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January 8 Famous Birthdays

January 8 Famous Birthdays

Do you know of any famous people born on January 8th? IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 8, you could be one of the hardest working people in your circle of friends and in your family unit.

Famous people born on January 8 work not only for professional success but for personal achievement as well. Typically, they love to spend so they will have something unique and valuable in their surroundings. This reminds them that life is to be enjoyed and makes up for what their parents couldn’t provide for them as a child.


Family means a lot to famous people born on 8 January. It gives them a sense of belonging and security. Outside of their immediate family, they find themselves enjoying the company of only a few close friends.


As a negative, famous people who have their birthday on 8th January are never quite sure enough of the decisions they make and look for others to validate their choices. Because of this they may be guilty of having some dependency issues. Additionally, they should remember that they are faulty as humans and that holding a grudge only hurts.

Born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, the the 8th January famous people are strong influences with secure ties to family. The January 8 famous birthday personality suggests dramatic changes that could damage their reputation. Read on to know names of people with famous January 8 birthdays.


January 8th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8th January Good Traits:

  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Inexpressive
  • Sensitive

8 January Bad Traits:

  • Extravagant
  • Self Doubt
  • Distrustful
  • Unforgiving

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January 8th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Cruden, 1989, Rugby Player
Abbey Simon, 1922, Pianist
Adam Goodes, 1980, Australian Rules Footballer
Adam T. Siska, 1988, Bassist
Adi Shankar, 1985, Film Producer
Adrian Lopez Alvarez, 1988, Soccer Player
Adrian Mutu, 1979, Soccer Player
Adrian Pang, 1966, Game Show Host
Albert Daniels, 1983, Rapper
Albert Macquarrie, 1882, Movie Actor
Alexandra Ripley, 1934, Novelist
Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823, Scientist
Allen Hutchinson, 1855, Sculptor
Allison Harvard, 1988, Model
Amber Benson, 1977, TV Actress
Ami Dolenz, 1969, TV Actress
Anais Zanotti, 1986, Model
Andrew Wood, 1966, Rock Singer
Anne Schedeen, 1949, TV Actress
Archie Roach, 1956, Rock Singer
Ayda Mosharraf, 1990, R&B Singer
Bill Graham, 1931, Entrepreneur
Billy Brimblecom, 1977, Drummer
Blair Walsh, 1990, Football Player
Bob Eubanks, 1938, Game Show Host
Bobby Hamilton Jr., 1978, Race Car Driver
Boris Vallejo, 1941, Illustrator
Boris Verlinsky, 1888, Chess Player
Brook Lee, 1971, Model
Brooke Greenberg, 1993,
Bruce Sutter, 1953, Baseball Player
Bryce Seligman Dewitt, 1923, Scientist
Bull Nakano, 1968, Wrestler
Calvin Smith, 1961, Runner
Candice Levinson, 1987, Guitarist
Cara Readle, 1991, TV Actress
Carl Gustav Hempel, 1905, Philosopher
Carl Pavano, 1976, Baseball Player
Carl Rogers, 1902

Carolina Herrera, 1939, Fashion Designer
Charles Bass, 1952, Politician
Charles Murray, 1943, Journalist
Charles Osgood, 1933, Radio Host
Charles Tomlinson, 1927, Poet
Charlie Condou, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Cheryl Hickey, 1976, TV Show Host
Chris Masters, 1983, Wrestler
Chris Simmons, 1975, TV Actor
Cristy Lane, 1940, Country Singer
Damian Alcazar, 1953, Movie Actor
Dan Tepfer, 1982, Pianist
Daniel O’Connor, 1985, Rock Singer
Dave Weckl, 1960, Drummer
David Bowie, 1947, Rock Singer
David Lang, 1957, Composer
David Silva, 1986, Soccer Player
David Strauchman, 1989, Pop Singer
Del Ennis, 1925, Baseball Player
DJ Clue, 1975, DJ
Don Bendell, 1947, Memoirist
Donnell Turner, 1974, Soap Opera Actor
Dwight Clark, 1957, Football Player
Dylan Carr, 1995, TV Actor
Dylan Wilson, 1996, Dancer
Edwin Perkins, 1889, Inventor
Elizabeth Martinez, 1984, YouTube Star
Elvis Presley, 1935, Rock Singer
Emanuel Roberts, 1999, Instagram Star
Emilee Hembrow, 1992, Instagram Star
Emma Heesters, 1996, YouTube Star
Errol Douglas, 1964, Entrepreneur
Freddie Stroma, 1987, Movie Actor
Gaby Hoffmann, 1982, Movie Actress
Galina Ulanova, 1910, Dancer
Gavin Duh, 2010, Model
Genevieve Padalecki, 1981, TV Actress
Genevieve Padalecki, 1981, TV Actress
Geraldine Pailhas, 1971, Movie Actress
Gerry Spence, 1929, Lawyer
Gia Giudice, 2001, Pop Singer

