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I Ching Astrology

I Ching Astrology

The I Ching Astrology Reader helps to determine your energy charts based on I Ching astrology. I Ching astrology indicates that everything is affected by the movement of the stars and elements. The understanding of different energy cycles will help you to determine appropriate courses of action in regard to present circumstance. The I Ching Astrology Analysis does take a few minutes, it is completely free and it does provide excellent advice.

The I Ching system of astrology is noted for its philosophy and truth. The I Ching presents us with the concept of change. It also promotes understanding about how opposites may work together. The opposites are represented by Yang and Yin. Those forces related to creativity, expansion and activity are Yang. The forces that represent ability to change, openness and contracting forms are Yin. For relationship to be in balance and harmony both are required.

I Ching astrology is based in the I Ching. In this system everything is affected by stars and elements. The effect of the stars on human events is direct. While the effects may be specific the basic influences are general to all humans.

When we examine the I Ching and its astrology is based on a nine-year cycle which repeats. This means that the end of one cycle begins the next cycle. Once you learn the effects of different cycles it becomes easy to see the importance of the different conditions.

Your year of birth is the base year. The remaining years in the cycle are known as: Heaven Year, Lake Year, Mountain Year, Fire Year, Water Year, Earth Year, Thunder Year and Wind Year.

IChing Astrology

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The I Ching is very ancient and has provided us with many valuable philosophical and ethical truths. In 2013 – 2014 the vast majority of these concepts are still valid. Basic ethics do not change and neither does basic goodness. There is still to be found great guidance through the I Ching.

As we are living in a difficult time this guidance can be very useful. Each of us needs to seek the correct answers for ourselves to be both productive and successful in life. When we are guided through wisdom and kindness we may not make the quickest ascension to success but our successes will be permanent. The I Ching will lead us in a good direction.

The I Ching astrology reader is an excellent tool for learning more about yourself and the best course of action that you may take in certain circumstances. The test is quick takes about seven or eight minutes. Above and beyond providing a possible solution to an issue for the individual it also aids in understanding the I Ching and the relationships to be found in opposites.

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