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January 16 Famous Birthdays

January 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on January 16 are considered by many to be an extraordinary Capricorn who takes a practical approach to living.

When they set your mind to do something, they will get the job done. Normally, they do well by themselves but prefer the company of people who will increase their social and financial status. There’s nothing wrong with this principle.


If you share your birthday with famous people born on January 16th, you don’t like being the smartest person in the room. However, they are actually down-to-earth and love beautiful surroundings. Their typical love interest will look like a trophy but will bring many things to the table.


Money management is not the forte of famous people born on January 16. They will look for someone to bring balance to the relationship. If they are looking for a lasting union, then they are likely most compatible with another Capricorn. They are the kind of person who needs to feel secure.

At the same time, people who share the January 16th famous birthdays love their sovereignty. Balancing these two can be tricky but you can do it. They are grounded individuals who love people and spending money. Although, hopelessly romantic, Capricorn can sometimes avoid family duties by staying busy at work.


January 16th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16th January Good Traits:

  • Intuitive
  • Grounded
  • Romantic
  • Loyal

16th January Bad Traits:

  • Introvert
  • Lavish
  • Overgenerous
  • Insecure

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January 16th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaliyah, 1979, R&B Singer
AJ Foyt, 1935, Race Car Driver
Albert Pujols, 1980, Baseball Player
Alex Gonzaga, 1988, TV Actress
Alex Osborne, 1996, Bassist
Alyssa Edwards, 1980, Reality Star
Amanda Ellisor, 1999, Vine Star
Amanda LaCount, 2001, Dancer
Amandine Hesse, 1993, Tennis Player
Anastasia Grishina, 1996, Gymnast
Andre Michelin, 1853, Entrepreneur
Anna Golubkina, 1864, Sculptor
Annegret Soltau, 1946, Photographer
Anthony Denny, 1501, Politician
Anthony Hecht, 1923, Poet

Anthony Taberna, 1975, Journalist
Bajheera, 1990, Twitch Star
Barbara Lynn, 1942, Blues Singer
Ben Sainsbury, 1970, Journalist
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, 1982, TV Actress
Bob Bogle, 1934, Guitarist
Bobbie Houston, 1957, Religious Leader
Bobby Zamora, 1981, Soccer Player
Brandon Dillon Hancox, 1998, YouTube Star
Brandon McDonald, 1986, Soccer Player
Brandon Walters, 1996, Movie Actor
Brenden Morrow, 1979, Hockey Player
Brent Hinds, 1974, Guitarist
Bull Dempsey, 1988, Wrestler
Caitlin Fladager, 1994, Instagram Star
Camden Garcia, 1997, TV Actor
Carl Karcher, 1917, Entrepreneur
january-16-famous-birthdaysCaroline Munro, 1949, Movie Actress
Casey Matthews, 1989, Football Player
Cassey Ho, 1987, YouTube Star
Charles Alatorre, 1993, YouTube Star
Charley Straight, 1891, Pianist
Charlotte Best, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Clement Greenberg, 1909, Essayist
Cliff Thorburn, 1948, Snooker Player
Cody Frost, 1998, Pop Singer
Craig Johnson, 1961, Playwright
Cristina Brondo, 1977, TV Actress
Curtis Finch Jr., 1988, Pop Singer
Dameon Clarke, 1972, TV Actor
Damo Suzuki, 1950, Rock Singer
Danni Ashe, 1968, Entrepreneur
Danny Adams, 1979, Comedian
Dave Martone, 1970, Guitarist
Daveon Mueller, 1999, Instagram Star
David Alvarez, 1992, YouTube Star
David Chokachi, 1968, TV Actor

David Ramirez Echeverry, 1994, YouTube Star
Debbie Allen, 1950, Choreographer
Debbie Ferguson-mckenzie, 1976, Runner
Declan Rudd, 1991, Soccer Player
Denis O’Hare, 1962, TV Actor
Derek Riordan, 1983, Soccer Player
Dian Fossey, 1932, Scientist
Diana Garcia, 1982, Movie Actress
Diana La Cazadora, 1978, Wrestler
Dizzy Dean, 1910, Baseball Player
Don Maclean, 1970, Basketball Player
Don White, 1926, Rugby Player
Edith Frank, 1900, Family Member
Edmund Crouchback, 1245, Politician
Eric Liddell, 1902, Runner
Ethel Merman, 1908, Stage Actress
Eva Habermann, 1976, Movie Actress
FKA Twigs, 1988, Pop Singer
Frances Browne, 1816, Poet

