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June 12 Famous Birthdays

June 12 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 12 are Gemini who are extremely easygoing and exceptionally pleasant to be around. They are also quick to pick up on new ideas and to learn new things. As this may be true, they tend to get restless easily.


However, they are busy with work, hobbies, friends and family. They like to seek out other cultures and their traditions or customs. They are decent parents who have a vision of having a large and happy family.


Of course, they will want to get married early to make this happen. So, finding a soul mate that is equally ready for this kind of commitment is also on their priority of goals. The perfect match for famous people born on June 12 will need loads of consideration and kindness to deal with some of their growing pains. On the other side of this is that they don’t mind working. They have this aspect of their life together.

Famous people born on June 12th like having a variety of chores or goals. This famous Gemini person will chose a career early in life. They are reserved and business minded. They are generally in good health and owe it to themselves to enjoy an exotic meal occasionally.


June 12th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12 June Good Traits:

  • Patient
  • Optimistic
  • Likeable
  • Realistic
  • Intriguing
  • Energetic
  • Enterprising

12 June Bad Traits:

  • Temperamental
  • Fickle
  • Critical
  • Imprudent
  • Flirtatious

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June 12 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbey Lee, 1987, Model
Adam Donshik, 1974, Stage Actor
Adam Kenworthy, 1985, Chef
Adam Montoya, 1984, YouTube Star
Adriana Lima, 1981, Model
Ahmadu Bello, 1910, Politician
Alan Tafoya, 1963, Movie Actor
Alber Elbaz, 1961, Fashion Designer
Alexandre Tansman, 1897, Composer
Alicia Liu, 1986, Model
Alissa Violet, 1996, Vine Star
Allex Gingras, 1997, Instagram Star
Allie Dimeco, 1992, TV Actress
Amandine Bourgeois, 1979, Rock Singer
Amir Khadir, 1961, Politician
Ana Tijoux, 1977, Rapper
Andie Case, 1992, YouTube Star
Anise Koltz, 1928, Poet
Anja Rubik, 1983, Model
Ann-Kathrin Brommel, 1989, Instagram Star
Anna Margaret, 1996, Pop Singer
Anne Frank, 1929, Non-Fiction Author
Anni Albers, 1899,
Antawn Jamison, 1976, Basketball Player

Anthony Eden, 1897, Politician
Antonio Berardi, 1968, Fashion Designer
Antonio Diaz, 1980, MMA Fighter
Antonio Lopes, 1941, Soccer Player
Aquamarin, 1992, YouTube Star
Archie Bleyer, 1909, Composer
Artem Chigvintsev, 1982, Dancer
Arthur Henry Newman, 1850, Explorer
Atanas Dalchev, 1904, Poet
Avisail Garcia, 1991, Baseball Player
Barry Morrow, 1948, Screenwriter
Bella Blair, 1991, YouTube Star
Ben Bates, 1961, Golfer
Bernie Hamilton, 1928, TV Actor
Bert Sakmann, 1942, Scientist
Blake Ross, 1985, Entrepreneur
Bobby Gould, 1946, Soccer Player
Bobby Sheehan, 1968, Blues Singer
Bounty Killer, 1972, DJ
Brad Delp, 1951, Rock Singer
Brandi Aguilar, 1989, TV Actress
Brian Anderson, 1976, Skateboarder
Brian Aubert, 1976, Rock Singer
Bryan Alvarez, 1975, Wrestler
Bryan Habana, 1983, Rugby Player
Bun E. Carlos, 1951, Drummer
Cahron Childs, 1988, Rapper
Caleb Harbin, 1990, Rock Singer
Carla Abellana, 1986, TV Actress
Carly Craig, 1980, TV Actress
Carolina Cruz, 1979, Model
Chad Rader, 1982, YouTube Star
Charlie Feathers, 1932, Country Singer
Chick Corea, 1941, Pianist
Chris Dangerous, 1978, Drummer
Chris Young, 1985, Country Singer
Christine Sinclair, 1983, Soccer Player
Christy Martin, 1968, Boxer
Claudia Gray, 1970, Young Adult Author
Clyde Geronimi, 1901, Director
Cody Horn, 1988, Movie Actress
Courtney Galiano, 1988, TV Actress
Dallas Clark, 1979, Football Player
Danielle Sandler, 1995, Pop Singer
Danny Gonzalez, 1994, Vine Star
Dave Franco, 1985, Movie Actor
Dave Melillo, 1988, Guitarist
David Fanning, 1986, Country Singer
David Levy Yulee, 1810, Politician
David Rockefeller, 1915, Entrepreneur
David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thoms, 1957, Entrepreneur
David Thornton, 1953, Movie Actor
David Worrall, 1990, Soccer Player
Debra Davenport, 1970, Fashion Designer

