War Hero
Tony Dandrades, 1968, Journalist
Tory Burch, 1966, Fashion Designer
Trista Peszko, 2003, Instagram Star
Tyson Apostol, 1979, Reality Star
Ulrike Goldmann, 1980, Rock Singer
Venus Williams, 1980, Tennis Player
Vivian Harris, 1978, Boxer
Waleed Abulkhair, 1979, Civil Rights Leader
Waleed Abulkhair, 1979, Civil Rights Leader
Wally Wood, 1927, Cartoonist
Will Allen, 1982, Football Player
Will Forte, 1970, Comedian
Will Gittens, 1992, Vine Star
William Lucking, 1941, TV Actor
Willy Kan, 1978, Horse Jockey
WVD Hodge, 1903, Mathematician
Yomo, 1980, Reggae Singer
Young Maylay, 1979, Rapper
Young Scrilla, 1983, Rapper


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