How To Do Coffee Cup Reading?

How To Do Coffee Cup Reading?

The reading of a cup, be it tea leaves or coffee grounds is not dissimilar. The tradition for coffee grounds may be slightly shorter but both are antique arts. It is an art to see the symbols and to interpret them appropriately. Most readings with coffee grounds are short-term rather than long-term predictions. A free online Coffee Cup Reading is available right here!

Most are aware that tea leaves are commonly read, but did you know that you can do the same thing with coffee grounds? A coffee cup reading is a fine tool for divination.

The practice was taken up to show the possibility of great success; it is used primarily to see things that will occur very close to the time the reading is done. The shapes and images left behind in the coffee cup without any filtering are accurate.


This is a very simple method of divination without cost and totally accurate. You would consider your question and then you click on the button to request the reading.

The reading of either the tea leaves or coffee grounds began in either ancient Asian or the Greek antiquity. This type of prognostication has been with us for many hundreds of years. The version with coffee was most likely an invention of the arts.

This form of divination does require a degree of psychic ability not only to see, but to interpret the symbols for and by the dregs of the coffee. There are indeed symbols traditionally attached that are very detailed which can directly connect to the individuals concerned.

coffee cupThe reading for an individual is born October 1, 1955 provided the symbol of Hawk. This was interpreted to mean that someone might be trying to steal something that you own.

In 2017 and going forward, I think we will find that many of us need a guide in day-to-day life. Coffee tasseography because of its immediate nature may be an appropriate tool.

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To do this successfully, you need to develop your skill in making predictions of fortunes and seeing the near future in the coffee grounds for others. With this skill you may be able to provide assistance to friends and know a little about what may happen to you on a given day.

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