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Mayan Galactic Tone 8: Uaxac – Justice

Mayan Name: Uaxac

Maya Day Number: Eight – Galactic

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Justice, Harmonic Resonance

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are travel, history, love, family, wealth, change, security, and vision.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The eighth Mayan galactic tone is called Justice or Harmonic Resonance. It is known as Justice and as the “galactic tone” and the tone of integrity and harmonization.The eighth Mayan galactic tone is called Justice or Harmonic Resonance.

This energy brings to the earth an appreciation for all the different changes that have taken place. It tells that man’s experience harmonizes spirituality with all of the culture the earth has birthed forth.


Positive Traits

Those born under Maya eight day number energy love to see new and different places. They love to travel and experience different people and cultures. They would love to be able to work in a far off land where they can live like the wealthy.


They are in a constant state of evolving and changing who they are. If something is not working for them, then they will redo things until it works for them. They are good at judging the character of others and will attract the right people to help them achieve their goals.

They are good in positions of authority and would be good as executives, high political figures, and business owners. They are interested in history and things of historical value. They may be interested in becoming a history professor or a bookstore or antique store owner.


The Mayan galactic tone eight people easily attract wealth, and are ambitious enough to work hard until they get it. This is great for them as they have a strong need to feel financially secure. They have a desire to achieve success and will strive to be recognized for all their hard work.

They may appear to be shallow on the outside as they mostly focus on material wealth, but on the inside they have very deep thoughts and emotions. They often think on spiritual matters such as karma and the life lessons they need to master in this lifetime. They can look at a situation objectively and see the events that led up to it and what will probably happen in the future.

Negative Traits

People born on the Mayan eight day energy think too highly of status. This may equate to them living an extravagant lifestyle they cannot afford. In order to attain the status they seek they may become workaholics at the expense of their family and friends. They may also have some underhanded dealings in their pursuit of wealth. They need to show their loved ones that they love them through action instead of money.

One of their lessons is to learn what is truly important. They will think that wealth and riches is the most important thing, but they will experience a pattern of negativity over and over until they understand better. They may even experience people leaving their lives only to return later on to repeat the same relationship or fall into the same pattern.

The Maya day number 8 have a hard time taking advice from others. They are stubborn and think that when they make a decision there is no other answer. They often have to learn the hard way because of their stubborn ways.

Uaxac / Justice Days

Days of justice are good for thinking about new places you’d like to travel. Visualize all the places you’d like to see and the different cultures you’d like to experience. Be thankful for all of the rich history the earth has. Focus on blending family with all of the rich treasures the earth has to offer.

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