Francis George, 1937, Religious Leader
Francis Kompaon, 1986, Runner
Frank Zamboni, 1901, Entrepreneur
Frankie Cutlass, 1971, Rapper
Frederick Yates, 1884, Chess Player
Fulgencio Batista, 1901, World Leader
Gabi Butler, 1998, Cheerleader
Gary Rogers, 1992, Skateboarder
Gavin Bryars, 1943, Composer
George Pickett, 1825, War Hero
Gintaras Janusevicius, 1985, Pianist
Graser10, 1988, YouTube Star
Greg Page, 1972, Pop Singer
Greivis Vasquez, 1987, Basketball Player
Gretchen Jones, 1980, Fashion Designer
Habib Wali Mohammad, 1924, World Music Singer
Hajrudin Varesanovic, 1961, World Music Singer
Harry Carey, 1878, Movie Actor
Hina Dilpazeer, 1966, TV Actress
Homer Burton Adkins, 1892, Scientist
Ian Dempsey, 1961, Radio Host
Irene Bordoni, 1885, Stage Actress
Irene Vernon, 1922, TV Actress
Jack Merridew, 1993, YouTube Star
Jake Epstein, 1987, TV Actor
James May, 1963, TV Show Host
James Young, 1980, Guitarist
Jaskaran Singh, 1982, TV Actor
Jason Zucker, 1992, Hockey Player
Jeffrey Skoll, 1965, Entrepreneur
Jeffrey Williams, 1984, Fashion Designer
JeLaminah Lanier, 1990, Reality Star
Jennifer Dale, 1956, Movie Actress
Jenny Ho, 1994, YouTube Star
Jeremy Clements, 1984, Race Car Driver
Jerry Linenger, 1955, Astronaut
Jesse Blum, 1986, Reality Star
Jill Sobule, 1965, Folk Singer
Jim Caldwell, 1955, Football Coach
Jim Stafford, 1944, Country Singer
Jo Soares, 1938, TV Show Host
Jocelyn Macnab, 2005, TV Actress
Joe Bellis, 2000, YouTube Star
Joe Flacco, 1985, Football Player
Joe Horn, 1972, Football Player
Johannes Rau, 1931, World Leader
Johannes Rebmann, 1820, Religious Leader
John Cabell Breckinridge, 1821, Politician
John Carpenter, 1948, Director
John Hamilton, 1887, TV Actor
Jonael Santiago, 2004, Pop Singer
Jonas Chernick, 1973, TV Actor
Jonathan Fabbro, 1982, Soccer Player
Jonathan Mangum, 1971, TV Actor
Joseph Fauria, 1990, Football Player
Josh Evans, 1971, Screenwriter
Josie Davis, 1973, TV Actress
Joy Corrigan, 1988, Model
Juanita Bynum, 1959, Religious Author
Jubilee Sharpe, 1991, Reality Star
Judy Baar Topinka, 1944, Politician
Julie Ann Emery, 1972, TV Actress
Kabir Bedi, 1946, Movie Actor
Kate Moss, 1974, Model
Katherine Anderson, 1944, Soul Singer
Katie Maloney, 1987, Reality Star
Katy Jurado, 1924, Movie Actress
Kelly Faris, 1991, Basketball Player
Kennedy Dawn Stearns, 1995, Instagram Star
Keon Daniel, 1987, Soccer Player
Kiesa Ellestad, 1989, Pop Singer
Kimiko Ikegami, 1959, Movie Actress
Laura Riding, 1901, Poet
Laura Schlessinger, 1947, Radio Host
Lauren McAvoy, 1987, Model
Lee Min Ki, 1985, TV Actor
Lepa Lukic, 1940, Folk Singer
Leslie Martinson, 1915, Screenwriter
Lin-Manuel Miranda, 1980, Rapper
Lisa Milroy, 1959, Painter
Ljubomir Kerekes, 1960, Movie Actor
Lloyd Hammond, 1952, Astronaut
Lucas Mutinelli, 1994, Model
Lupus Creepus, 1986, YouTube Star
Maja Keuc, 1992, Soul Singer
Marcelina Darowska, 1827, Religious Leader
Margaret Wilson, 1882, Novelist
Marilyn Horne, 1934, Opera Singer
Mark Prendergast, 1989, Guitarist
Mark Tinker, 1951, Director
Mark Trumbo, 1986, Baseball Player