Demetrius Harris, 1992, R&B Singer
Diego Milito, 1979, Soccer Player
Diem Brown, 1982, Reality Star
Djuna Barnes, 1892, Poet
Donald Byrne, 1930, Chess Player
Donnie Avery, 1984, Football Player
Dorian Hector, 1993, Dancer
Dregen, 1973, Guitarist
Duane Peters, 1961, Punk Singer
Eamonn Walker, 1962, TV Actor
Earl Watson, 1979, Basketball Player
Edgar Prado, 1967, Horse Jockey
Egon Schiele, 1890, Painter
Ella Joyce, 1954, Stage Actress
Emma Green, 1986, Model
Eren Derdiyok, 1988, Soccer Player
Erik Sprague, 1972,
Eugene Galekovic, 1981, Soccer Player
Felicia Ballanger, 1971, Cyclist
Finesse Mitchell, 1972, Comedian
Frances O’Connor, 1967, Movie Actress

Frank Chapman, 1864, Scientist
Frankie Palmeri, 1986, Metal Singer
Gary Farmer, 1953, Movie Actor
Geoff Griffin, 1939, Cricket Player
George Bush, 1924, US President
George Kontos, 1985, Baseball Player
George Loane Tucker, 1880, Director
Georgina Campbell, 1992, TV Actress
Geri Allen, 1957, Composer
Gopichand, 1979, Movie Actor
Gordon Michael Woolvett, 1970, TV Actor
Gracie Teefey, 2013, Family Member
Gracie Teefey, 2013, Family Member
Gregory Alan Williams, 1956, TV Actor
Harry Cook, 1991, Movie Actor
Hideki Matsui, 1974, Baseball Player
Ian Craig, 1935, Cricket Player
Ivy Supersonic, 1967, Fashion Designer
Jackson Lueders, 1999, Family Member
Jake Harrison, 1992, Reality Star
James Oliver Curwood, 1878, Novelist
Jamie Harding, 1979, Movie Actor
Jamie Lee Darley, 1986, Model
Jason David, 1982, Football Player
Jason Mewes, 1974, Movie Actor
Jeff Bethke, 1989, YouTube Star
Jeff Seid, 1994, YouTube Star
Jenilee Harrison, 1959, TV Actress
Jenna Joseph, 1993, Family Member
Jennifer Jo Cobb, 1973, Race Car Driver
Jeremy Howard, 1981, Movie Actor
Jeremy Rowley, 1978, Comedian
Jerome Jarre, 1990, Vine Star
Jerry Lynn, 1963, Wrestler
Jessica Keenan Wynn, 1986, Stage Actress
Jez Dior, 1992, Rapper
Jim Nabors, 1930, TV Actor
Jim Siedow, 1920, Movie Actor
Jodie Prenger, 1979, TV Actress
Johanna Spyri, 1827, Children’s Author
John A. Alonzo, 1934, Cinematographer
John Baldwin Gourley, 1981, Rock Singer
John Bigelow IV, 2001, Golfer
John C. Baez, 1961, Mathematician
John Copley, 1933, Film Producer
John Enos III, 1962, Movie Actor
John Linnell, 1959, Rock Singer
John Moses, 1885, Politician
John Roebling, 1806, Engineer
John Wetton, 1949, Rock Singer
Johnny Buff, 1888, Boxer
Jonathan Osorio, 1992, Soccer Player
Jordan Kovacs, 1990, Football Player
Jrue Holiday, 1990, Basketball Player
Jules Hamilton, 1989, Reality Star
Julia Wilkinson, 1987, Swimmer
Julie Orringer, 1973, Novelist
Junior Brown, 1952, Country Singer
Kate Bracken, 1990, TV Actress
Kendra Wilkinson, 1985, Reality Star
Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 1977, Guitarist
Kent Carter, 1939, Bassist
Kerry Kittles, 1974, Basketball Player
Kevin Glenn, 1979, Football Player
Kevin Wu, 1990, YouTube Star
Kira Roessler, 1962, Bassist
Kurtjmac, 1982, YouTube Star
Kyle Higgins, 1985, Comic Book Author
Kyle McClellan, 1984, Baseball Player
Larry Foote, 1980, Football Player
Laura Kirkpatrick, 1989, Reality Star
Laurent Marqueste, 1848, Sculptor
Lee Matthews, 1988, Pop Singer
Len Wein, 1948, Comic Book Artist
Lewis Moody, 1978, Rugby Player
