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How To Make & Use Faerie Sticks

How To Make & Use Faerie Sticks

A common antiquary children’s game is actually a method of divination in disguise! The tools are all natural and do not require much work to obtain and prepare, and the divination itself is deceptively easy, but don’t discount it on that account! Find out more about faerie sticks in this article.

Forests are heavily connected with the mystical world. It is said that in some forests, the veil between this world and others is thinnest, and in those places, faeries may appear. Faerie sticks are a tool that allows you to ask for information from the fae themselves, and they are easy to find and use.

faerie sticks

Be aware, though, that the fae are known for their slyness and trickery, so take all your divination with a grain of salt – it might just be that the fae are playing a trick on you.

Twigs and shoots from living plants are the best for this tool. You will need five vaguely same-length and diameter sticks from a forest or wood. The best and most fae-touched sticks are those with flowers that grew around them, or those that are entwined in ivy.

Trim off any pointy bits for your own safety. These are your divination tools. Now, sit in a place with a clear surface for you to cast the sticks on, and you can begin your divination.

Holding all the sticks in a bundle in one hand, cast them into the open space. On a scrap of paper or in a notebook, roughly draw the sticks in their positions, making note of any shapes, figures, letters, or numbers you might see.

A good estimate for the number of casts is ten times, but you can cast as little or as much as you feel you need. The reading portion is all about your personal interpretation of the shapes, figures, and whatever that each casting made.

One stick with the other four perpendicularly laying across it could mean several different obstacles one after another. Several sticks lining up parallel might indicate you will have collaborators come to your aid. Letters or numbers can indicate any number of things – you are the best one to interpret your results.

You will find that the more often you use this method of divination, the deeper and more complex the results will get. That’s a signal to you that the faeries in the area are taking more of a notice and interest in you. Keep up the divination, and you might even start to see mysterious little things happen while you are playing their game.

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