january 8 famous birthdays
Glenn Robinson III, 1994, Basketball Player
Graham Chapman, 1941, Comedian
Greg Smith, 1991, Basketball Player
Hannah Robinson, 1995, Movie Actress
Hans Von Bülow, 1830, Pianist
Harriet Sansom Harris, 1955, TV Actress
Harris Jayaraj, 1975, Composer
Haruka Abe, 1985, TV Actress
Helen Baylor, 1953, Gospel Singer
Helen Ochoa, 1985, World Music Singer
Helmuth Hubener, 1925, War Hero
Henrik Shipstead, 1881, Politician
Hiroki Ioka, 1969, Boxer
Isabella Durham, 2003, Family Member
Isaiah Crowell, 1993, Football Player
Isidor Lateiner, 1930, Violinist
Ivan Glasenberg, 1957, Entrepreneur
Ivan Gundulic, 1589, Poet
Jack Andraka, 1997, Inventor
Jack Brewer, 1979, Football Player
Jaclyn Linetsky, 1986, Voice Actor
Jacob Mellis, 1991, Soccer Player
Jade Fraser, 1993, TV Actress
Jae Chong, 1972, Music Producer
James George Frazer, 1854, Scientist
James Hooton, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
James Longstreet, 1821, War Hero
James Russell, 1986, Baseball Player
James Strutt, 1924, Architect
Jamie T, 1986, Rock Singer
Jaron Brown, 1990, Football Player
Jason Giambi, 1971, Baseball Player
Jay Abraham, 1949, Entrepreneur
Jean Hyppolite, 1907, Philosopher
Jef Martens, 1975, DJ

Jeff Demps, 1990, Football Player
Jeff Francis, 1981, Baseball Player
Jeff Francoeur, 1984, Baseball Player
Jennie Sofie, 2001, Blogger
Jenny Lewis, 1976, Rock Singer
Jeremy Spencer, 1973, Drummer
Jervy Hou, 1988, YouTube Star
Jessica Leccia, 1976, TV Actress
Jires Kembo Ekoko, 1988, Soccer Player
Joan Freeman, 1942, Movie Actress
John Curtin, 1885, World Leader
John Graham Lough, 1798, Sculptor
John Liu, 1967, Politician
John McTiernan, 1951, Director
John Neihardt, 1881, Poet
John Podesta, 1949, Politician
Jon Daly, 1983, Soccer Player
Jonathan Patrick Moore, 1982, TV Actor
Jorge Claros, 1986, Soccer Player
Jorge Enriquez, 1991, Soccer Player
Jose Bernal, 1925, Painter
Jose Ferrer, 1912, Movie Actor
Josh Meyers, 1976, TV Actor
Josh Robinson, 1991, Football Player
Just Blaze, 1978, Music Producer
Kanan Malhotra, 1987, TV Actor
Karan Soni, 1989, TV Actor
Karen Tei Yamashita, 1951, Novelist
Kathleen Noone, 1945, TV Actress
Kayvon Zand, 1987, Pop Singer
Kerwin Mathews, 1926, Movie Actor
Kevin Ellison, 1987, Football Player
Khylin Rhambo, 1996, TV Actor
Kim Jong-un, 1983, World Leader
Klara Soderberg, 1993, Folk Singer
Koke, 1992, Soccer Player
Laila Abdallah, 1996, TV Actress
Larry Storch, 1923, TV Actor
Laurie Walters, 1947, TV Actress