Marla Frazee, 1958, Illustrator
Mary Karr, 1955, Poet
Mason Gamble, 1986, Movie Actor
Matt Duchene, 1991, Hockey Player
Max Joseph, 1982, Reality Star
Maxine Jones, 1962, R&B Singer
Mel Fronckowiak, 1988, Opera Singer
Mia Grace, 1998, R&B Singer
Michael Coats, 1946, Astronaut
Michael Lipman, 1980, Rugby Player
Miss Pink Mermaid, 1999, YouTube Star
Mix Master Mike, 1970, DJ
Mmiisas, 1995, YouTube Star
Montana Buckz, 1991, Rapper
Morgan Evans, 1991, YouTube Star
MrMitch361, 1997, YouTube Star
Munthadar Al-zaidi, 1979, News Anchor
Nate Marino, 1980, Radio Host
Neil Antony Back, 1969, Rugby Player
Nick Valensi, 1981, Guitarist
Nicklas Bendtner, 1988, Soccer Player
Nina Earl, 1989, Family Member
Nolan Carroll, 1987, Football Player
Norm Benning Jr., 1952, Race Car Driver
Oliver Humperdink, 1949, Wrestler
Olivia Rox, 1999, Pop Singer
Owen Wright, 1990, Surfer
Pablo Zabaleta, 1985, Soccer Player
Park Joo-ho, 1987, Soccer Player
Paul Drinkhall, 1990, Table Tennis Player
Paula Tilbrook, 1930, Soap Opera Actress
Per Ohlin, 1969, World Music Singer
Percy Inglis, 2002, Facebook Star
Peter Lurie, 1962, Voice Actor
Peter Scheemakers, 1691, Sculptor
Rashawn Ross, 1979, Trumpet Player
Rebecca Stead, 1968, Children’s Author
Reid Brignac, 1986, Baseball Player
Rene Angelil, 1942, Pop Singer
Renee Felice Smith, 1985, TV Actress
Reto Ziegler, 1986, Soccer Player
Ricardo Darin, 1957, Movie Actor
Rich Ward, 1969, Guitarist
Richard T Jones, 1972, TV Actor
Richard Wernick, 1934, Composer
Rila Fukushima, 1989, Movie Actress
Robert Lipsyte, 1938, Journalist
Robert Schimmel, 1950, Comedian
Robert W. Service, 1874, Poet
Roberto Roena, 1938, Drummer
Rodney Graham, 1949, Multimedia Artist
Ron Villone, 1970, Baseball Player
Ronnie Milsap, 1943, Country Singer
Rou Reynolds, 1986, Rock Singer
Roy Jones Jr., 1969, Boxer
Ruth Reichl, 1948, Entrepreneur
Sade, 1959, R&B Singer
Samuel McIntire, 1757, Architect
Samuel Preston, 1982, Rock Singer
Sarah Jane Olson, 1947, Criminal
Seike, 1991, Rock Singer
Seren Gibson, 1988, Model
Seungkwan, 1998, Pop Singer
Seydou Keita, 1980, Soccer Player
Sha Sha Jones, 1991, R&B Singer
Shanley McIntee, 1990, Reality Star
Sidharth Malhotra, 1985, Movie Actor
Simon Johnson, 1963, Economist
Stephan Lichtsteiner, 1984, Soccer Player
Stephan Pastis, 1968, Cartoonist
Steven Daniel, 1986, Novelist
Stevie Jackson, 1969, Guitarist
Stirling Silliphant, 1918, Screenwriter
Suli Breaks, 1988, YouTube Star
Susan Sontag, 1933, Novelist
Thara Prashad, 1982, R&B Singer
Todd Clever, 1983, Rugby Player
Tony P. Hall, 1942, Politician
Tony Pulis, 1958, Soccer Coach
Travis Caldwell, 1989, TV Actor
Trent Ford, 1979, Model
Tsianina Joelson, 1975, Movie Actress
Valentina Zenere, 1997, TV Actress
Veronica Sixtos, 1992, TV Actress
Vijay Sethupathi, 1978, Movie Actor
Vishal Singh, 1974, TV Actor
Wayne Bergeron, 1956, Trumpet Player
Will Sheehey, 1992, Basketball Player
William Kennedy, 1928, Novelist
Willie Simms, 1870, Horse Jockey
Yvonne Zima, 1989, Movie Actress


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