Lil Duval, 1977, Comedian
Lili Anne, 2001, YouTube Star
Lindsey Harding, 1984, Basketball Player
Linn Moberg, 1998, YouTube Star
Little Louie Vega, 1965, DJ
Lucas Watson, 1992, YouTube Star
Lucille Roybal Allard, 1941, Politician
Madeleine Roux, 1985, Novelist
Malachi Pearson, 1981, Voice Actor
Mamo Wolde, 1932, Runner
Mario Casas, 1986, TV Actor
Mark Calcavecchia, 1960, Golfer
Mark Henry, 1971, Wrestler
Marv Albert, 1941, Sportscaster
Mathieu Schneider, 1969, Hockey Player
Mauricio Isla, 1988, Soccer Player
Mel Rodriguez, 1973, TV Actor
Meredith Brooks, 1958, Rock Singer
Micah Brown, 1986, Football Player
Michael Muhney, 1975, TV Actor
Mike Bullard, 1957, Radio Host
Mou Zongsan, 1909, Philosopher
Nathan Williams, 1986, Rock Singer
Neil Fox, 1961, DJ
Octave Maus, 1856, Novelist
Omar Regan, 1975, Movie Actor
Pat Jennings, 1945, Soccer Player
Patrice Martinez, 1963, TV Actress
Paul Gann, 1912, Activist
Paul Schulze, 1962, TV Actor
Paula Marshall, 1964, TV Actress
Penny Jay, 1925, Country Singer
Peter Jones, 1920, TV Actor
Philippe Coutinho, 1992, Soccer Player
Raiza Costa, 1988, Chef
Ray McCallum Jr., 1991, Basketball Player
Rebecca Holden, 1958, TV Actress
Reg Presley, 1941, Rock Singer
Richard Ayoade, 1977, Comedian
Richard Ben Cramer, 1950, Journalist
Richard M. Sherman, 1928, Songwriter
Rick Hoffman, 1970, TV Actor
River Blackstock, 2014, Family Member
Robbie Henshaw, 1993, Rugby Player
Roberto Ivens, 1850, Explorer
Robyn, 1979, Pop Singer
Rocco Silano, 1962, Magician
Roland Robinson, 1912, Poet
Rona Jaffe, 1931, Novelist
Roy Harper, 1941, Folk Singer
Ryan Klesko, 1971, Baseball Player
Ryan Malgarini, 1992, Movie Actor
Ryu Deok Hwan, 1987, Movie Actor
Ryzza Mae Dizon, 2005, TV Show Host
Sam Parilla, 1943, Baseball Player
Sam Thaiday, 1985, Rugby Player
Samantha Tolj, 1982, TV Actress
Samuel Cooper, 1798, War Hero
Samuel Z. Arkoff, 1918, Film Producer
Scott Flinders, 1986, Soccer Player
Scott Thompson, 1959, TV Actor
Sean Nelson, 1973, Rock Singer
Sergio Rodriguez, 1986, Basketball Player
Shannyn Moore, 1970, Blogger
Shiloh Strong, 1978, Movie Actor
Skylynn Floyd, 2009, YouTube Star
Slim DeLeon, 1988, Vine Star
Sol White, 1868, Baseball Player
Son Sen, 1930, Politician
Sonia Manzano, 1950, TV Actress
Spencer Abraham, 1952, Politician
Spencer Bledsoe, 1992, Reality Star
Spencer MacPherson, 1997, TV Actor
Stephanie Bennett, 1989, TV Actress
Stephanie Szostak, 1975, Movie Actress
Steve Crabtree, 1955, News Anchor
Steve Savoca, 1997, Painter
Steven Kelly, 1996, Vine Star
SwingPoynt, 1992, YouTube Star
Takis Fyssas, 1973, Soccer Player
Taltigolt, 1993, YouTube Star
Tasmin Dhaliwal, 1996, YouTube Star
Tate LaBrant, 2006, Family Member
TB Joshua, 1963, Religious Leader
Terry Alderman, 1956, Cricket Player
Thomas C. Hart, 1877, War Hero
Tim DeKay, 1963, TV Actor
Timothy Busfield, 1957, TV Actor
Timothy Simons, 1978, TV Actor
Tom Oliver, 1938, TV Actor
Trevanian, 1931, Novelist
Uta Hagen, 1919, Stage Actress
Vic Damone, 1928, Pop Singer
Vincent Miceli, 1915, Philosopher
Warwick Capper, 1963, Australian Rules Footballer
Weegee, 1899, Photographer
William Woodward Jr., 1920, Entrepreneur


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