Leon Forrest, 1937, Novelist
Leyla Badirbeyli, 1920, Movie Actress
Lily Nicksay, 1988, TV Actress
Linnie Marsh Wolfe, 1881, Non-Fiction Author
Loletta Lee, 1966, Movie Actress
Louie Soares, 1985, Soccer Player
Lowell Mason, 1792, Composer
Luke Power, 1980, Australian Rules Footballer
Luke Williams, 1947, Wrestler
Luther Perkins, 1928, Guitarist
Manuela Arcuri, 1977, Movie Actress
Marc Moreland, 1958, Guitarist
Marc Quinn, 1964, Sculptor
Maria Ozawa, 1986,
Maria Pitillo, 1966, Movie Actress
Mariam Fakhr Eddine, 1933, Movie Actress
Mariana Vicente, 1989, Model
Matt Bushell, 1974, TV Actor
Matt Laporta, 1985, Baseball Player
Matt Moore, 1888, Movie Actor
Matthew Kilgallon, 1984, Soccer Player
Maximilian Kolbe, 1894, Religious Leader
Michael Mancienne, 1988, Soccer Player
Michelle Forbes, 1965, TV Actress
Mike Cameron, 1973, Baseball Player
Mike Darrow, 1933, Game Show Host
Mike Reno, 1955, Rock Singer
Mistro, 1992, Rapper
Miyoko Watai, 1945, Chess Player
Nancy Mulkey, 1998, Reality Star
Nanda, 1939, Movie Actress
Nick Cincotta, 1996, Rapper
Noah Cyrus, 2000, TV Actress
Norman Nicholson, 1914, Poet
Norman Piper, 1948, Soccer Player
Norodom Buppha Devi, 1943, Royalty
Oliver Bozanic, 1989, Soccer Player
Olivia Jones, 1999, Blogger
Orkun Isitmak, 1996, YouTube Star
Otis James, 1984, Fashion Designer
Owen Joyner, 2001, TV Actor
P Reign, 1986, Rapper
Pascal Obispo, 1965, Pop Singer
Paul Hester, 1959, Drummer
Peter Taylor, 1917, Novelist
Pierce Cravens, 1986, TV Actor
Piers Lane, 1958, Pianist
Prince Vincent, 2011, Royalty
Princess Josephine, 2011, Royalty
R Kelly, 1967, R&B Singer
Rachael Lampa, 1985, Rock Singer
Rachel Nichols, 1980, Movie Actress
Rachel Nichols, 1980, TV Actress
Rebecca Shearing, 1992, Pop Singer
Reiko Chiba, 1975, TV Actress
Rey Misterio Sr., 1948, Wrestler
Robby Krieger, 1946, Guitarist
Robert Littell, 1935, Novelist
Robin Ellis, 1942, TV Actor
Ron Moody, 1924, Stage Actor
Ron Pederson, 1978, TV Actor
Ron Sexsmith, 1964, Folk Singer
Roy Kinnear, 1934, Movie Actor
Ryan Destiny, 1998, Pop Singer
Ryan McGivern, 1990, Soccer Player
Ryan Sitkowski, 1991, Guitarist
Sahil Shah, 1991, Comedian
Sam Hughes, 1853, Politician
Sam Riley, 1980, Movie Actor
Samantha Johnson, 1984, Journalist
Sarah Polley, 1979, Movie Actress
Sarah Wilson, 1974, Blogger
Scott Whyte, 1978, TV Actor
Sebastian Eguren, 1981, Soccer Player
Shin Ji-min, 1991, Rapper
Shirley Bassey, 1937, Jazz Singer
Sophie Pascoe, 1993, Swimmer
Soupy Sales, 1926, Comedian
Stefan Johansen, 1991, Soccer Player
Stefanie Dolson, 1992, Basketball Player
Stephen Hawking, 1942, Scientist
Steven Kanumba, 1984, Movie Actor
Stipe Pletikosa, 1979, Soccer Player
Su Shi, 1037, Poet
Sy Ari, 1986, Rapper
Tara LaRosa, 1978, MMA Fighter
Teresa Salgueiro, 1969, World Music Singer
Terrell Thomas, 1985, Football Player
Terry Brooks, 1944, Novelist
Thomas G Waites, 1955, Stage Actor
Tift Merritt, 1975, Country Singer
Tommy Miller, 1979, Soccer Player
Torry Castellano, 1979, Drummer
Trevor Lewis, 1987, Hockey Player
Wendy Mesley, 1957, News Anchor
William Bonin, 1947, Criminal
William Francis, 1982, Punk Singer
William Hartnell, 1908, TV Actor
Windell Middlebrooks, 1979, TV Actor
Xie Xingfang, 1981, Badminton Player
Yash, 1986, Movie Actor
Yvette Mimieux, 1942, Movie Actress
Yvonna Kopacz Wright, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Zachary Donohue, 1991, Figure Skater
Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 2005, Family Member


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